FFXIV Leveling Guide - Learn how to quickly level up your characters

FFXIV Leveling Guide - Learn how to quickly level up your characters
Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV is one of those games that is meant to be known to all and not go unnoticed by anyone. Since its release on September 30 of 2010 until our days, FF14 has been a nice surprise for all those who love this franchise, and for all those that were looking for a great MMORPG. Nowadays, FF14 still is a classic and immortal game that grows day by day making millions of fans of the saga happy and creating a great community.

Like every game in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has its own leveling system, which is not repeatable by other games and is based on experience points getting in the main story quests, side quests, and other quests. 

Leveling in FF14 is not an easy task, not difficult either, but it requires compromise and meaning, which means a lot of effort and, why not say it, love for the game. Most people tend to abandon the game, not because FFXIV is a bad game, just because Final Fantasy XIV is a great adventure, with a lot of things to do and this can be overwhelming to many people. The highest level you can reach in FF14 depends on the part of the game you are playing. For those who are thinking of starting this game, we have written this big leveling guide that explains step by step all you need to know about it, which we think will be very useful, even for the most adventurous players. Let's go! 


Table of contents:

Final Fantasy XIV Level Up for beginners

Main Scenario Quests FFXIV

FFXIV Dungeons

Sastasha in Western La Noscea

Brayflox’s Longstop in Eastern La Noscea

FF14 Class and Jobs Quests

Leveling Guide for FF14 Classes and Jobs

Class Quests

How to get a new job in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy 14 Challenge Log

FFXIV Duty Finder

Final Fantasy XIV Side Quests



Final Fantasy XIV Level Up for beginners

Just start new players may feel that Final Fantasy XIV is a huge game, with hundreds of possibilities, and they are not wrong. From the beginning of the game, you will have to make a lot of decisions, for example, what is your race, what is your class, how your character looks, and in what city your journey will begin. 

Leveling also depends on the decisions you make in your adventurer. You can always choose to go forward in the FFXIV Main Scenario Quests, just complete the quests that are indispensable to advance in the story. Through this path, you will always be on the edge of living or dying and your level will be enough to carry out the quests but with difficulties. 

We recommend that you try to be several levels above the FF14 Main Scenario Quests level. This way you will always have more chances to win the battles, the trials, the duties, and every possible scenario. 

Regarding this, FFXIV has several paths to level up your character, at the same time you get a rare chunk of gear, unique items, equipment, a lot of Gil, Grand Company seals and other stuff. Now we are going to mention the best ways to level up your character in FFXIV in the fastest way possible. 


Main Scenario Quests FFXIV

FFXIV Main Scenario Quest leveling guide food

Gaining experience points in Main Story Quests is the most common activity and there is nothing extraordinary about this so far; and it is not the most efficient, we have to say. Anyway, the leveling system in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is so well thought out that if you keep in the path of FF14 MSQ, you won’t have surprises and you can finish the game smoothly, but without enjoying the game too much.

To identify the Main Scenario Quest, just look for the sun icon, the one that appears in the photo above. 

As you progress, main scenario quests will provide more and more experience points, some more than others. An example of this type of quest are the dungeons. 


FFXIV Dungeons

Dungeons are special missions in FFXIV MSQ that give you multiple buffs, but not exclusive to this scenario. Many dungeons are optional but many others are essential to go forward in the story, at the same time you understand what are the implications in the main plot. Some dungeons are short, others, on the other hand, are pretty long.

To unlock the dungeon system you have to complete the level 15 quest ‘It's Probably Pirates’, which is available in the Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks. Talking with Baderon is required to access this quest. Baderon is an NPC that is the owner of the Drowning Wench. Baderon is really worried about a particular situation. A ship has anchored very near at the coast of Aleport, in Western La Noscea, and a group of men who look very dangerous has appeared in the Sastasha Seagrot. Your mission is to investigate this situation. 

In dungeons mostly you have to go through from one area to another, complete some little objectives, such as open doors, deliver one thing from one place to another, hit creatures that spawn other creatures at high speed or kill a boss in the company of three random warriors. Often, these objectives are easily achieved just playing in a regular way, but sometimes you will need higher level skills to complete the areas. 

Getting experience on Dungeons is easier than other quests, so it is recommended that you take them into account. 


Sastasha in Western La Noscea

FFXIV Dungeon Sastasha leveling guide

Baderon will send you to talk with V’mellpa at the ferry docks on the Lower Decks. V’mellpa will recommend you to visit the Hall of the Novice in Aleport before investigating the situation in Sastasha. Once you are there talk with the seasoned adventurer. When you finish your visit to the Hall of the Novice, head north and talk with the yellowjacket at the door of Sastasha. According to the yellowjacket, the cave is being used for nefarious operations by the pirates. They are somewhere inside the dungeon.

You may have to queue to enter Sastasha, but this is something very common when you are trying to be part of a light party. Inside level 15 dungeon Sastasha, you will find a pirate den. The objectives of Sastasha are:

  • grab and activate the coral trigger, 
  • open the hidden door, 
  • discover the pirate captain, 
  • obtain the Waverider Gate Key,
  • defeat Deen the Orcatoothed. 

Killing the creatures that you will find in this dungeon helps you to get decent experience and level up your character and get special equipment. Also, leveling in Final Fantasy dungeons is fast, in addition, you will have the help of three partners (the group is made up by one tank, one healer and two DPS), so the quest will be easy. Finishing this dungeon will take you about 20 minutes. 


Brayflox’s Longstop in Eastern La Noscea

FFXIV Brayflox's dungeon Leveling guide

Since level 30 you will have access to several dungeons, some part of the MSQ and other optional. When it comes to dungeons, Brayflox’s Longstop is one of the ones that can give you the most experience. It is located in Eastern La Noscea. To unlock this sanctuary you have to complete the quest ‘The Things We Do for Cheese’. The objectives of this dungeon are: 

  1. Meet a Longstop ally. 
  2. Access Brayflox’s Runstop. 
  3. Access Mudstop Watergush. 
  4. Run to the heart of the Longstop.

These are just two examples of dungeons but we hope it has been clear for you that dungeons are a great path to level up your character quickly, at the same time you get rare pieces of equipment.

Finally, Deep Dungeons are a rare type of dungeon which are locked in the beginning of the game and in which you can kill some mobs, grind and gain good amounts of experience points faster than low-level Dungeons. The Palace of the Dead (level 1 - level 60) and Heaven on High (level 61 - level 70) are the two Deep Dungeons that exist in FFXIV. In these dungeons the map changes all the time, what is interesting from a certain point of view. Rather, this is better because you will have the chance to face multiple enemies and obtain double experience.

Depending on the order of the scenario, you will face different enemies and receive different rewards. Deep Dungeons were introduced and are just available in the expansions Heavensward, Stormblood and Shadowbringers. Actual Deep Dungeons are totally worth it! 


FF14 Class and Jobs Quests

FF14 jobs hold and call Aetheryte armory bonus

Yeah, classes and jobs have come back in this amazing MMO, though there seems to be confusion between what a class is and what a job is in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. To summarize, the class is the initial point, the ground zero from which you get all your basic abilities. The job, on the other hand, is the specialization of this basic class. Jobs are the normal development of the main class. With every 5 levels of the job, you will learn a new skill related to the job. These skills are a reward for completing a specific quest of the job. With class quests and job quests, you will earn a large amount of XP for the specific class or job. 


Leveling guide for FF14 Classes and Jobs

First of all, you have to know in which cities are the guilds. In the second place, how to unlock the job because you have to meet certain requirements to do that. 

Ul’dah. In this great city of the desert, you will find the Gladiator’s Guild, the Pugilist’s Guild, the Goldsmith’s, the Miner Guild’s, the weaver’s Guild, the Alchemist’s Guild, and the Thaumaturge’s Guild. 

Limsa Lominsa. In this city in the middle of the wild sea, you will find the Arcanist´s Guild, the Blacksmiths Guild, the Armorer’s Guild, the Culinarians Guild, the Fisher’s Guild, the Marauders Guild, and the Rogue’s Guild. 

Gridania. In this city, you will find the Lancer’s Guild, the Conjurer’s Guild, the Archer’s Guild, the Carpenters Guild, the Botanist’s Guild, and the Leatherworkers Guild.

The decision to join a guild at the beginning of Final Fantasy XIV is completely related to the city you have chosen before starting the game. No matter what your decision was, the guild you choose will determine the first steps you are going to take in Final Fantasy XIV. From the first time, you have access to one of the specific classes but later in the game, you will be able to change your class anytime you want. In the expansions of the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, you can find some new classes. For example, in HeavenSward, the first expansion of FF14, you can find the new class Dark Knight. 


Class Quests

FFXIV class quests leveling guide for players

Basically, every guild provides you with a quest every five levels. In the case of the Disciplines of the Land or War, level 30 is the level cap. In the case of the Disciplines of the Land and Disciplines of the Hand, the max level is 80. Each of these quests will reward you with some special equipment and a large amount of experience points which depends on the level of the quest. 

For example, let’s take a look at one of the favorite classes in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn; the Gladiator class. The class quests for the Gladiator are:





Exp points

Way of the Gladiator


  • Weathered Shortsword


My first Gladius


  • None  


Kicking the Hornest´s nest


  • Bronze Bastard Sword


Ul'dah most wanted


  • Ash Macuahuiti
  • Bronze Hoplon


That Old Familiar Feeling


  • Brass Bastard Sword
  • Weapon skill: Shield Lob


The face of Thal


  • Carnage Sword
  • Iron Lantern Shield


On Holy Ground


  • Iron Spatha
  • Iron Scutum


The rematch


  • Elm Macuahuitl
  • Bull Hoplon
  • Ability: Shield Wipe



How to get a new job in Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV jobs onto players keyboard

Talking about jobs, acquiring a new one in FF14 is a task that can go unnoticed for most players. Even for us, when some of our team members played FF14 for the first time, they didn't know that they could acquire a new job meeting some special requirements. 

To unlock a new job you will need two things: a level 30 base class, a level 15 secondary class, and complete a level 30 base class quest to get a soul crystal. Now we are going to see which classes exactly you have to have to reach these new abilities. 



Base class (level 30)

Additional class (level15)



Conjurer / Marauder



Lancer / Marauder



Gladiator / Pugilist



Marauder / Pugilist



Pugilist / Lancer



Pugilist / Lancer

Black Mage


Archer / Arcanist



Thaumaturge / Archer

White Mage


Arcanist / Thaumaturge



Conjurer / Thaumaturge


Remember, the idea is that you complete the corresponding level 20 quest of the base class and then complete the quest that unlocked the job to get the soul crystal. Jobs, just like classes, have their own quest every 5 levels, beginning in level 30 until level 80. 


Final Fantasy 14 Challenge Log

Challenge Log works as a list of different challenges you may complete to get some extra chain bonuses in terms of EXP in addition to the regular experience points and Gil. The challenge Log has several categories and each category has its own challenges. The list of challenges is reset every week, so you can focus on one of the categories and try to complete the challenges of that category to obtain the corresponding bonus exp to that class or job. Summarizing, in Challenge Log you have to complete a certain number of challenges per week. Some categories you can find in the Challenge log are:





Complete 3 dungeons and/or Alliance Raid through Duty Roulette. You will receive 15% of the bonus EXP of your current level. Gil reward: 1000.


Complete 3 guildhests. You will receive 5% of the experience of your current level. Gil reward: 1000.


Participate in 10 matches at the Wolves Den. You will receive 1000 Wolf marks. 


Complete 10 FATE s. You will receive 15% of the bonus experience of your current level.


Complete 5 Levequest. You will obtain 15% of additional experience at the current level.

Disciplines of the Hand

Craft successfully 30 items. You will receive 30% of the current level.

Disciplines of the Land

Gather successfully 100 items of comparable level. You will receive 5% of the experience at the current level. 

Treasure Hunt

Gather 3 Timeworn maps. You will get 1000 Gil.

Beast Tribe Quests

Complete successfully 5 Beast Tribe Daily Quests. You will earn 1000 Gil.

Grand Company

Complete 10 Provisioning and Supply Quests. You will receive 1000 GC seals.


Have a retainer complete successfully 10 ventures. You will get 1000 Gil. 


Defeat 20 enemies with your companion. You will receive 5% of Companion’s exp.

Player commendation

Vote 5 times. You will receive 10% of experience at your current level.

Gold Saucer

Complete successfully 3 mini-games. You will obtain 1000 MGP.

Wondrous trials

Mark off 4 wondrous trials. You will receive 2000 Gil.

Custom Deliveries

Complete successfully 6 custom deliveries. You will get 1000 Gil.


Defeat 30 lightning or ice enemies. You will earn 1000 elemental experience points. 

Overall completion

Complete successfully 5 challenges. You will receive 10,000 Gil. 


Challenge Log has a great range of available challenges, but you can find others to help you to gain some additional experience points for your characters. Challenge log is a great and easy way to level up quickly, without paying special attention to what you do. 


FFXIV Duty Finder

The true is that Duty Finder is, perhaps, one of the most revolutionary features in FFXIV. “Why?” You may be wondering. Because thanks to Duty Finder, you can access all the quests that you have completed in the game, as many times as you want and get a lot of experience doing it. It may be a bit slow but it's steady and safe. Leveling never was so easy!

In Duty Finder, you will find 7 types of quests. Most of them are light party quests, in which you will have to achieve the goal with other users of the same server. The quests that you can find in the Duty Finder are: 





Many dungeons are part of the main scenario quest and they provide a lot of experience. In Duty Finder, you can access any dungeon you already have completed.


Basically, in Raids you have to defeat a lot of enemies to earn additional experience points. In Raids you will cross for several rooms in the companion of three users more. 


Trials are similar to Raids but differ in one point. In Trials, you have to defeat just one monster, a very powerful monster in the company of other friends. 


You can access the Guildhests only through Duty Finder. Guildhests are specially designed for party play. Guildhests are very similar to the previous ones, fighting against powerful bosses or trying to branch enemy strongholds. 


Player vs Player is one of the most chaotic play systems in FFXIV. As its name says, in PvP, you will have to fight against other players in a small arena. The goals in this system change according to preferences. 

Hall of Novice

In level 15 you will have access to the Hall of Novice, a training circuit in a training room where you have to face several enemies to improve your abilities. 

Miscellaneous duties

Miscellaneous are special quests whose goals change all the time and never repeat themselves. Some examples of Miscellaneous duties are The Aquapolis, Eureka, and The Palace of the Dead. 


To unlock Duty Finder you must currently complete your first Levequest. For such purposes, you have to talk with a levequest NPC. Once you receive your reward, the Duty Finder will be unlocked for you to use it wherever you want. And don’t forget that to get access to the duties you must first complete successfully the duty in particular. In addition, there is another way to access duties and this is through Duty Roulette, a special menu where you can join some duties randomly.


Final Fantasy XIV Side Quests

FFXIV leveling new players 1 5 yet date away

Side Quests are specially designed for leveling. In addition to expanding the story, introducing new characters, and fully exploring the Lore, these quests are one of the best paths to get lots of extra experience points. There are hundreds and hundreds of optional quests in all the corners of Eorzea, each of them with different levels of difficulty. Most of the rewards you have found due to Side Quests are a good amount of Gil. 

Maybe you might be able and very close to finish the game without the need to do any side quest. Side quests are not essential, but they are very important to learn some special abilities, such materia melding, desynthesis, and others. 

You can find side quests in all levels, but, generally, those are in level 5, level 10, level 20, level 25… will give you more experience and great rewards. Some of the most important additional quests you have to complete are the next ones: 


Side quest



Where the Heart is (Mist)


Completing this quest you will access The Goblet. 

Simply the Hest


Unlock the Guildhests. 

Rising to the challenge


You will have access to the Challenge Log. 

Color Your World


You will have access to the Dye System.

An ill-conceived Venture


Unlock the Retainer’s Services.

My Little Chocobo


Unlock the Chocobo Mount

Melding Materia Muchly 


Unlock the ability Advanced Materia Melding

A Pup No Longer


You will have access to the Player vs Player system.

Braving New Depths 


Now you have access to the Dungeon The Sunken Temple of Qarn. 

Highway Robbery 


Unlock the Beast Tribe Kobold Quests. 

Going for Gold


Unlock the dungeon The Aurum Vale. 

Tooling Around


Unlock the Talan´s sale of Master Crafting Tomes, Gear, Tools, and Items for DoH/DoL classes unlocked


As we mentioned before, there are hundreds and hundreds of side quests, some more important than others. Your mind set has to be just doing the necessary ones. In one sentence, just make sure you are doing the essentials. Finally, one of the most recommended aspects is that you try to complete as many as you can. 


FF14 other options to leveling

If you have already started in this game, you know this is not everything; there is much more. In addition to everything mentioned above, Hunting Log, Guildhest s and Levequests are great ways to obtain experience. You can access these through the hot bar. Using Hunting Log gives you information about what creatures you got to hunt to obtain good rewards and xp, lower level creatures and higher level creatures. Logs and Leves, usually, are good sources of getting experience per minute. Grinding, Gathering, along with quick Farming, on the other hand, will give you a good amount of xp to any of your DoL classes. it is something to note. Joining a pre-conformed Free Company is also a great way to gain experience, but it is not so simple and requires extra effort. 


FF14 leveling guide conclusions

We have arrived at the end of this article. We hope we have done everything possible to help you to reach the top level and on your way to the endgame and, of course, you had fun. This FFxiv leveling guide we share with you is just a first look at a vast world of possibilities. If this was too overwhelming, you can break it down. 

Final Fantasy XIV has one of the most amazing worlds that Square Enix has never created. Eorzea is a continent full of mysteries, dangers, treasures, monsters, beasts, nice people, incredible battles, and to face all of that you necessarily need to become the strongest warrior in the Realm. For this reason we have written this leveling guide that draws to you the best way to reach quickly the level you want. This is quite good!

But if you want to find out the news, you can also read the additional info we have posted for you in our web page, especially our relevant Final Fantasy guides, tips and reviews with new content so that you are prepared for battle. Browse and search on our pages. Click on the following links if you are interested in reading FFXIV Furnishings and FFXIV How to make Gil

In addition, soon we are uploading new guides to improve your experience in the game. Be aware! Actually, you can follow us in our Social Media Channels. And feel free to leave a comment in the box below. Let us know what you think. We are waiting for your words. Finally, if you are looking for some products to buy, we have an offer of Final Fantasy XIV Gil at the best price.  This is more of a reminder than anything else. 




How long does it take to level in FF14?

Tricky question because that depends on the level, in what do you focus or on what kind of quests you complete according to your criteria. Reaching level 50 takes likely 50 hours of the game. You can reach the rest of the levels in less than ten hours. 


Is PotD the best way to level up in FFXIV?

The Palace of the Dead provides a good buff and represents a great way to level up your character in every turn you play. In fact, all the dungeons, regular and special, are great quests to earn a lot of experience points. PotD rewards with incredible equipment and a lot of XP. 


How long does it take to get level 70 in FFXIV?

As we mentioned above, it depends on the quests that you complete or if you are distracted with other stuff within FFXIV. If you focus only on the main scenario quest, you probably reach level 70 in seventy hours. But to reach this level you have to play the expansion: Stormblood released in 2017.


Can you power level in FF14?

Yeah, of course. As with every MMO, Final Fantasy 14 presents several ways to level up the characters. If you focus on some source, let's say, for example, FATEs, you can raise your level very quickly. The only thing that leveling needs is many repetitive actions. 


How does rested EXP work in FFXIV?

If you are not logging, or you are offline or AFK for a bit, the rested experience will give some experience boost to all your classes, independent if they are combat jobs or non-combat jobs. If you see the icon moon next to your experience bar, you're building rested. 


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