Final Fantasy XIV review - is it worth playing?

Final Fantasy XIV review - is it worth playing?
Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy is one of the most recognizable and popular franchises in the world. With over 30 games to their credit, FF has drawn the general map of the RGPs over the years. But not so many years ago, this saga opened up to the world of MMORPGs back in 2002. Actually, FFXIV, the last pitcher of the saga in this kind of game, is one of the most acclaimed games in the series, with over 20 million people playing it around the world.  

This game changes everything about the series. Now you don't control the main character, such as Cloud Strife or Squall Leonhart, now you are a random character, which you personalize. Of course, you can choose every single physiognomic detail of the character. You can choose between five races (at least with the minimal subscription, eight with the expansions) and twenty nine classes divided into four disciplines. It reminds us of the first Final Fantasy, FF IV, and FF V, more specifically, where the working system was quite broad, and depending on the job you chose, it would be your development in the game and your skills. Next, in this article, we will do a quick view to these features, and why it is a great FF you have to play. Are you ready to read this article? Let's start. In this point, you found the best FFXIV review.


What about Final Fantasy XIV?

This game was, in fact, launched in 2010. Its first version, at least. But this first version got terrible reviews, both from critics and gamers. Because of this, Square Enix announced a new version with an improved story and a new game system. There were high expectations regarding this announcement. This new game, called Final Fantasy xiv, A Realm Reborn, saw the light of day in August 2013.

Basically, there was a reset in the main story inside the game, where, due to a destructive war called The Calamity, the world of Eorzea is brought to ruin. This new beginning takes place 5 years after this calamity. This situation gave Square Enix the chance to redevelop ff14 from scratch. And we have to say it was a great idea! This version is better designed, with a more solid history and a much better-achieved system of classes and jobs. In this new story, the three nations of Eorzea, Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa, and Gridania are trying to set up an army and prepare for a possible encounter with the Garlean Empire and a potential new calamity. In this context, all the warriors of past wars have organized themselves into guilds, each specializing in a specific task, giving way to the adventurers, the warriors who roam the world of Eorzea.

You take the role of one of these adventurers. You will have to choose which guild to belong to and develop your skills to their fullest potential in order to emerge victorious in the new era of warfare ahead. Remember that each of these guilds and classes has specific skills, unique missions, and, therefore, rewards that you cannot get otherwise. As you progress through the game, you have to make decisions that will decide the development of the story. For example, joining a Grand Company or another. When you go advanced in the story, you will discover the game's true plot, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, the masked man, and the Garlean Empire. Everything leads you to become the Warrior of the Light. The story's development does not change significantly, but the relationship with other players may be altered entirely depending on the class and the work you choose. You are in an MMORPG, remember?

In the Duty Finder system, you can find a list of all the cooperative quests in the game. To participate in these quests, you must collaborate with other players on your own server. Each of these will have a specific role within the quest. If you are a gladiator or a marauder, so you are a Tank, that is your role in the quest. If you are a pugilist or Samurai, you are a Melee DPS and your task is to do as much damage as possible. If you are an arcanist, you are magic ranged DPS. Dungeons, Duty Roulette: leveling, PvP, and other are quests in which you must participate with other users of different classes.


FF 14 gameplay

As far as we know (and we have played almost every FF), the dynamics in FF14 are very similar to those of other FF's. You will have to combat against monsters and enemies in a turn-based battle system, but in this case, in a more energetic way. You can move on the battlefield, trying to dodge the enemy's attacks. Depending on your job, you will attack in a completely different way, melee or DPS. Also, your HP will be restored little by little over the course of the battle.

FF14 has an incredible open world, through which you can move freely, investigating every corner, and doing what you like. You can spend all the time killing creatures or gathering valuable items just waiting for the end of the day. The decision is up to you. You can also configure your panel, including all the abilities you prefer to personalize your character and properly face the enemies.

We've been playing it ourselves for over three months, and we have to say we're thrilled with this game, we can't stop playing. We play one or two hours and enjoy every detail of the continent of Eorzea every day. Besides, maintaining an account for several months brings benefits that you might not otherwise get. For example, if you keep your account for one month, you will receive a special Cloud Strife outfit. If you keep it for two months, you will receive a special Tidus outfit. You know that the products of Square Enix never disappoint, and this is no exception. Trust us, ff 14 is a very well done game, plus you can share it with friends and people all over the world.

This FF retains the game's classic invocations (we know this is very important to the fans), such as Ifrit and Shiva, and integrates them from a completely different perspective. In this game, these summons fulfill the role of a boss. To put it bluntly, the job of Arcanist, which you get in the city of Limsa Lominsa, allows you to summon a creature. But this creature, unlike other phantasy ending past invocations, can be handled with specific commands, such as attack, heal, stop, and so on. Other examples are the classic magics, such as Piro, Piro II or Piro III, Ice, and Electro, which you can use in succession but with only one class. Also, this FF contains trials, which are group encounters against powerful creatures.  

Like any other MMORPG, FF 14 has a lot of content, hundreds of quests, characters, secrets, and things to discover. We recommend you walk every inch in the field and recollect any item, material, or gear you find. You never know where all that will lead you. You can also trade with other players, talk to them, exchange values, and even create a free company and a team to participate in special quests. In short, Final Fantasy 14 holds hundreds of hours of fun, play, and exploration in one of the best role-playing stories.


Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers

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As we mentioned in the previous paragraphs, this latest expansion of FF14 brings fresh air to the game. Shadowbringers was released on July 2, 2019. Even more, with this expansion, many novice players arrive at this saga, marveling at the mythical surrounding it. It's only been a year since its release, and many of the users have been attracted to this game because of it. In other words, this expansion has been their entry point into the game. In the narrative of FF14 Shadowbringers, the main character must take the mantle of a warrior of darkness to balance the world known as The First. The First in one of the thirteen 'reflections' of the Source of Hydaelyn. One hundred years before the game began, the world was filled with a primordial light, which destroyed the whole of this world except for the region of Norvrandt. Norvrandt is trapped in a zone of perpetual light without night falling at any time.

With Shadowbringers, the level limit was raised to 80 (previously it was 70 at Stormblood). In addition to this, two new races were added, Viera and Hrothgar. Viera is a female race of girls with rabbit ears (This race appeared earlier in Final Fantasy XII). Hrothgar, for its part, it's a race of catlike men. Also, six areas were added, which correspond to the new world of The First, and two cities: Eulmore and Crystarium. It means new scenarios and landscapes, which further nourishes the complex universe of the game. We have to say that this kinds of dark themes are not very common in FF series, and that is very interesting. 

This content adds more than ten hours of gaming and great experience in a totally different continent. It means, many quests, new races and classes, tanks, DPS, healers, etc. Also, you will be able to participate in great PvP fights, make a great party and go for any of the three modalities. In addition, SB includes the Trust System, a very special one, which allows to the player create a team with three non-players characters, though this system is available since level 71. Without going further, visit the SquareSoft website and watch the deals they have for you. Let them help you. Also, you can search for Shadowbringers, buy it and score your objective. Please, do this for us! You won't regret playing one of the top MMO of your life.


Is FFXIV worth playing 2020?

The answer is - totally worth it. FF14 is more in vogue than ever. Its last expansion, FFXIV Shadowbringers, has brought us new races, classes, and a different story. Since its release, this new Realm Reborn, FF14, has launched three expansions - HeavenSward (June 23, 2015), Stormblood (June 20,2017), and Shadowbringer, each one more successful than the last. With HeavenSward arrived three classes: Dark Knight, Machinist, and Astrologian. With Stormblood, the Red Mage and the Samurai come. Shadowbringer, on the other hand, brought us Gunbreaker and Dancer. 

Based on this content and seeing that FF 14 is constantly being updated and that its fan base is not decreasing, of course, this great game is worth playing in 2020. Naoki Yoshida, the director of FF14, has stated in some of his latest interviews that he would like to see Final Fantasy XIV on PlayStation 5. If this happens, it means FF14 will have content for many more years to come, and no wonder its history keeps growing, and its fan community increases by a few million more. We have to say: there are something special about FF14. This game has a lot to say and is not close to ending yet. 


Is FF14 better than WoW?

It is a tough question to answer. It depends on the taste of each player. But there are always technical and gaming aspects that stand out in one game and the other. We think that the number of classes and races in FF14 is one of the most important aspects of this game. But another element that stands out enormously is a vast world of such different landscapes.

The central continent of Eorzea is incredible. You can tell it's been developed by a great artist. That, plus the excellent soundtrack that FF14 has. These are two critical points. The atmosphere of the gameplay is unique, with colorful surroundings and awe-inspiring, breathtaking sceneries. And despite the years, a Realm Reborn content still feels fresh. You can tell that Final Fantasy XIV is made with passion.

But all in all, both are excellent games of our time. Even, if we dared to lean towards some of the two, we would say the one who summons us thanks to the affection we have for the sagas. The decision is always up to you. If you love the FF series, then this is your game. Also, FF 14 is, maybe, the best Final Fantasy. On the other hand, if you grew up with WoW, then the decision is logical. Anyway, FF14 is an excellent choice for new players. You are really going to enjoy this game!



How do I farm Gils in Final Fantasy XIV?

The best way to farm Gil in Final Fantasy XIV is doing some raid or to complete the Levequests. Levequests are short quests content in which you have to make a quick mission, commonly related to the battle. These quests reward you with a large amount of experience and Gils. You will find the levemetes (people who offer you the Levequest) in all cities and towns.


Does Final Fantasy XIV have PvP?

Like any good MMORPG, FFXIV has a great PvP system. Suppose you want to access to the arena where you can fight against other players, to the tremendous floating colosseum, the Wolve's Den Pier. In that case, you have to visit this island located in off the shores of Morabydocks, Lower La Noscea, very close to the city of Limsa Lominsa.


What is the best way to get experience in FF 14?

There are several ways to gain experience in FF 14 quickly. The most common way is to complete the side quests of your level or higher. The quests with the blue icon will reward you with more Gil and experience. Another way is by selling the equipment that you don't use online.


Why is FFXIV so expensive?

We don't think Final Fantasy XIV is so expensive. You don't have to pay too much really. If you compare FF 14 with other games in the market, its price is average. Final Fantasy 14 offers you over 100 hours of guaranteed fun, a vast world, hundreds of quests, skills to learn, plus the worlds that have been added thanks to the expansions.


Is FFXIV worth the subscription?

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the best MMORPGs on the market right now, and it speaks for itself. Millions of people are paying for it. We had a great sense of satisfaction playing it. You can take it as an answer.


FF14 is updated by any patch?

FF14 receives patches continuously, and brings new content every month. FF14 always has a good news. 


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Ghet • 2 March 2021 I agree that it's worth playing. But, it IS expensive in that you need to maintain a sub. However, the free "trial" version lets you do an awful lot and gives you plenty of time to decide if it's worth paying for. So yeah, the free part is 100% worth the time. After that, it's up to you, but you should definitely know by the time you need to make a monetary choice. Reply
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