FFXIV Market Board - Trade everything with this amazing tool

FFXIV Market Board - Trade everything with this amazing tool
Final Fantasy XIV

Every great MMORPG has its own trading feature in which you can buy, sell or exchange all types of items. In the case of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, this place is the Market Board that, as its name says, is a pool where adventurers might publish their offers for any who is interested and make a lot of money.

Players use the FFXIV Market Board to publish a lot of items, new and classic they have found and previously sold, all they want, via a Retainer, who is an NPC in charge of offering the items instead. This system is very similar to the Auction House system in FFXI, but with a few differences.

In this article, we are going to delve into what this useful tool is, why it is worth it so that you can use it in the best possible way. Let's start, adventurer!


Table of contents:

* What are specifically the Market Boards?

* How do I put items on the Market Board FFXIV?

* How do I use the Market Board of Final Fantasy XIV?

* Where is the Market Board FFXIV?



What are specifically the Market Boards?

As we mentioned in the introduction, Markets Boards give you either the opportunity to publish your own articles and set the sale prices or buy articles. At the same time, you can search for items on sale you need and obtain a certain position at different prices, per unit or in bulk. 

Buying on the Market Boards is based on checking easily the unit price and allows you to look over the quantity, the total price, the Retainer who offers the item (we will see this later), and the transaction history of one particular item by selecting the History Button above the item list.


FFXIV Market Board search results history Select

The Search Results window where will show you the last selling information.


How do I put items on the Market Board FFXIV?

Currently, to list an item in this special tool you have to hire a Retainer, a unique NPC who is capable of doing a lot of different quests called Ventures, which can last from a few hours until one day. To hire a Retainer you first have to complete the Main Story QuestThe Scions of the Seventh Dawn’ and then the Side Quest ‘An Ill-conceived Venture’.


FFXIV Miqo'te retainer

A Miqo’te Retainer.


After this, you can choose and summon a Retainer using the Summoning Bell, which you can find in Inn Rooms, in the markets of the current 3 great cities, as well as every residential district, never outside of these sites.

One of the services that the Retainer can do for you is selling the items from your inventory, or from your Retainer’s inventory, on the Market Board. If a player buys one of your published items, the Retainer will save your money. 


Retainer information window. 


How do I use the Market Board of Final Fantasy XIV?

Actually, the Market Board’s system is very simple. When you access the Market Board, a window like the one below will appear. Once you are in there, you will have access to a simple main menu called Category Search, where you can see every icon of the types of items that exist within the game. These types are the following:

  • Main Arm/Off Arm
  • Armor
  • Items
  • Housing.

If you click over any symbol an item list data will appear on the right side of the board. Also, you can see the total number of available items of any article and their level. Then, if you click over the item you are interested in, you will have access to a subcommand menu, a complete list of listed elements, and the corresponding price. 


FFXIV Market Boards Item Search window

1.- Free Search, to search for any item by name

2.- Category Search, to search for any item by type

3.- Wish List, to list your desired items

4.- Search Button

5.- Item list


But there is another way to find the item you need, and this is through the search functions and search filters, via the browser at the top. Just introduce the item name, and click over the search button on the bottom. On the right side of the board, only the items you are looking for will appear, and all the related information.  

Also, you can use the partial match box to search related items. Thanks to the partial match option some close items in terms of name, material, type, will also appear. Just enter part of the item name into the text field and search. 

Finally, you can add articles to your wish list search, in the bottom left of the board. When those items enter the market this will warn you. In this part, you can check the updates, the quantity, and the prices. 


Where is the Market Board FFXIV?

In the entire history of Eorzea and the world of Hydaelyn, 6 large cities have been built. Market Boards are available in every city-state on the continent, that is to say, Ul’Dah, Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, Ishgard, Ala Mhigo, and Sharlayan. In addition, the Market Boards, in general, are nearby vendors. In Ul'dah, the Market Board is located in the Sapphire Avenue Exchange. 


FFXIV Market Board Ul'dah location

The Market Board location inside Ul’dah.


In Limsa Lominsa, there are two Market Boards, one located on the East Hawker’s Alley, and the other located on the West Hawker’s Alley. 


FFXIV Market Board Limsa Lominsa location

The Market Boards locations on the Limsa Lominsa map.


In Gridania, the state-city of the woods, also you can find two Market Boards, one on the Ebony Stalls, and the other on the Rosewood Stalls. 


FFXIV Market Board Gridania location

The Market Boards locations on the Gridania map.


FFXIV Market Boards conclusions

FFXIV Market Board Background

Final Fantasy 14 is one of the most complete video games that Square Enix Co. Ltd. has brought us, although its first version released 10 years ago, in 2010, it was a disaster. As every good MMO, FFXIV has many items of different levels, high demand, and common items that you can trade via this device. 

The important thing, at this point, is that you have learned that the Market Board provides you with a great service to purchase and sell any kinds of goods, such as crafting materials, tools, ingredients, armor, gear, class weapons, and much more, that are used to defeat all the enemies in your adventure. 

Additionally, just keep in mind that the Market Board is one of the best ways to earn Gil quickly and improve the stats of your character as soon as possible, providing them with good equipment.  

We have arrived at the end of this content related to this great app, one of the best pages we have written. We hope that the tips that we have given to you have helped you get the most out of this tool. Furthermore, if you are interested in reading other articles on our web page, you can join our community, check the links below, and read some of the other guides full of tricks we have for you.


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How do I trade in Final Fantasy 14?

According to the FFXIV wiki and our own knowledge, there are two ways of trading in FFXIV. The first one is via retainers, who are NPCs that sell your items on the market. The second one is exchanging items directly with other people. Just approach someone and open their menu. Next start to exchange by the Enter Key. 


Does FFXIV have an Auction House?

Yes and no, that is to say, FFXIV has the Market Board, which is like an FFXI Auction House update for everyone. One little difference is, for example, that in the first one you have to set a price and wait for someone real, of the same server, to buy the product from you. This process may take more than a week to complete.


Can you sell FFXIV mounts?

Sadly, you can´t, except for 3 mounts: the Zu, Flying Chair, and Night Pegasus. There is no reason to trade mounts since they are available if you complete some special quests. It is not easy, but everyone can get all the mounts in FFXIV


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