FFXIV Main Scenario Quests - Join the adventure with this guide!

FFXIV Main Scenario Quests - Join the adventure with this guide!
Final Fantasy XIV

Main Scenario Quests in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn are hundreds and very differentiated. Also called Main Story Quests, these missions are the ones that drive your destiny from the beginning of the game until you hear the call of the Crystal, and become the Warrior of Light, that is to say, from level 1 to the level in which you establish the retrieved peace in the Realm. These quests are characterized by cutscenes, which have a set of voice acting. This is because they are very important for the development of the plot. Also, these quests reward you with a lot of XP and one or another piece of equipment.

Keep reading this  FFXIV main scenario quests guide and meet all quests that happen in all the landscapes and towns and that are part of this incredible game. Many quests are waiting for you in Eorzea, the world of Final Fantasy XIV


In this guide you will find:

* Main Story according to the level you have in FFXIV

* Seventh Umbral Era Quests

* Main Scenario Quests: Dungeons

* Main Story Quests:  Trials



Main Story according to the level you have in FFXIV

Main Story Quests begin after you choose the great city where you start the Final Fantasy XIV journey. Regardless of which city or class you choose, the paths share fate. The First Main Scenario Quest is always the same, ‘Close to home.’ The only thing that changes is the Quest Giver. The Quest Givers are the properties of the different Adventure Guilds of the cities. The first NPC that you find in the game will indicate where to look for this Quest Giver. 

The first 23 MSQs also depend on what class and city-states you choose. The stories differ in this first part of the game. Remember, the three options you have are the nation of Ul dah, in the desert of Thanalan, the city-state of Limsa Lominsa, in the Southern Coast of the island Vylbrand and the land of Gridania, located in the center of the Aldenard Continent, in the Black Shroud. 

The MSQ in Final Fantasy XIV is divided into eight categories. Each of these categories corresponds with different levels, that is to say, from a certain level to another level. As you might suppose, the first category begins in level 1 and goes forward until level 50, which is when the starter pack of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn ends. Basically, the Main Scenario Quest is divide into the following categories:

  • Seventh Umbral Era Quests. These quests correspond to the base game A Realm Reborn and range from level 1 to level 50. 
  • Seventh Astral Era Quest. Every quest in this era corresponds to the quests that continue the story of A Realm Reborn, Patches 2.1 and 2.5.
  • Heavensward Main Story Quests. These quests continue with the quest line left in ARR. These quests correspond from level 50 to level 60 and were released with the expansion Heavensward
  • Dragonsong War Quests. Level 60 quests that continue the story of Heavensward. These quests correspond to patch 3.1 y 3.5.
  • Stormblood Main Story Quests. These quests correspond to levels 60 and 70 with patch 4.0 and the expansion of Heavensward. 
  • The Legend Returns Quests. The quests in this expansion correspond to the 70 level quests until 78 79 that continues the story of Stormblood. 
  • Shadowbringers Main Story Quests. Level 70 - 80 quests that continue the storyline of Stormblood with patches 4.1, 4.56. 
  • Post-Shadowbringers Main Story Quest. Level 80 Main Scenario Quests that continue the story of Shadowbringers in Patches 5.1 and 5.3


Seventh Umbral Era Quests

Main Scenario Quests 52 53 70 71

As we mentioned in the introduction of this article, the initial 23 quests of the Main Scenario Quests depend on the class you are using and you choose when you start ARR. As you should know, if you choose to be a Pugilist, a Gladiator, or a Thaumaturge, you will start the game in Ul’dah. Your first quest will be ‘Close to Home,’ and the Quest Giver is Momodi, the Quicksand Proprietress. On the other hand, if you choose to be an Archer, a Lancer, or a Conjurer, you will start your travel in Gridania. Your primary quest will be the same, but in this case, the Quest Giver is Mother Miounne, the Carline Canopy Proprietress. Finally, if you choose to start the game as an Arcanist or Marauder, you will need to talk with a man in the Drowning Wench, Baderon, the Proprietor. In three cases, completing this mission unlocks the ability ‘Return.’ With the progression in the MSQ, you will have access to new abilities. 

Another important quest similar in the three cases is a level 15 quest, which unlocks the Airships. At this point in the game, you will be able to leave your initial destination and start to travel for all the continent. Now is when the real struggle begins. 


MSQ after leaving the Great City

The name of the quest in the case of Ul’dah is ‘The Ul'dahn Envoy,’ and the Quest Giver is Raubahn, the General of The Immortal Flames. In the case of Limsa Lominsa is ‘The Lominsan Envoy’ and the Quest Giver is the Admiral Merlwyb of the Maelstrom. For Gridania, the quest is ‘The Gridanian Envoy,’ and the Quest Giver is Kan-E-Senna, the Elder Seedseer. 

All classes have different quests until this point, that is to say, until level 15. From now, the path is the same regardless of the class or job. Regarding the mechanic, you will have to talk with a person, who will ask you to speak to another person, who will ask you to talk to another person, and so on until the quests are completed.

The quests that begin with a single path are ‘The Call of the Sea’ and ‘It's Probably Pirates.’ This last one is the quest that unlocks the first Dungeon in the game, Sastasha Seagrot. Later we are going to come back with the Dungeons.

Another important quest in Seventh Umbral Era Quests is the level 17 quest ‘The Scions of the Seventh Dawn.’ This mission unlocks Retainers but also introduces the order with the same name located in the Waking Sands. 

At this point, a fundamental quest to travel through Eorzea is ‘My Little Chocobo.

It is not an MSQ. It is an optional quest, but a really important one. The only requirement to access this quest is to complete the previous quest, ‘The Company You Keep.’

Next, you have a level 2 0 Quest called ‘Lord of the Inferno,’ in which you have to face Primal Emperor Ifrit. In a later section, we’ll make a list dedicated to the Primal’s Quest. 

Then, at level 20, you have the quest that asks you to join a Grand Company. The quest is ‘The Company You Keep,’ but it is different depending on the GC you choose to join.

Also, at level 20, you will find the quest Sylph-management, which unlocks the Job Quests.  

From now on, you will find some quests that increase Mount Speed and others that complete certain Quests Achievements, so you will be rewarded somehow. 

The level cap in this part of the Main Scenario Quests is 50. And you must remember that this introductory part are the quests that come by default in A Realm Reborn. For the next quests, you have to acquire the expansions. 


Main Scenario Quests: Dungeons

Many Dungeons are a very important part of the storyline of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. In addition, many of them are required if you want to advance in your adventure. 

We already mentioned ‘Sastasha Seagrot,’ the first Dungeon in the game. Players will not have any problem finishing this quest. 

Some of the main Dungeon in the Main Quest Line are:

  • Fire in the Gloom. Unlocks Tam-Tara Deepcroft. 
  • Into a Copper Hell. Unlocks Copperbell Mines.
  • Into the Beast’s Maw. Unlocks The Thousands Maws of Toto-Rak.
  • Skeletons in Her Closet. Unlocks Haukke Manor.  
  • The Things We Do for Cheese. Unlocks Brayflox’s Longstop.
  • In Pursuit of the Past. Unlocks The Stone Vigil.
  • Rock the Castrum. Unlocks The Castrum Meridianum. 
  • The Ultimate Weapon. Unlocks The Praetorium. 

In addition to the previous ones, some dungeons have been included in some patches. The following is a list of some of them.

  • The path of the Righteous (Dreams of Ice). Unlock Snowcloak.
  • The Rising Chorus (Before the Fall - Part 1). Unlocks The Keeper of the Lake.

Talking about Heavensward Main Scenario Quests, there were some dungeons included in the main storyline.

  • Mourn in Passing. Unlocks level 53 Dungeon, Sohm Al.
  • Into the Aery. Unlocks level 55 Dungeon, The Aery.
  • A Knight’s Calling. Unlocks level 57 Dungeon, The Vault. 
  • Forbidden Knowledge. Unlocks level 59 Dungeon, The Great Gubal Library. 
  • Heavensward. Unlocks the level 60 Dungeon, The Aetherochemical Research.

The Dungeons available in the patches of Heavensward are the followings:

  • The word of the Mother (The gears of Change). Unlocks The Antitower.
  • Winning Over the Wyrm (Revenge of the Horde). Unlocks Sohr Khai.
  • Shadow of the First (Soul Surrender). Unlocks Xelphatol.
  • Griffin, Griffin in the Wall (The Far Edge of Fate - Part 1). Unlocks Baelsar’s Wall.

In Stormblood Main Scenario Quests, you will find the following quests and dungeons. 

  • Not Without Incident. Unlocks the level 61 Dungeon, the Sirensong Sea. 
  • In the Footsteps of Bardam the Brave. Unlocks level 65 Dungeon, Bardam’s Mettle.
  • The Die is Cast. Unlocks level 67 Dungeon, Doma Castle.
  • The Price of Freedom. Unlocks level 69 Dungeon, Castrum Abania.
  • Stormblood. Unlocks level 70 Dungeon, Ala Mhigo (Duty).

In the patches of this expansion, you will find the following Dungeon.

  • The Mad King´s Trove (The Legend Returns). Unlocks The Crowned City of Skalla.
  • Feel the Burn (Prelude in Violet). Unlocks The Burn.
  • The Face of War (A Requiem for Heroes). Unlocks The Ghimlyt Dark.

 Shadowbringers also brings us Main Scenario Quests Dungeons. 

  • The Lightwardens. Unlocks level 71 Dungeon, Holminster Switch.
  • The Key to the Castle. Unlocks level 73 Dungeon, Dohn Mheg. 
  • The Burden of Knowledge. Unlocks level 75 Dungeon, The Qitana Ravel.
  • A Fresh Start. Unlocks level 77 Dungeon, Malikah’s Well.
  • Extinguishing the Last Light. Unlocks level 79 Dungeon, Mt. Gulg.
  • Shadowbringers. Unlocks level 80 Dungeon, Amaurot. 

Shadowbringers patches also have some dungeons that are required to finish the main storyline. 

  • A Grand Adventure (Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty). Unlocks The Grand Cosmos.
  • Beneath the Surface (Echoes of a Fallen Star). Unlocks Anamnesis Anyder.
  • The Converging Light (Reflections in Crystals). Unlocks The Heroes’ Gauntlet. 
  • Like Master, Like Pupil (Futures Rewritten). Unlocks Matoya’s Relict. 

As you should know, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has a lot of side quests. Many of them are optional Dungeons. We recommend that you complete these Dungeons as many times as possible because they will reward you with incredible items, rare gear, and equipment.


Main Story Quests: Trials


Many Trials in FFXIV are required to move on in the MSQ. Most of them are battles against Primals or powerful enemies. In general, you will have to face classic invocations of the franchise, Espers, Summonings, etc. 

  • Lord of the Inferno. The Quest Giver of this quest is Minfilia. This level 20 quest unlocks The Bowl of Members, in which you have to face the Primal, Ifrit. 
  • Lord of Crags. Riol is the non-playable character, the Quest Giver of this quest. This quest unlocks The Navel, a trial where you have to defeat the Primal Titan.
  • Lady of the Vortex. The quest giver in this opportunity is Cid. When you complete this quest, you unlock the quest The Howling Eye, a trial in which you have to defeat Garuda, the Primal of Storms. 
  • Operation Archon. Minfilia will entrust you with this quest, which unlocks the Trial ‘Cape Westwind.’ In this Trial, you have to face General Rhitahtyn sas Arvina, the praefectus castrorum of the XIVth Legion of the Garlean Empire. 
  • You Have Selected Regicide. E-Sumi-Yan will entrust you with the quest to face the Primal Good King Moggle Mog XII. The quest is ‘Thornmarch (Hard).’
  • Lord of the Whorl. The beast tribe, The Sahagin, has summoned the Primal Leviathan. Eynzahr Slafyrsyn asks you to investigate the situation. This quest unlocks ‘The Whorleater.’ 
  • Levin an impression. Unlocks the trial ‘The Striking Three (Hard).’ Papalymo will entrust you to participate in a party and defeat the Primal Ramuh. 
  • The Instruments of Our Deliverance. Unlocks the trial ‘Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Hard).’ In this Trial of a Full Party of 8 players, you have to face Shiva. 
  • An Uninvited Ascian. You have to rescue Minfilia from the Ascian Nabriales. The quest is ‘The Chrysalis.’ 
  • The Steps of Faith. A trial where you have to face Vishap, one of the 7 Wyrmkings. 
  • Lord of the Hive. This quest unlocks the Trial ‘Thok ast Thok (Hard).’ In this Trial, you have to face the Primal of the Gnath tribe, Ravana.
  • Bolt, Chain, and Island. This quest unlocks ‘The Limitless Blue (Hard),’ in which you have to face the Primal Bismarck. 
  • Heavensward. This quest unlocks the Trial ‘The Singularity Reactor.’ In this, you have the fight against King Thordan and his warrior, the primal forms of Archbishop Thordan VII. 
  • An End to the Song. In this Trial unlocked by this introductory quest, ‘The Final Steps of Faith,’ you and your party have to face Nidhogg.
  • The Beast that Mourned at the Heart of the Mountain. In this old and new Trial ‘The Navel (Hard),’ you have to defeat, again, the Primal Titan.
  • The Lord of the Revel. When you complete this quest, you will have unlocked the Trial ‘The Pool of Tribute.’ As a Warrior of Light, you have to confront Kami Susano, the Lord of the Revel.
  • The Lady of Bliss. ‘Emanation’ is the Trial unlocked here. You and your party have to face Lakshmi, The Lady of Bliss.
  • Stormblood. The Trial: ‘The Royal Menagerie,’ is about defeating the boss Shinryu. 
  • The Primary Agreement. In the Trial unlocked by this quest, ‘Castrum Fluminis,’ you have to face Yotsuyu goe Brutus in Yanxia.
  • Acht-la Ormh Inn. In the Trial ‘The Dancing Plague,’ you, as a Warrior of Light, and your party has to face the King of the Fairies, Titania. 
  • Extinguishing the Last Light. When you complete this quest, you unlock the Trial ‘The Crown of the Immaculate.’ This Trial takes place on the top of Mt.Gulg, and you have to defeat the final Lightwarden: Innocence.
  • Shadowbringers. In the Trial of this quest, ‘The Dying Gasp,’ you and your friends of 8 members have to fight against the Ascian Hades. 
  • Hope’s Confluence. In ‘The Seat of Sacrifice’ Trial, you have to face the Self-proclaimed Warrior of Light. 


FFXIV Main Story Quests conclusion

We have come to the end of one of the best reviews and pages you will see in your life. To be realistic, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has hundreds of quests, among these, Main Scenario Quests and Side Quests, not to mention the Jobs Quests and Class Quests. If you are a player in the overview community, then you don’t mind, and you may enjoy the challenge. Anyway, the list is endless, and the content is too much. Thanks to the people at Square Enix, we can spend hours and hours wandering Eorzea facing one enemy or another and doing quests. If you are interested in other aspects of this marvelous game, besides the questline, you can make a quick search on our main page and read about FFXIV Materials or FFXIV Retainer. Our content is better than the wiki one!



How many MSQs are there in FFXIV?

There are more than 250 Quests in the Main Scenario Quest in Final Fantasy XIV, including ARR and the three expansions and their patches. Completing all the quests is the longest slog of the game. Many of these quests are filler but, in some way, explain different aspects of the game. 


How many Main Scenario Quests are there in Shadowbringers?

There are 150 Main Story Quest in total in Shadowbringers. This number includes the Main Quest Chain and all the patches that have been released until now. The quests of Shadowbringers are one of the best aspects to explain the final part of the game. 


How many Quests are there between ARR and Heavensward?

The Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn is part of the adventure with more quests. Over 220 quests, not including side quests or other types of quests. A rule to reach the goal of entering the Heavensward region is to have completed the quest from 2 0 to 2 55 of A Realm Reborn.   


What happens if you abandon a quest in FFXIV?

Anyone can abandon a quest in FFXIV. At the same time, you will not have any trouble or issue if you abandon a quest. The reality is the only thing you have to do is restart the quest, and everything will be ok. Remember that the Main Scenario Quest cannot be skipped, so they are always available. 


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