FFXIV Retainer - Carry out Ventures with your personal NPC

FFXIV Retainer - Carry out Ventures with your personal NPC
Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has an interesting trading system, which provides the players a lot of possibilities when they need to get some special items, unique gear, good pieces and sell their own unique articles. In addition to direct exchange with other users, Final Fantasy XIV gives you the opportunity to hire retainers - special NPCs who can be in charge of selling your articles, as well as special missions and other things. We have for you this FF14 Retainer guide.


In this guide you will find:

* How Can I unlock and hire a Retainer?

* Using Retainers in Final Fantasy 14

* What do Retainers do?

* Types of Retainer Ventures in FFXIV



How can I unlock and hire a Retainer?

FFXIV characters to hire a retainer

The Retainers are special NCPs without a name that you can hire to take quests instead of you. To hire a FFXIV retainer first you must complete the level 17 Main Scenario Quest ‘The Scions of the Seventh Dawn’. When you are in this part of the game, you can complete the side quest ‘An Ill-conceived Venture’. You can find this side quest in any great city, that is to say, Limsa Lominsa, Ul’dah, and Gridania. When you complete this quest you can hire retainers. 

To hire a Retainer you have to talk with a Retainer Vocate. You can find the Retainer Vocates in all the great cities very close to the Market Board. In the first place, you can hire just two Retainers, but in the Mog Station on the FFXIV Lodestone, it is possible to add 7 additional retainers, and hire 9 retainers in total. Also, the Final Fantasy XIV Companion App gives you an extra Retainer (for a total of 10) if you have your account updated to premium, in addition to the double Chocobo Saddlebag space. Retainer's max level is the current class level of the player less five. 


Using Retainers in Final Fantasy 14

FF14 Soul Stone and item level Retainers Menu 175

Now that you have your Retainer, or Retainers, you can summon them using the Summoning Bell either inside the Inn rooms, in the Residential Districts, and other locations. You can find the Summoning Bell in all the great cities. When you pick a Retainer of the menu (if you have more than one), you will see a browser with several options.

Entrust or withdraw Gil from your retainer. You can Store a large amount of Gil in the storage space of your Retainer. Also, the Retainer will use this menu to deposit all the Gil retrieved from selling on the markets. There is a maximum of Gil that Retainers allow you to deposit.  

Entrust or withdraw items from your retainer. Open the Retainer inventory to start to manage items. Retainers can be used to store 125 items in total. 

Sell items from your retainer’s inventory on the market. Open the Retainer’s inventory and select the items that you want to sell on the markets. You cannot store more than 20 items through this system. 

Sell items from your inventory on the market. Open your inventory and select the items that you want to sell on the markets. Your Retainer has 20 slots available for selling items.

View sale history. You can access the list of recent sales executed by the Retainer.

Assign class. This option is only available if the Retainer has no class. You have to have a level 1 weapon or tool in your inventory or armory to assign a class to your Retainer. 

Assign Venture. You can assign a Venture to your Retainer if he/she doesn’t have one or has a report waiting.  

View Report. This option is available after your Retainer has finished the Venture. This report shows the result of the Venture, transfers the items to your inventory, and gives the experience to the Retainer. 

View Retainer attributes and gear. A similar screen to the character screen will appear, which you can use to equip your Retainer with retainer gear. 

Reset Retainer class. You can remove the class of your Retainer, in this way you can assign to him/her a new one. 

Assign job. You can attach any of the Soul Crystals to the equipment of your Retainer allowing him/her. To assign jobs you will need a special book, which you can purchase from the Retainer Vocates for 40 Ventures. 

Quit. Finishes the interaction with your Retainer. 


What do retainers do?

FF14 Retainers expansions: Heavensward and Shadowbringers

First of all, retainers, just like you, have their own retainer classes and could use whatever equipment you give them depending on the class. Of course, first you have to choose the class. You can change their class later, but their level will return to 1. The level of the Retainer that you are going to hire depends on the level of your own class. For example, if your level in Miner class is twenty, the level of the retainers can’t be higher than yours. You can give to your retainer any class you want, but only if you have unlocked that class already. 

Answering the question of this section, the main tasks that the Retainers do are completing the Retainer Ventures. Also, the retainers can store Gil, items and any piece of equipment, but their main task is the above. 

Talking about Retainer Ventures, these are special quests that the Retainers do to gather some special items. When the retainer has completed the task, they will return to you in a certain period of time depending on the level of the Retainer Venture. Ventures take around 1 day. 

To send Retainers to Ventures you need Venture Coins, a special currency that you need to hire the Retainers. The most common way to get Venture Coins is by buying them directly from the Grand Company vendors that are in the Grand Company headquarters in the great cities. To buy these currencies you need Grand Company seals. Once you reach the Private Third Class rank, you can acquire Venture Coins buying them for 200 GC seals each. Also, you can get Venture Coins completing Guildleves and Beast Tribe Quests

Retainer Ventures are divided into several categories depending on the class of the Retainers. 


Types of Retainer Ventures in FFXIV

FF14 Venture Accomplished appearance wiki

As we mentioned, a retainer can have each and every one of the classes that exist in FFXIV and learn their respective skills, that is to say, the three Disciplines of the Land that are in the game, and the eight Disciplines of the War and Magic, plus different kinds of exploration. The Ventures can be divided into gathering Ventures, exploration Ventures, and Quick Exploration Ventures. 









40 min 1 hr

Retainers will have the mission of collecting some special items dropped by some special creatures.




40 min 1 hr

Retainers will be especially attentive to collect some specific items per hour from quarry nodes and mining. 




40 min 1 hr

Retainers will be especially attentive to collect some specific items from harvesting nodes and logging.




40 min 1 hr

Retainers will have the mission of collecting some special items of seafood for crafting.


Field Exploration


18 hrs

Retainers will explore the field on their own and return both random spoils and Allagan coins. 


Highland Exploration


18 hrs

Retainers will explore the highlands on their own and return both random material and Allagan coins. 


Woodland Exploration


18 hrs

Retainers will explore the woodlands on their own and return both random material and Allagan coins. 


Waterside Exploration 


18 hrs

Retainers will explore the waterside on their own and come back with both random fish and Allagan coins. 


Quick Exploration

Level 10+

1 hr

The Retainer will do a short exploration and he will bring to you a random item.



Final Fantasy XIV Retainer conclusions 

A FFXIV Retainer is, probably, one of the most creative ways to use bots in video games, even more in FF14, in addition to a good source of crafting materials, unique items, and others. Also, Retainers will do some quests for you while you are busy with the Main Story Quest Scenario. The Retainers services are very useful to free you from cumbersome and boring tasks and to help you to get a large number of unique items and other stuff. Now you have how it works, hire the retainer NPC you need. Don’t waste your time and go for your Venture Coins and hire a retainer. You will greatly appreciate having hired one, you will get multiple benefits.  

Finally, if you are an incredible gamer fan of this marvelous game, join our community and find out all the news. Browse and search our website, Sellers and Friends, we are always uploading more surprises for you.




How do I get a retainer in FF14?

Completing the level 17 Main Scenario Quest ‘The Scion of the Seventh Dawn' is required to unlock this service. When you finish this quest, you have to complete the side quest ‘An Ill-conceived Venture’. After this, you can hire a retainer with the Summoning Bell. 


How much do retainers cost in Final Fantasy XIV?

It depends on the Venture you send your retainer. In the case of Exploration Ventures or Quick Exploration Ventures, you have to pay the Retainer 2 Venture Coins. In the case of Gathering Ventures, you have to pay Retainer 1 Venture Coin. You may come across quest with different prices, but those are the overhead costs. 


How many types of Ventures there are?

Starting with the Gathering Ventures in which the retainer collects some special items, there are three types of Ventures. The second type are the Exploration Ventures where retainers explore the fields looking for some rewards. The third type are the Quick Exploration Ventures, very similar to the previous one. 


How can I get Venture coins?

You can get Venture coins by buying them directly from the Grand Company vendors, which you can find in the Grand Company Headquarters, in the great cities. Also, you can receive them as a reward after completing the Beast Tribe Quests and the Guildleves. 


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