Company Seals FFXIV - How to earn and use this currency!

Company Seals FFXIV - How to earn and use this currency!
Final Fantasy XIV

Every great MMO has a special currency with which you can buy or exchange unique items and pieces of equipment. In addition to Gil, this classic saga has the Company Seals FFXIV. If you want, or need, a lot of Company Seals then is this article you are going to learn how to earn them, in addition to:

  • What is and how to join a Grand Company
  • Ways to spend Company Seals

FFXIV made these seals related to a lot of interesting in-game elements and services. If you are eager to know what they are, stay with us. Now we are going to start with this Final Fantasy XIV guide!


Table of contents:

* How can I get Final Fantasy XIV Grand Company Seals?

* How can I be part of an FFXIV Grand Company?

* How can I earn FFXIV Company Seals?

       * Grand Company Provisions Missions

       * FFXIV Levequest

       * Duty Roulette

* What do I do with Company Seals?

       * Starting Ventures

       * Getting a new Rank

       * Getting unique pieces of equipment






How can I get Final Fantasy XIV Grand Company seals?

Final Fantasy XIV Grand Company banners icons

It is really important that you know this currency is not available from the beginning of the game. 

To start to earn CS first you have to be a member of a Grand Company. What is a Grand Company? 

You Might wonder. 

Every great state city in Eorzea, the world of Final Fantasy XIV, has its own Grand Company. Grand Companies are groups and institutions that concentrate on the best adventures and warriors of the realm. 

Each GC has its own hierarchy, ranks, banner, members, and quests. 


The three Grand Companies that exist in FFXIV are:

  • The Order of the Twin Adder from Gridania
  • The Maelstrom from Limsa Lominsa
  • The Immortal Flames from Ul’Dah.


How can I be part of an FFXIV Grand Company?

To be part of any of these companies and unlock its services, players have to complete the Level 20 Main Scenario QuestA Hero in the Making’. 

On this page of the main story of FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, Minfilia, the leader of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, and the Quest Giver, will entrust you the mission of joining a Grand Company, but first, you have to find out everything about these institutions. 

Attend the remembrance service at Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre in Gridania, at the Stateroom in Limsa Lominsa, and at the Royal Promenade in Ul’Dah. 


FFXIV personnel officer of doman enclave

Personnel officer at the Adder´s Nest.


The next quest is ‘The Company you Keep’. Here you have to present honors to the company you choose. In order to do this, head to the personnel officer to start with your application. Once you have finished, you will be part of the Company in question. Now you can earn Company Seals and purchase special equipment in the store. 


How can I earn FFXIV Company Seals?

Just like Gil, there are several categories available when it comes to earning Company Seals. The first category, Completing Provisions Missions is the most common. Next, we are going to explain each of them. 


Grand Company Provisions Missions

The most common way is exchanging supplies and unique pieces of gear with the personnel office of your Company. In order to do this, speak with the officer at the front desk and choose the option ‘Exchange’. Now the Grand Company Delivery Missions window will appear.

Here you will find three tabs ‘Supply’, ‘Provisioning’, and ‘Expert Delivery’. 

If you have any item on this list, give it to the officer. He will reward you with some Company Seals. The CS that you will receive depends on the quality of the item.  


FFXIV Company Seals Scroll

Grand Company Delivery Missions window.


A good tip is to check what supplies the Grand Company is looking for, note for one or two, head to the Market Board, buy the materials or the article, such as Glamour Prisms, and craft the supplies. 


FFXIV Levequests

Final Fantasy XIV Levequests Levequests

One of the best ways to get Seals is completing Grand Company Leves. The Grand Companies have a few Levemetes (Leves Giver) positioned somewhere in Eorzea, in some strategic points. To access these short quests just talk to an officer of the Grand Company. In most GC leves you will have to defeat as many enemies as possible within the allotted time.  

There are four types of GC Leves:

  • Prudence
  • Equity
  • Promptitude
  • Unity

Finishing these quests will reward with different amounts of CG Seals, depending on the level of the Leve. 

Lv. 20 GC Leves will give you 138 Company Seals.

Lv. 25 GC Leves will give you 173 Company Seals.

Lv. 30 GC Leves will give you 207 Company Seals.

Lv. 35 GC Leves will give you 242 Company Seals.

Lv. 40 GC Leves will give you 276 Company Seals.


Duty Roulette

Duty Roulette: Leveling and Guildhest, as a feature of the Duty Finder, will put you in a random light party trial, light party dungeon (as a tank, DPS, or healer), or a Guildhest, respectively, that you have unlocked. 

To participate in Duty Roulette: Leveling or Guildhest you must have completed two initial quests, Sastasha and The Tam-Tara Deepcroft, in the case of dungeons, and two initial Guildhest in the second case.

Parcitpanting in daily Duty Roulette, if you are not at level cap, will reward you with experience points (XP), money, and Company Seals. If you are at level cap, you will also receive a daily amount of Allagan Tomestones and more exp.   


What do I do with Company Seals?

As an in-game currency, Company Seals are really important to get special items, equipment, and other stuff. Some rare items are just available in the headquarters. In addition, you can improve your rank within the Grand Company group. 


Starting Ventures

To hire a Retainer (an NPC that does special quests instead of you) you must have Retainer Ventures, other in-game currency that only is useful for this. You can obtain Ventures through Levemetes, Beast Tribe Quests, and exchanging Company Seals.  


Getting a new rank

FF14 Grand Company rank alts turn ins

As a member of a Grand Company, you can apply to get new ranks in the hierarchy within the company. Reach a new rank will give you access to special quests, a new Grand Company Hunting Log, and unique pieces of equipment. To apply to this promotion you will need Seals



Seals for next rank

Max. Seals


Private third class




Private Second Class




Private first class








Sergeant Third Class



You must complete the Company Hunting Log Rank 1

Sergeant Second Class




Sergeant First Class




Chief Sergeant



You must complete Shadow Uncast

Second Lieutenant



You must complete Gliding the Bilious and Hunting Log Rank 2

First Lieutenant



Your squadron must reach Rank 3 in Adventurer Squadrons




You must complete 5 Unique Command Missions and the Flagged Mission: Sapper Strike

Second Commander




First Commander




High Commander




Rear Marshal




Vice Marshal








Grand Marshal









Getting unique pieces of equipment in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn

FFXIV Seals Exchange 11 9 12

Depending on the rank you have in the Grand Company in which you are a member, later you can exchange your company seals for rare and unique gear. Just head to the Quartermaster of your company (some kind of vendor) and speak with them. In the menu, you can choose the rank and the gear according to your number of seals. 


Company Seals Final Fantasy XIV conclusions

This is the end of one of the best posts of one of the best video games we’ve ever played. We know the topic of this article is not too popular, but anyway it is really important to improve the stats of the player or to get thousands of special things and high demand items, such as cordials, coke, moonstones, dark matter, thanalan soil, scrips, sands for Anima weapon, Aeytheryte Tickets and other rewards. 


FFXIV Company Seals valve corporation

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Finally, if you are interested in buying Final Fantasy XIV Gil at a really good price, just visit the link below. Is there any reason not to? You will only need your email address and your username. Use the payment method you prefer and you are ready! 





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How do I get Company Seals FF14?

Getting Seals in Final Fantasy XIV is such a thing. You can complete Provision Missions, Levequests, FATEs, or participate in roulettes, hunts, etc. no matter what is your job or class, or level.


Can you buy Company Seals?

No, you cannot exactly buy Seals. What you can do is turn in loot you get around dungeons, such as PoTD and Heaven on High, or the materials found as Treasure Hunt or Disciples of Land drops or every special place, for a grand total of one ton of seals. With a little luck, you can exchange your equipment for a large number of CS.


Where can I spend Company Seals?

Seals are used in the headquarters of your Company to buy Ventures to hire Retainers, or exchanging them for different kinds of items for gatherers, crafters, weapons, and others.  


What should I spend my Company Seals on FFXIV?

Promotions are the most important in what you should spend your CS. Someone can say the opposite to you, but if you don't improve your rank, you won't have access to new equipment and quests. First, do this, then head for more seals and come back for special gear or items.


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