FFXIV Parasol - Discover how to get this cute accessory!

FFXIV Parasol - Discover how to get this cute accessory!
Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV, as every MMO, has a lot of cosmetics to personalize your character, such as dyes, clothing, even furniture. Some of the most interesting are Parasols, which have been available since the release of Patch 5.21. Keep reading this FFXIV Parasol guide to know everything about these marvelous umbrellas and how to complete their acquisition. 


Table of contents: 

* Final Fantasy XIV Parasols, how to get them

* How to unlock the Ishgardian Restoration

* How to participate in the Ishgardian Restoration

* FFXIV, What can I find in the Diadem?

* What to do with the gathered items?

* What is the FFXIV Kupo of Fortune?

* Skybuilders ranking



Final Fantasy XIV Parasols - how to get them

In order to get this beautiful accessory or umbrella, you need to take part in the Ishgardian Restoration. By participating in this page of the history of Eorzea, Disciples of the Land and Hand join forces to rebuild the Firmament, a district in Foundation. The Firmament has been destroyed since the ravages of the Dragonsong War. Ishgardian Restoration is a feature of Shadowbrongers and was introduced in Patch 5.11


How to unlock the Ishgardian Restoration

Your first move will be to unlock the Side Quest ‘Towards the Firmament’, which is located in the Foundation, in the State-City of Ishgard. 

To do this, you have to meet two requirements:

  • Complete the Level 60 Main Scenario Quest from Heavensward ‘Litany of Peace’.
  • Any Job or Class Lv. 60. 

The Quest Giver is the ‘Recruitment Notice’. The steps of this quest are the following:

  • Speak with Thomelin.
  • Wait for passersby at the Jeweled Crozier.
  • Talk with Francel.
  • Give the mulled wine to Thomelin.
  • Talk with Francel again in the Firmament.


‘Towards to Firmament’ info.


When you complete ‘Towards to Firmament’, speak with Augebert

Augebert will give access to this endgame content that this article is responsible for. 

The only requirement is you are in level 60 of any Class or Job


Augebert’s location.


How to participate in the Ishgardian Restoration

To rebuild the Firmament are necessary a lot of different materials of several types specific to this project. Disciples of the Land are in charge to do the search and gather those materials. Disciples of the Land, on the other hand, are in charge of crafting the necessary supplies.

After unlocking the Restoration, both Disciples above level 20 may take with Potkin. This NPC offers crafting recipes, which will be added to the player’s logs.


Potkin´s location.


To add project-specific gathering points for the latest chapter of the restoration to your gathering log, you may speak with Aurvael. This "ability" will be unlocked in the ‘extra’ tab of your abilities page.


Aurvael’s location.


These points are located in The Diadem, an exclusive zone with different regions for gatherers of all the world that offers the items you need to use in the Restoration Crafting Recipes.


FFXIV - What can I find in the Diadem?


  • The time to gather substances in the Diadem is 180 minutes. 
  • You need any Disciples of the Land Lv. 10. 
  • The number of participants: 1 to 8 players. 


Aetheromatic Auger

When you go to the Diadem you gain access to the duty action, Aetheromatic Auger. You need to increase the Auger´s store of compressed Aether by gathering as a botanist or miner. When you have enough Aether, you can unleash a powerful attack. 

Enemies that you defeat using this action drop a lot of good resources, such as Spring Water and Alumen.


Weather conditions

The weather conditions of the Diadem influence what things you can find. In addition, bad weather conditions mean collecting better articles. While downpours you can find a lot of great HD objects.


Experience point gain

The Diadem’s system grants gain good experience for each item gathered. Even lower-level articles can give you a large amount of EXP.


What to do with the gathered items?

Now it is time to inspect all the material you have, the second phase of the Restoration. For such purposes, you need to speak with Flotpassant, an NPC located very close to Aurvael.


Flotpassant’s location.


After the inspection, you will be awarded skybuilder’s scrips according to the quality of the article and their type. These items also can be used in crafting recipes, sold on the market, or given to Potkin. He will give you in exchange skybuilder’s scrips and EXP as a reward. 

All these objects are stockpiled. 

When there is enough, a new task begins the Concerted Works. You can find the details of these works on the Skybuilder’s board.


Skybuilder’s location


On the board, you can check the stockpile level for a specific task.


What is the FFXIV Kupo of Fortune?

Crafters over level 20 who are submitting materials can participate in the Kupo of Fortune. To participate, you need to deliver certain materials to Potkin to collect stamps on a voucher. When you have collected five stamps, you can exchange this voucher for a Kupo of Fortune card. 


Kupo Stamps voucher.


To start, deliver a Kupo card to Lizbeth, an NPC in the same zone. 


Lizbeth´s location.


The game consists of the following:

  • Each hexagon depicted a chest. You have to choose one of the hexagons. Then scratch-open it
  • The hexagon of the left offers the prices between the second and the fourth. The hexagons of the right offer first to fifth. The fifth prize is a consolation prize. 


Kupo of Fortune Card.


With a bit of luck, you will have a great chance to get interesting objects, among these the Sky Blue Parasol. Last but not least, you can deliver the restoration scrips to Enie. She will offer you a good selection of wares in exchange for your scrips. For 1,800 Skybuilder Scrips, you can acquire the Parasol Action from Enie. 


Enie’s location.


Skybuilders ranking

As you help rebuild, you earn skyward points that are listed on the Lodestone. According to your Seasonal Score (if you are ranked in the first positions), you can receive rewards and achievements. 

Points are accumulated separately for each Disciple of the Land and Hand. To check the ranking within the game, just speak with Ludovraint


Ludvoraint’s location.


One example of the Score on the Skyward Score Menu.


Among the prizes you can win are some special equipment, mounts, money, and, of course, our beloved Final Fantasy XIV Parasol.

FFXIV Parasol summary

Until here one of the best reviews you can find on the Internet about FFXIV Parasol. There is not much more we can say next about it, just take part because it is fun x 10 and very interesting. This is our personal opinion. If you have some comments about this thread, no matter if you play this game on Pc or PS4, don’t hesitate to write it in the respective place, the box below. We read any comment people leave here. On the other hand, If you are seeking more content about this game, browse our platform. We have dozens of articles about it.

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What is the best DPS in FFXIV?

Note there is no best DPS in Final Fantasy XIV, all classes are great. But, if we have to choose one, we believe the best is the Red Mage due to their mix between Black and White magic.


How do I get Skybuilder material?

You need to go to the Diadem, a special place for and where gatherers can collect plenty of useful stuff for the Ishgardian Restoration. If you want to know the news about how much skybuilder material you have, so visit the skybuilder board. 


Is Ishgard restoration temporary?

Everything seems to indicate yes because when the restoration is finished everything will be done. We don’t know what is going to happen after this, but we believe a new thread begins in the new expansion. 


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