FFXIV Gil Farming - Becoming a Gillionaire is easy!

FFXIV Gil Farming - Becoming a Gillionaire is easy!
Final Fantasy XIV

If you are a fan of the Final Fantasy series you will know then that Gil is one of the most important and popular currencies that people have ever seen in the world of video games. The thing here is that there is something very special with this currency. Gil is available since the old games of this franchise, from the first release that many people loved, long time ago, in 1987, to the present years. Gil brings us back to our childhood. 

Gil is a valuable resource and an indispensable one for everyone and represents a great advantage compared to a regular game without money. If you are trying to purchase items with big value, or cheap articles at low costs, rare equipment, gear, glamour, any hard stuff to get or just rest in an Inn, you need Gil, the gold in the FF saga. If you want to access total services, such as a transport, or go to the other side of a river, you need Gil to pay the high prices of those services. 

FFXIV continues with the tradition of farming as the best way to make a million Gil in the Final Fantasy saga. In order to collect large amounts of Gil, FFXIV offers numerous possibilities, of which you are going to learn everything today. The following is a FFXIV Farming Gil guide, eventually, one of the best you can find on the Internet regarding this topic. Are you ready to start?! 


In this guide you will find:

* FFXIV Farming Gil in plains

* FFXIV Gil, FATEs to make a lot of money

* Duties to make FFXIV Gil and get unique pieces

* How to use the Duty Finder to earn FFFXIV Gil

* FFXIV Gil in Duty Roulette

* Earning Final Fantasy XIV Gil through treasure maps

* FF14 Market Board to sell your items



FFXIV Farming Gil in the plains

Farming Gil Thanalan level crafting

Yeah, farming in the plains is likely the most classic and steady way to make Gil, and a very profitable one, at least early in the first hours of any Final Fantasy game. This current system is planned in this way. The first monsters you will find in the land of Eorzea that you have to hit will be easily killed. They are pretty weak. These monsters are some kind of tutorial, so they won't give you big profits. 

With this guide you can easily reach for good Gil per hour but you may also purchase as much as you want at our website.

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Gil farming in FFXIV is not different here. For example, when you join your first guild of any of the classes, the Guildmaster will give you a new weapon which you will save in your Armoury chest. It’s your first weapon, with which you have to hunt your first three little creatures. These creatures almost always will drop some loot and Gil (lower level creatures will give you just a few), enough to buy some items from any NPC that is a vendor at the best price.

At this point, Farming Gil requires a considerable effort; you have to invest and spend a lot of time wandering and killing monsters (sometimes this practice gets a little boring). One or another monster drops, occasionally, an interesting item. The higher the level of the creatures, the more Gil you will receive. As you progress through the game, the challenge of fighting against creatures that you will find will increase, so the amount of Gil you will receive for killing them will get better and better. Farming doesn't cost you anything either. Finally, Farming Gil in the plains totally worth it with the passing of the game. 


FFXIV Gil, FATEs to make a lot of money

Final Fantasy 500 FATEs

FATEs are special quests available in all the corners of Eorzea and a great chance to earn good money. Though some FATEs are nearby to the main cities, such as Ul'dah and Limsa Lominsa, the best ones are in the fields, in the heavy mountains, wild rivers, deep woods and snowy mountains. To access these special quests first you have to check your map and look for the purple mark. The purple sign marks where a duty is carried out. 

But, do not trust it. FATEs are just active for a certain period of time. Sometimes, some FATEs will be available for 20 minutes, others for 15 minutes and others for less. If you check the map and you are very close to a duty, we recommend you go as fast as possible because your chances of fishing it will be increased. 

FATEs, just like quests, have their own level. There are high level FATEs and low level FATEs. Depending on it, you will receive a certain amount of Gil or maybe another reward. Take advantage of this to gather a good amount of Gil quickly. 

FATEs generally require you to kill dozens of enemies in a small area, but, from time to time, you will have to kill a powerful beast, a boss, which will be surrounded by ads. You can enter the FATE at any time but if the time is over, you will have nothing, no reward, no money earned.

The FATEs are available to any player who wants to participate in one specific FATE, it is only matter to approach the place where the FATE takes place and the FATE will begin. If you have enough time to kill all the creatures, then good for you!

The FATEs can be performed with other players. This is very helpful, especially if you are some levels below the monsters of FATE.  This is precisely one of the most important points of the FATEs: if you complete a FATE with level above yours, then you will receive a lot or experience points and Gil.


Duties to make FFXIV Gil and get unique pieces

Duty Roulette FF14 Gil Farming last head

Duties represent a great source of making a large amount of Gil parallel to the main scenario quest. Duties are special missions, which you have to complete in companion of a group of other users across the server. The parties are made up of four players. When you start with a duty, you have to complete it or abandon it. There are no more choices. There are several kinds of duties. Each of them will reward you with different amounts of Gil and other articles. Next you can see the list of Duties:



Most of the dungeons are part of the Main Scenario Quest. If you want to progress in the story, you have to complete some dungeons, such as Sastasha, the first dungeon in the game. Dungeons are a simple way to gain xp and to make FF14 Gil and get high quality items and one or another incredible piece of gear, which you can sell later to the vendors on the markets in the great cities and make a big profit.



Raids are very quick quests where you have to kill a lot of monsters to make some Gil. Farming Gil in Raids are easy. In addition, you will have the help of three more players. Basically, Raids are rooms with a lot of monsters, some weak, some strong. As all duties, Raids rewards depend on the level of the Raid. 



Trials are very similar to Raids, except that in Trials usually only one monster appears. In general, this monster is a main boss, very powerful. You will need the help of the other players to defeat it. Earning Gil in Final Fantasy XIV trials 



Using the Duty Finder is the only way to access Guildhests. Guildhests are specially designed for a party play. Guildhests offer several challenges, such as battles against powerful bosses or branching enemy strongholds. 


Player vs player

PvP are competitive events where different players fight against others in groups of four. Generally, the goals of these competitions are to achieve some number of kills, or complete a specific objective or do different things, such as use some special ability or do some task a certain number of times. In PvP battles all the participants are real users of the same server.  


Hall of Novice

Getting access to the Hall of Novice is guaranteed when your character reaches level 15. Hall of Novice is a training circuit of several lessons in which you have to face different monsters and enemies to complete the lesson. Each lesson depends on the level your character is. Each class has his own circuit of lessons. Then you can change the class to access a different Hall of Novice.


Miscellaneous duties

Miscellaneous duties are special duties in which the goal changes each time to enter duty. Some of the popular are the Palace of the Dead, The Aquapolis, Eureka and Heaven-on-High.


How to use the Duty Finder to earn FFXIV Gil

FF14 Duty  How to earn money

Duty finder is one of those things we really appreciated from Final Fantasy XIV. DF is a very useful tool, also a very lucrative one, and an interesting menu that is used to access all the unlocked and aforementioned missions. Once you have finished a dungeon, you can access it anytime you want thanks to the Duty Finder without the need to go to the dungeon. To get access to DF pull up the Main Menu and click on the icon to view details. 

When you enter the DF, a list with all the quests available will appear in front of your eyes. All it takes is to select the ones you want to participate in. Remember that to perform a quest through the Duty Finder you have to wait to complete a team. A light party will consist of 2 damage dealers, 1 tank and 1 healer. 

  • Damage dealers. Thaumaturge/Black Mage, Arcanist/Summoner, Archer/Bard, Lancer/Dragoon, PuGilist/Monk, Rogue/NInja, Samurai, Red Mage, Blue Mage, Dancer and Machinist. 
  • Tanks. Gladiator/Paladin, Marauder/Warrior, Gunbreaker and Dark Knight. 
  • Healers. Conjurer/White Mage, Astrologian and Scholar.

You will unlock DF once you have finished your first Guildleve. Remember that you can access that leve talking with any of the levemete NPCs that are in the great cities. 


FFXIV Gil in Duty Roulette

FF14 Duty roulettes how to farm Gil 0 feed

Duty Roulette is a special feature for Duty Finder introduced in patch 2.1. Run Duty Roulette to access randomized duties. Duty Roulette is divided into 11 different categories: 

  • Expert. You will be placed into one of the Light Party Dungeons that are available to your level cap.
  • Level 80 dungeons. You will be placed into one of the level 80 dungeons: Amaurot, Akadaemia Anyder, The Twinning and The Grand Cosmos.
  • Level 50/60/70. You will be placed randomly into one of the level 50, level 60 or level 70 dungeons. 
  • Leveling. You will be placed into a random Light Party Trial or Light Party Dungeon that is not included in level 50/60/70 dungeons. To use this Duty Roulette you need to reach level 16. 
  • Trials. You will be placed into a random Trial. 
  • Main Scenario. You will be placed into one of the two final dungeons of the Main Scenario Quest, that is to say, The Praetorium and Castrum Meridianum. To access these dungeons you must have, at least, level 50 and have item level 42. 
  • Guildhests. To access random Guildhests first you have unlocked the Guildhests. In this Duty Roulette you will be placed into a random Guildhest from level 10.
  • Frontline. You will be placed randomly into one of the maps of the Frontline PvP. You have to be equipped with a Soul Crystal to access this duty. Some of the available duties are: The Fields of Glory (Shatter), Seal Rock (Seize), Borderland Ruins (Secure) and Onsal Hakair (Danshig Naadam).
  • Mentor. If you are a mentor (you have a lot of experience in duties and the game in general), you can join a duty and be part of it. 

The best of Duty Roulette is the one that gives to the players a daily reward consisting of Gil, Grand Company seals, Cracked StellarCluster and Crackers Planicusters; in this way you are being awarded. This reward depends on the level of job when you enter duty, the type of the duty and what is currently needed. Some of the rewards you can receive are Poetics, Phantasmagoria, Allegory and seals.


Earning Final Fantasy XIV Gil through treasure maps

FF14 Treasure maps gil farming research

Treasure Hunt is a special feature introduced in the version of patch 2.1. In this ‘mode’, while players are gathering materials as Fisher, Miner or Botanist in certain areas and points that are above level 40, they can receive a hidden Timeworn Map. You have two options when you receive a Timeworn map. You can sell it in the market or you maximize it and decipher it and get a location where you can find a treasure.  

The maps are just a fragment of a bigger map, so finding the exact place is not so easy, but it rewards you big time. In order to find the specific location, it is better if you call your friend Chocobo or other mount to arrive quickly to the spot. If you have any luck, you will discover the site in a matter of minutes. 

When you find the place, you will most probably find that you will have to fight against some powerful creatures that are approaching in waves. Due to this, it is better if you are well prepared before approaching the place. 

Making Gil with treasure maps is an additional path that could be interesting since you can get quickly any kind of crafted item without effort. In addition, the excitement of looking for the place (you feel like a bounty hunter or an archaeologist) is a bonus and a great time-spender. Of course, all the items in supply you find thanks to treasure maps (Hi-Potion, gear and others) involve lots of chances to be sold in the markets. This is always a good choice. 

To unlock treasure maps skills you have to complete the level 36 quest ‘Treasures and Tribulations. To start with this quest you have to go to Wineport, in Eastern La Noscea and talk with H’loohn, a female Miqo’te. If you haven't explored this alternative yet, we encourage you to do it; you can get a net profit easely


FF14 Market Board to sell your items 

FF14 Market Board let spent money 2019

As every Final Fantasy magnificent game, Final Fantasy XIV has a unique, personal and consistent service, in which you will be able to trade many types of exchanged items, pick basic and HQ articles, raw materials, ores, furniture, concoctions, set the prices, etc. This place is the Market Board, one of the best mechanics of the game, which you can find in all the markets of the great cities of Eorzea. HQ items are mostly available in the MB. To earn Gil , you have to offer your products and items to the best sellers. To put the products in the market, a Retainer is required

Retainers are very useful NPCs that will help you to do some tasks that are a little bit consuming and that you want to avoid, such as gathering some ores, fish, common items, or killing some specific creatures. Meanwhile you are spending your time and resources on other normal targets. But we have to say, Retainers could be a little slow, even though they are running full speed, although very profitable

Retainers quests are called Ventures. Retainers work as a delivery method. Ventures is about taking advantage of additional characters to get unusual items as much as possible. When a retainer finishes a venture, they will bring to you some special pieces depending on the venture. You need venture coins to pay retainers for their services. The most common way to obtain tons of venture coins is buying them from a Grand Company vendor. Saving Gil with Retainers is another great service that these NPCs provide. Just keep in mind that Retainers cannot save large amounts; there is a max number of Gil they can carry, but it is a good use instead of keeping all the money yourself. 


How to farm FFXIV Gil conclusions

FFXIV Gil farming is not as difficult as it may sound. Apart from the ways we have recommended here, there are many other ways to get income in FFXIV by Square Enix that you can choose. They come mainly from your main menu.

You can complete the Challenge Log category (these are reset once a week), the Hunting Log (hunts per hour, per day) or finish some Tribe Quests (these are also reset daily and weekly) to earn some extra money. Also, you might complete Retainer Ventures or selling Materia of different grade and rank in the markets, or minions, in addition to all the equipment you craft in the Blacksmith Guild or the dishes you prepare in the Culinarian Guild or the furniture you make in the Carpenter Guild if you need bonus when it comes to Farming Gil. We recommend you to do this regularly. 

You can also grind some basic dungeons looking for some special equipment, but you will have to enter the competition for the best with your teammates.

Furthermore, mining and fishing can give you one or another good material, the one you can sell in the Market Board for a reasonable number of Gil. On the other hand, crafters can craft, forgive the redundancy, some high level items. Gardening is quite lucrative also but takes time and housing

FF Gil is available in most quests for selling your items or as a reward just for playing. Even, and very often, players can take some Gil from the chests located in every headquarter of a Grand Company. Otherwise, you can make decent Gil exchanging your housing items, or your expensive furnitures, furnishings on high demand, directly with other users of the community.

Note: keep in mind that there is not a 'perfect' method to make 100 000 Gil in a short period of time, just several ways. You might choose any that fits your style of gaming.

Now we are done. We have arrived at the end of this guide we share with you. We hope you had fun. We wanted to give you the best tips related to how to obtain extra Gil in this awesome online title, one of the best of history. We hope we have achieved to hoard a large amount of Gil, which means you've become a rich man in FFXIV. 

If you want to read other guides about fast ways of leveling up or being in the top level of your class or any other content, browse our web page, search other articles and give our other posts a try. Additionally, you can check our FFXIV Gil offers which include one or another discount we have for you.

Create your account and purchase whatever you want. You only need your name and an email. And don't worry, your data is safe with us. Finally, feel free to comment in the box below if you think we should write something special for you. We are willing to listen to your opinions. Also, ask us anything you want and follow us on social media. If you have already done it, so welcome, now you are part of our community!




What is a lot of Gil in FFXIV?

Tricky question, but, probably, the figure is around 1 million or 2 millions of Gil. With this amount of Gil, probably, you can afford various cool items or an incredible house and still have money to get unique pieces of everythings and have the best gear. You can reach this amount of Gil, probably, in Stormblood expansion. 


What is the fastest way to earn Gil in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn?

There is not a single way to get Gil quickly in FFXIV. But we got to say FATEs and the Duties are the fastest methods to earn a lot of Gil in all the expansions of Final Fantasy XIV. Typically, FATEs and Duties are very short quests but they reward you with a lot of experience points, crafting materials and Gil. 


How do you make Gil in Shadowbringers?

As in the other expansions of Final Fantasy XIV, Heavensward released in 2015 and Stormblood released in 2017, you can make Gil by killing creatures, completing main scenario quests and side quests, killing beasts or selling the items you made as a crafter.


Do you get banned for buying Gil in FFXIV?

Buying Gil in most MMORPGs is illegal and you can be banned for doing it. In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is no different. But don’t worry, there are always plenty of ways to earn Gil inside the game, many of which we have mentioned here. 


Is FFXIV a pay to win game?

FFXIV is a never pay to win game. Rather, Final Fantasy XIV allows you up to level 35 without paying anything. It is one of the best things about this game. Don't wait any longer and start playing. 


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