FFXIV how to make Gil - a guide to lead you to success!

FFXIV how to make Gil - a guide to lead you to success!
Final Fantasy XIV

Once players start a new adventure, they usually decide if they are going deep into the game or if they just want to play it as a casual gamer. This decision is generally made in the first hours of playing. It is why it’s so important to developers - to create a compelling system that doesn't just attract people but also keeps them hooked in a way that assures them to continue enjoying the adventure for hours.

Suppose the final decision is to play the game delicately. In that case, the user knows the importance of money-making in order to get to a higher level, crafting the items he needs according to the class they’re using at the moment. It happens in most MMORPG out there and also in Final Fantasy XIV, of course.

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the latest installments of the never-ending beautiful saga presented by Square Enix. This franchise is a timeless classic that conquered millions of hearts all over the world, becoming this way one of the best MMO role-playing games of all time.

If you are a fan of the Final Fantasy games, then you are already familiarized with Gil. Gil is the main currency used in FFXIV, so it's almost as important as the money we earn in real life. Some other currencies, such as FFXIV venture, are also very important to reach a higher level and make our way in this fantasy universe, but we will get to that later. Today, Sellers and Friends will show you the best ways to make Gil as quick as possible! Don´t hesitate to read this guide. Time is gold, and in the world of FFXIV, Gil making is one of the most crucial things that players need to perform.


What is Final Fantasy XIV exactly?

Square Enix sure knows how to make good and addictive games. Its success is not due to random factors. Final Fantasy XIV is a good game overall, but it wasn't always this way. When Final Fantasy XIV was first released, it was a game full of errors and bad mechanics. The criticism was harsh and necessary, though. Most loyal users expected an unmatching adventure full of treasure hunts, marvelous quests, and new generation mechanics, but it wasn't the case.

Luckily, Square Enix managed the situation and created Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, a reboot of the original game that included many game mechanics fixed. After the initial failure, and next fix, the developer's team managed to make amazing FFXIV expansions such as Shadowbringers and Stormblood, so the fan base was happier.

In order to make money, you’ll need more than some cheap tricks. Today we will share more than just one method. You may not know what gathering, farming, and mining actually are, but worry not - you’re really important to us, we will show you. Of course, the common denominator between these expansions and games was Gil, so the money-making was one of those things that will be forever there in one way or another.


So, what are Final Fantasy XIV main currencies?

Gil is the absolute king of the lands of Eorzea, that's for sure. The main objective of each player is to get to as high level as possible while crafting the necessary items. Making Gil in FFXIV is hard, we know it, but we also need to know all of the other currencies in the game so we can comprehend the importance of each one of them. After all, they are also kind of money, so it's essential to discover ways to make them as well.

  • Faction Points: FFXIV has a strong cooperative sense among its community. It is why completing regional guildleves with the guild grants you Faction Points to use later in order to get more experience and level up.
  • Guild Marks: just as the Faction Points, playing as a team in Guilds has remarkable benefits that every player should experience. Guild Mark will help you unlock discipline-specific abilities or trade them for Crystals.
  • Allagan Tomestone: this currency is highly unusual, but you can still come across it. The use of it depends on the class you choose, so pay attention to your character's initial crafting class.
  • Company Seals: these are used in Grand Companies to get unique equipment. You can also use the Company Seals to advance in your company level or buy special items that can't be purchased with Gil, for instance.
  • Venture Tokens: FF14 ventures are one of the most significant and useful currencies of the game. To get an FF14 venture, you must pay your retainers to complete certain quests. This can grant you the possibility of getting rare items and stuff that you can't find anywhere else.


But if we want to make a detailed list of how to make lots of these currencies, we would need a full another article. Undoubtedly, it is vital to get to a higher level and getting the items you need by crafting them, but today we are talking about making Gil. Either way, you can be sure that Sellers and Friends will always be here to show you new ways to get better in every Final Fantasy game, regardless of the class you are playing with.

Some items can't be crafted with Gil, but most of them will be acquired through the natural process of completing quests and so on. However, if you want to become the very best player among the millions of FFXIV users, you can do it. Just believe in yourself and try to complete as many quests as you can. It is the secret to make a powerful character.


What is Final Fantasy Gil

Gil is present on all of the Final Fantasy games. Some currencies might not be there, some others repeat in the different titles, but Gil will always be the main currency to be used. It is why it is so crucial in the FF lore. It has a meaning that goes beyond the money purpose. We already have Final Fantasy XV, which means 15 numbered games of the main plotline, meaning that Final Fantasy has survived across many, many years in the gaming industry.

This currency is measured in base ten. Regarding this, the value of each Gill is different between games. The Potion costs vary from 30 to 50 Gil, depending on the game you are playing in. Luckily for you, FFXIV is one of the newest games of the franchise, so the costs of items and potions are well thought out.

The current recommended amount of Gil that you can gain is not determined yet by anyone. It’s your choice to keep Gil saved or rather to spend it if you see lower prices. But they are not only employed to buy things. You can also actually throw money at your enemies with the Gil Toss ability! It will cause them to take considerable damage, but it cost many of your precious Gil.

But the way of making this precious currency is very different in the various Final Fantasy games out there, so you should not trust a guide that teaches you how to make Gil in FFX is you are playing FF XIV.


How to make Gil - the million-dollar question

So this is what it's all about. Making Gil will set you free, there's no doubt about that. When you have enough Gil to spend, you can enjoy all of the beautiful things this game has for players.

With this guide you can easily reach for good Gil per hour but you may also purchase as much as you want at our website.

Buy FFXIV Gil right now!

After you collect every object and complete the main story, you could think “this is the end”, well, is not quite like that - you´re not finished yet! You can join a Grand Company, go in Retainer Ventures, and leveling your account by using raw materials or even taking part in botany processes, profit roulette, and selling/buying new objects on demand.  It doesn't matter which class you are playing with. You will still need to make tons of this precious currency to have a chance against higher-level opponents. So, if you don't want to be defeated or get stuck in the mysterious lands of Hydaelyn, follow this path: 


Crafting - get your hands to work!

It is the main way in which players can create the equipment, items, consumables, and materials needed to complete the game is the best way as possible. These are divided into Disciples of the Land and Disciples on the Hand. The disciple class you select will mark the way in which your Gil level increases. 

The most profitable classes are Goldsmith, Alchemist, Culinarian, and Blacksmith. Crafting will allow you to create gear, consumables, and other material which will later be sold. The Market Board is the place to sell all of these items to other players. The competition is low because not many players like to spend hours crafting, so you might have a chance of making some Gil if your crafting level is high enough.



If you don't want to spend hours crafting and feel you are in your lucky day, you can join dungeon roulettes! You can win roughly 9,000 Gil if you complete them. There's something called "Adventurer in Need" bonus in which you can get more Gil than you expected if you are qualified to do it. If you want to participate in roulettes, be sure to complete your level 10 main plot quests so you can unlock the Duty Finder to guide yourself on the map.


Treasure Hunts

The feeling you get when you finally find a treasure after using the treasure maps is phenomenal. At this point, you are probably aware of how big and amazing the PvE content can be found in Final Fantasy 14, but the treasure hunts are a magical and rewarding experience. 

The best way to stumble across some treasure maps is to get some experience in the Disciple of the Land. If your goal is to farm the most Gil, you can remember to join experienced parties, so the time required for the entire endeavor is reduced. Before being sent on a treasure hunt, prepare yourself - there are powerful monsters on the other side.


Go on Ventures, experience the world!

MMORPGs are for having fun, and Final Fantasy 14 is one of the best out there when we talk about quests. The fascinating lore and the never-ending content are made so players won't ever be bored playing this masterpiece. Treasure maps are fun, and they are a spectacular way of getting Gil, we know that, but Ventures offer a wide variety of scenarios you can enjoy. 

As you would expect, Ventures are more of a passive Gil income since you send your retainer to complete then, so this is like a new way of making Gil pretty different from the main ones. But still, there is one other way related to quests in which you can increase your Gil number as you progress to higher levels in the game.

Challenge log rewards

Do you like to complete tasks? Then this is the right fit for you. The challenge log can be defined as a collection of tasks to complete as long as you play. The magic of these tasks is that players are rewarded with extra Gil, resources, and experience. They are incredibly easy to complete, but the higher the difficulty, the higher the reward will be.

Before using the challenge log, you first need to unlock it, completing the "Rising to the Challenge" quest in Limsa Lominsa. This will represent a constant passive benefit to develop your Gil number to a higher level. Among the different quests given by this log, you will encounter PvP battles, treasure hunts, beast tribes, levequests, and more. It all depends on your dedication!



It is clear for now that Gil is the lord and master of the Final Fantasy’s realms. It’s not easy to get it, but it is worth it. Square Enix managed to create a complete experience full of different things to discover where Gil is just a part of the lore, but its importance goes beyond any other of the currencies that can be found in these lovely lands.

Each player should perform the job to get enough of this precious currency according to everyone’s individual goal. You now have the best methods for getting the Gil of your dreams, but remember always to enjoy the landscape while you are riding the mount of Final Fantasy XIV. Without a doubt, FF14 has become a quality title full of new thing yet to be discovered. The price you pay to craft weapons, completed dungeons, and search for two or three quests, is totally worth it, especially if you bring a good mood and a lot of Gil with you.

Sellers and Friends can agree with most players because the Final Fantasy saga is more than just grinding for gold, but this does not take away the incredible meaning this currency has. It’s all about finding the right balance between getting Gil and taking part in sensational adventures. Trust us, in terms of making Gil, FFXIV will provide more than enough opportunities.



Where can I play Final Fantasy XIV?

The game is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The cross-platform option is available between PS4 and PC version. 


Can I play FFXIV Solo mode?

Yes, you can. Unlike most of the MMORPGs out there, this is a very friendly title for playing solo. Although, the rewards increase is you play with and against people.


What is Gil used for in FFXIV?

It is the official currency of Eorzea, meaning that it has multiple uses, but overall, you can buy practically anything you want with it. 


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