FF14 Desynthesis Guide - The best path to get the best materials!

FF14 Desynthesis Guide - The best path to get the best materials!
Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is probably one of the MMOs with more available abilities to unlock, discover and develop. In addition to learning multiple kinds of power, magic, and attacks, you will also learn, from time to time, a lot of useful options based on tools and skills, such as gathering materials, crafting different types of gear, equipment, food, concoctions, outfits, etc. although there are some exceptions. Regarding this, one of the less popular skills might be the Desynthesis Skill. Via this FF14 Desynthesis Guide, we are going to explore all the features of this mechanic so that you can have complete management of it. 


Table of contents:

What is Desynthesis Skill in Final Fantasy 14?

How to start with Desynth Skill in Final Fantasy XIV?

Desynthesis Skill level in FF14

How can I improve my chances to desynthesize an item?

Useful items you can obtain when you desynthesize a piece of equipment

Is Demimateria important in FFXIV?

Battlecraft Demimateria

Clear Demimateria

Fieldcraft Demimateria

Special types of Demimateria

Exemplary ways to get rare gear to get Desynthing items in FFXIV

FFXIV Desynth Skill Guide conclusions



What is Desynthesis Skill in Final Fantasy 14?

Contrary to popular belief, Desynthesis has a lot of value, mostly when it comes to obtaining both combat and non-combat items. Even, spending time on Desynthesis is the cheapest and the most recommended source to yield craftable materials.

Desynthesis skill is a specific ability that allows you to easily disarm or break equipment to obtain the parts of it. In Final Fantasy XIV, like most MMORPGs, you carry a lot of useless and cheaper, though varied, stuff, which you have used in the lower levels but that now it's just garbage. Desynths allow you to get rid of this useless equipment to sell it in the markets or to the housing district vendors in exchange for some nice money. 

Just like the other skills in the game, this ability counts with Desynthesis Skill levels, that is to say, you can develop it depending on how much successful work you complete and on the level of the equipment you desynthesize. 

Desynthesis works very similar to Extract or Melding Materia. To desynthesize one piece of equipment (cloth, pants, armor, weapon, etc.) you have to have the same level of that piece of equipment or at least two levels below the gear level. In another way, it will be impossible for you to desynthesize a piece of equipment and get the material.

It may be too much, but it is good to clarify that not all the pieces of equipment give you the same part.  For this reason, it is very important to know what gear you have to get to obtain unique parts of equipment. Also, all the no increased parts you don't need can be sold on the Market Board or traded directly with other players in the world of Eorzea. 

In general, when you desynthesize a piece of gear you could receive valuable clusters (wind clusters, Wind Crystals, Ice clusters, etc.), Materia, wootz ingot, and other basic accessories, in addition to some special items just obtainable through this method, such as Aged Eye of Fire, Darksteel Nuggets, Terminus Putty, Rose Gold Nugget, Allagan Catalyst and, sometimes, Demimateria and Primal Demimateria.  


How to start with Desynthesis skill in Final Fantasy XIV?

FFXIV Desynth 965 wolf marks summoning bells housing

First of all, we have to say that desynthesis is a crafting ability, thus it belongs to the Disciples of the Hand classes, no matter what your job is. Currently, you will be able to get this ability in the same place where earlier in the game you obtain Materia Assimilating and Materia Melding, that is to say, where you complete the questsForging the Spirit’ and ‘Waking the Spirit’. The place is The Bonfire, in Central Thanalan. You have to come back to this location. The quest is a level 30 quest called ‘Gone to Pieces’. Anyone can learn everything about this ability, but it is not essential to advance the development of the game. 

To start with this quest you first have to look for and talk with Syntgoht, a merchant male Roegadyn NPC who is located inside the city of Ul’dah, in the Steps of Thal (the big market of Ul’dah), very close to the Gate of Thal. Remember, to access this quest you must have reached the craft level 30 in one of the Disciples of the Hand (Carpenter, Blacksmith, Armorer, Goldsmith, Leatherworker, Weaver, Alchemist, or Culinarian). 

Syntgoht is worried over a cargo of goods that has to arrive. The Roegadyn will ask you, kindly, strongly to look for this hidden resource going around to the Bonfire in the Center of Thanalan and speaking with Nesting Heron. When you are looking for the cargo and speak with the female Roegadyn, she says to you that the reason for the delay of the retrieved cargo is that she is still worried about an unusual crafting phenomenon: Desynthesis. Nesting Heron explains to you the mysteries of this new ability and tells you about the discovery of a new crafting catalyst: the Demimateria. At this point, Nesting Heron encourages you to try with this new ability and discover for yourself the potential in items previously elaborated. Now you have unlocked Desynthesis. 


Desynthesis skill level in FF14

FFXIV Desynth Fieldcraft Crafted Tokens endgame items section

As we mentioned in a previous section, every class has its own Desynthesis level. Due to this, the success rate depends on the level of the desynthesis of each Disciple of the Hand you are using. In addition, the level required of this ability is fundamental to obtain some special items when you separate the item into parts. When the skill exceeds the level of the item that you have desynthesized, it is possible for you to get more combined materials, especially some very special, such as Demimateria (you cannot desynth higher level items). Actually, Demimateria is, among all the rare items you can get desynthesizing different articles, maybe the main prize, in addition to the exp. Later in this guide, we are going to go over this feature. 

Right now, and with the update introduced in patch 5.1, you don’t have any longer to choose which crafters desynthesis ability you want to max out. Before the patch, you had a maximum score to which you can max out all your crafter’s desynthesis. At this moment, instead of doing the above, the maximum score of every desynthesis skill is 490.

Knowing the level of the piece of equipment you want and the level of the current desynthesis skill, you can obtain the success rate when you are desynthesizing. For example, if your Goldsmith desynthesis skill level is 45 and you want to desynthesize a level 45 item, you will have 50% of chances to reach your goal.

 FFXIV desynthesis change and desynth classes


When the process is successful, you will receive some desynthed items as a reward, often some more special than others. In this case, the items are:


r90 item grade i demimateria spam


The items we have obtained in this process are a level IV Materia and a couple of Ice Clusters. Decent items but nothing special. Sadly, we have lost our True Ice Shield. 

In addition, when you have success desynthesizing a piece of equipment with any of your crafting classes, the level of Desynth of the Disciple of the Hand that you are using will obtain some Skill points and rise a little bit. This is the only way to level up your desynth in Final Fantasy XIV. Also, this is the only way to get some special components to craft, such as Demimateria

Furthermore, when you desynthesize low-level equipment you just will get relatively fewer experience points, at least until a certain level. When your Disciple of the Hand level is in high numbers, the low-level items are useless, so it is better if you disarm these articles with other DoH. 

For your misfortune, when this process results in failure, it is possible that the level of this skill in your crafting ability may be damaged. 


FFXIV Desynth, let me know if your process is succesful


As you can note, in both cases success rates are different. In this example, the success rate is lower than before because the item level is higher. 




In this case, we have obtained better things because the process has been tougher than before. We obtained a Hardsilver Ingot and three different Clusters. 

Finally, to desynth really important items, maybe HQ items or endgame items, like dungeon drops, the best option is using your best skill in this sense. 


How can I improve my chances to desynthesize an item?

Actually, there are four ways to improve your chances of desynthesize a rare item in Final Fantasy XIV. Two of them are consumable items. The third and fourth are with a special element attached to the piece of equipment you want to disarm. 

Tinker's calm. Tinker s calm is a potion that you can use before you desynthesize the equipment. This potion lasts 10 minutes increasing by 20 chance of successfully desynthesizing a piece of equipment. Also, this concoction gives you a boost to your DoH desynthesis skill. In addition, it increases the focus, which allows you to enhance the results.  

Bacon Broth. This is a level 110 soup. When you use it, you improve your chances to desynthesize an item by 30%, independent of the recipe level. The effect lasts 30 minutes. 

A piece of equipment with an attached Materia. If you are going to desynthesize a piece of equipment that has a Materia attached, then you will receive a bonus of 5% of additional chances of desynthesizing. It doesn’t matter if it is a High-Quality Materia or the item has a very high rlvl (recipelevel), the bonus is always the same.

Also, Careful Desynthesis 1 is an ability that gives you +1,5% chances of success, It is not too much, but it is something. 


Useful items you can obtain when you desynthesize a piece of equipment

  • Shards Crystals. Dskill is just one more of the ways to get Shards Crystals. SC are some of the most important crafting materials in FFXIV because they are needed to craft almost all items in the game. 
  • Nuggets. Darksteel Nugget, Rose Gold Nugget, Titanium Nugget, or Mythrite Nugget are just some examples of good pieces of nuggets you can get by desynthesizing equipment. 
  • Rose Gold Ingot. Rose Gold Ingot is a level 70 item, which you can obtain by desynthesizing more than 20 different articles. Three of the items that drop this ingot are: Bard’s Ringbands, Allagan Bracelets of Aiming, and Fistfighter’s Goggles. You need GSM desynthesis skill to desynthesize this element. 
  • Tiny Crown. This is an item of level 15 with which you can create some great recipes, such as Crowned Pie and Kingcake. You can obtain this article from Better Crowned Pie and Thief Betta. You will need Culinarian desynthesis skill.
  • Materia. If you desynthesize a piece of gear that has a Materia attached, depending on the success rate, you can get that Materia. 
  • Demimateria. We mentioned Demimateria previously, but it is very important that you know that this element is the main prize in the desynth process. 


Is Demimateria important in FFXIV?

Demimateria has two important roles in the world of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and every expansion. They are used to create every kind of cosmetic and glamour items that exist in FFXIV, such as Vanity Gear, and to sell them in the Market Board for great MB prices, or to any city vendor, for example, to the various city vendors that are in the Silver Bazaar, or FC house vendors, for a large amount of Gil.

Basically, there are three types of Demimateria:

- Battlecraft Demimateria (i ii iii Bc1) 

- Clear Demimateria (i ii iii CC) 

- Fieldcraft Demimateria (i ii iii fc1)

There are also a few other independent types. The first type improves your combat stats. The second type improves your crafting abilities. And the third type improves your gathering skills. 

In this image of the Browser of the Market Board, you can see the types of Demimateria you can get, trade, purchase, and sell. Next, you have a chart where you can study all the types of Demimateria and the related crafted items. 


FFXIV Desynthesis browser C1 C49

Market Board menu and window.


Battlecraft Demimateria

Item name


Related Crafted Items

Battlecraft Demimateria I (red)

Emerald Choker, Ruby Earning, Diamond Bracelet, Ruby Ring, Ruby Earrings, Iolite Earrings, Sapphire Ring, Ruby Bracelets, Emerald Ring, Topaz Ring, Iolite Choker, among others. 

Battlecraft Demimateria II

Augmented Heavy Wolfram Cuirass, Emerald Earrings, Iolite Earrings, Ruby Choker, Diamond Bracelets, Diamond Ring, Augmented Saurian Shirt of Striking, Augmented Cashmere Robe of Casting, among others.

Battlecraft Demimateria III

Augmented Wolfram Cuirass, Beak of the Vortex, Inferno Bow, Spine of the Vortex, Wootz Spear, Ebony Longbow, Ebony Staff, Endless Expanse Partisan, Dead Hive Cane, Heavy Metal Lance, Teak Cane, among others. 


Clear Demimateria

Item name


Related Crafting Log

Clear Demimateria I (yellow)


Clear Demimateria II

Serpent Sergeant's Skirt.

Clear Demimateria III

Agate Ring of Fending, Carbuncle Chronometer.


Fieldcraft Demimateria

Item name


Related Crafting Log

Fieldcraft Demimateria I (blue)

Rose Gold Choker, Rose Gold Earring of Gathering, Coeurl Talisman, Dodore Survival Belt, Coeurl Beach Pareo, Coeurl Beach Maro, Dodore Ring, Tatami Mat, Straw Capeline, Pearl Roselle Capeline, among others.

Fieldcraft Demimateria II

Riviera Cushion, Oasis Cushion, Crescent Moon Nightcap, Crescent Moon Nightgown, Crescent Moon Cone, Crescent Moon Bottoms, Double Feather Bed, Glade Cushion, among others.

Fieldcraft Demimateria III

Dragon Piece, Vigil Piece, Dragoon Piece, Eorzean Map Table, Lord of Levin Map, Reinforced Darksteel Wire, Calibrated Rose Gold Cog, Intricate Silver Brocade, Rich Tomato Relish, Spicy Tomato Relish, Rimless Glasses, Fieldcraft Aetherial Wheels, among others.  


Special types of Demimateria

Item name


Related Crafting Log


Seeing Horde Spear, Seeing Horde Bow, Heavy Metal Spear, Take Cane, Shinryu’s Ephemeral Lance, Tsukuyomi´s Moonlit Rod, Blade of the Goddess, Axe of the Goddess, Edge of the Demong, among others. 

Demimateria of Crags

Tremor Axe, Tremor Box, Tremor Staff, The Holy Key of Tremors, Tremor Shield, Tremor Star Globe, Tremor Guillotine, Tremor Knuckles, Tremor Cleavers, among others. 

Demimateria of the Inferno

Inferno Bow, Inferno Cane, Inferno Blade, Inferno Harpoon, Inferno Kris, Inferno Cudgel, Inferno Rod, Inferno Rapier, Inferno Star Globe, Inferno Grimoire, Inferno Codex, among others. 

Demimateria of the Vortex

The beak of the Vortex, Gaze of the Vortex, Pain of the Vortex, Blood of the Vortex, Plumes of the Vortex, Honor of the Vortex, Heart of the Vortex, Lift of the Vortex, Will of the Vortex, Embrace of the Vortex, among others.

Demimog Demimateria

Maleficent Moggle Mogstaff, Morbid Moggle Mogblade, Monstrous Moggle Mogsword, Maliferous Moggle Mogtana, Mortal Moggle Mogknives, Moonlit Moggle Moglobe, among others. 

Kingcraft Demimateria

Silvergrace Grinding Wheel, Black Willow Fishing Rod, Black Willow Armillae of Crafting,  Nightsteel Saw, Nightsteel File, Nightsteel Pliers, Nightsteel Mortar, Nightsteel Frypan, Onishi Tekko, Yamashi Tori, among others. 

Mastercraft Demimateria

Artisan’s Sandals, Eikon Iron Grinding Wheel, Millmaster’s Saw, Gemmaster’s Mallet, High Mythrite Saw, High Mythrite File, Eikon Iron Lapidary Hammer, High Mythrite Mortar, Galleymaster´s Frypan, among others.  

* To craft some special equipment, such as Primal Weapons, or upgrade stats and get a Zodiac Weapon, you will need to reach the ‘Master Blacksmith: grade iii Demimateria’ item, which you can obtain from Talan, in Mor Dhona. Finally, one or another Raid drops a rare gear, such as Bray HM, or Halatali HM. 


Exemplary ways to get Desynthing items in FFXIV

Yes, at this point of this ‘report’ you already know that you can obtain many items, both common and cheap, and rare items components when you desynthesize pieces of gear, even furniture, such as Brass Ring of Crafting, Spruce Lumber, Plumed Steel Hatchet, Hard Hippogryph Leather, etc. which you can save in your inventory.

On the other hand, all the dungeon gear you find in High-Level Dungeons represent a good enough chance of obtaining useful components and well Demimateria when you desynthesize, regardless of crafting class. We recommend you completely use the Expert Roulette to access the highest ones. These will provide you excellent loot. 

In this regard, dungeon loot, in general, is rare equipment, and very occasionally legendary equipment. Just try to search in all the corners when you are participating in a Trial in a Dungeon. Another way to obtain great gear to desynth is exchanging your Wolf Marks that you obtain in Frontlines and the Wolves’s Den for PvP Gear and Materia. Buying gear to the Grand Company vendors is another way to get good gear to desynth. Just make sure you have a good number of seals to buy these elements. 


FFXIV desynth skill Guide conclusions

FFXIV Desynthesis 300 320 250 180 90 100

Desynthesis in FFXIV by Square is a strange thing, a bit far away from other abilities. To be honest, the service and the result this skill grants are not a big deal. Yes, we know, you can obtain some special components through BSM desynthable skills, LTW, GSM, WVR, CUL, ALC, arm Desynth, CRP desynthesis skills, but many of them are really useless. We suppose Desynth is for disarming stack and the most fanatic crafter.

The 3 classes of Demimateria named in the list above and that you got when you are playing (the 3 main classes) are great to craft some special and unique pretty expensive item's parts of items in their entirety, but you can also obtain those items by buying them from other players within the game, which means you have to evaluate if it worth it. Now, leveling BSM and other DoH, and working in desynthesis levels is a huge task. You have to evaluate by yourself if it is worth getting a higher level. We hope we have helped all people with these basic guides.  

On the other hand, if you are interested in buying Gil at a cheap cost, we have some special offers for you. Just click on the following link, select the server, and set the amount. You can buy all the Gil you want per day. 


We have arrived at the end of this post of one of the most incredible video games that we play right now! the last page we have for you. If you love this info or you have some questions,  please feel free to leave a message in the box below. You can also contact our customer support. We will try to help you either answer your question or creating a new post. Keep an eye on our news. Anyway, never forget we are here to make your games easier! No one can stop you!




How can I improve my Desynthesis skills?

We think the only way to jump from level 1 to high levels is by desynthesizing all the random items you can. If you cannot develop this total skill well yet, you can use HQ tinker and HQ Bacon Broth. Both items will push your ability and increase the chances of making a successful desynth. In addition, if your job level is in a high range, you will obtain great items to meld, no matter if you are playing Heavenward, Stormblood, or Shadowbringers or you are in Ishgard. 


How do you level Desynthesis?

Level Desynthesis is pretty easy. The way to level Desynthesis is starting with basic equipment. In this way, you will get some experience points for your desynth ability. Then you can continue with items at a similar level until the cap. With them, you will have smaller chances, but you will receive in return some interesting added items and good XP.   


What do you do with Demimateria?

Generally, the vast majority of Demimateria is used to craft different types of items, some better than others. One or another quest synth asks you to synthesize some unique mats and then craft a totally different article. Also, you can sell it alongside the books and useful items you have bought. 


Is fishing worth it in FFXIV?

Regarding desynth, the answer is yes. Some ilvl fish f1, f50, fish f50, fish f60, fish will give you special components that no other item will give you, depending on the fish level. If you are interested in collecting several rare items fish, fishing is for you. Just cast your fishing rod and wait until you have good fish.  


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