MapleStory 2 Berserker Build - a guide to chopping the enemies down

MapleStory 2 Berserker Build - a guide to chopping the enemies down
MapleStory 2

If you are looking for a new MMORPG to play and you can't find anything of interest, don't worry, because we have a fun one for you - MapleStory 2. It's a game developed by Nexon and NCSoft and published on July 15, 2015, first in Korea, and then re-released in the West on April 14, 2018. The game features cute character design, good graphics, a 3D voxel-based environment, as well as a vast number of locations to visit and quests to finish. 


As of now (April 2019) there are ten classes in the game, with more content to come, and one of them is the subject of this guide – the Berserker. It is a part of our MapleStory 2 Classes guide. Berserker makes an excellent class to start your journey with, but if you feel like picking something else, make sure to check our other guides for more detail on the Knight, Assassin, Heavy Gunner, Priest, Knight, Soul Binder, Wizard, Archer, and, finally, Thief

MapleStory 2 Classes Guide >>>

Let's get on with the MapleStory 2 Berserker Build Guide, shall we?



Class role: DPS, Tank

Weapon Used: 2H Sword

Bonus Attributes: Physical

Main Statistics: Strength, HP, Physical DMG

Difficulty to play: 1/5


Berserkers are dedicated damage dealers, usually protected by a huge life pool, that allows them to fight monsters and bosses non-stop without taking much damage themselves. When supported by a healer or a support such as a Priest or a Knight, Berserkers can easily defeat large numbers of powerful enemies. They are also great in a World Boss raid and Dungeons, as their single-target damage towards bosses is often remarkably high. When thinking about stats, they mostly max STR. Moreover, the Berserker is one of the easiest classes to play with and does not require much micro-management. So if you feel like mashing buttons and creating complicated macros to help you on your way is not your cup of tea, Berserker might offer just what you're looking for.


Pros and Cons of playing Berserker


- Very high, consistent damage and one of the highest DPS potential

- One of the strongest classes in PVP

- One of the overall most played classes, especially after Awakening

- Great sustain

- Good mobility.



- The gameplay can get a bit boring at times, as Berserker does not need much finesse to play

- Overpriced items

- Lacks party utility and support abilities

- With its outstanding popularity, it can feel a bit oversaturated.


Berserker Skill Tree

  • The percentages in the brackets are the upgrade range of the skill, usually from rank 1 to 10.
  • Active and Passive besides skill names designate whether they have to be activated manually in case of active skills or are always in effect in the case of passive skills.
  • "Available at lvl" informs at which level skill first becomes available to use. If not specified, a skill is available at level 1.
  • Since nearly all of Berserker's skills are offensive, we won't categorize them into specific categories (treat all of them as offensive).


  • Dark Aura (passive) - Your latent dark power restores 10 spirit every second. Dark Aura stacks on hit, up to once per second, up to 10 times total. Each stack increases the amount restored by an additional 1 spirit.

A quite useful skill, which boosts your energy recovery rate. Since it stacks for up to ten times, make sure you keep your combo up for it not to diminish.


  • Death Spin (active) (required: 2H Sword) - Spin your greatsword, dealing (69% - 114%) dark damage to 8 enemies within 3 m. During the attack, press a direction key to move 1.6 m. The distance decreases to 1.2 m on your second spin and to 0.8 m on your third and subsequent spins. Consumes 4 spirit.

Usually not used very often, regarded by many as a "trap skill", since builds using other skills can develop much higher damage. Still, it offers good damage when you have nothing else to use.


  • Raging Slash (active) (required: 2H Sword) - Swing your weapon to deal (56% - 83%) dark damage to 5 enemies up to 3 m in front of you. Keep pressing the key to trigger a 3-hit combo. The attack speed increases with each hit. The third hit is a double strike, and when finished you start over from the beginning. During the attack, press a direction key to move 0.6 m.

A decent attack, dealing AOE dark damage in a cone in front of you. Since the skill can be repeated up to three times at once, it is an excellent way of dealing with waves of foes. The ability to move during the attack provides some extra ability and allows you to evade strikes.


  • X Slash (active) (required: 2H Sword) - Swing your greatsword in an X as you charge forward 4.5 m, dealing 75% damage two times to 5 enemies in your path. This skill can cancel other skills. You will be immune to knockback while this skill is active. Consumes 40 stamina.

While not exactly the hardest-hitting skill, X Slash's usefulness comes from its ability to close gaps, running between enemies and dodge attacks. It works similarly to a dash. Knockback immunity is also very often a handy bonus.


  • Void Slash (active) (required: 2H Sword) (available at lvl 10) - Swing your greatsword upward to deal (257% - 410%) dark damage to 5 enemies up to 3 m in front of you. Press the skill key again to trigger a 2-hit combo. The second part is two quick swings, dealing (97% - 151%) dark damage 2 times to 5 enemies up to 2 m in front of you. On the first hit, press a direction key to move 4 m and attack. On the second hit, the skill lasts while the skill key is held down. You will be immune to knockback while this skill is active. The first hit consumes 24 spirit and the second hit consumes 1 spirit.

Usually, it is the number 1 damage ability in most builds. It can be used both to close gaps and deal vast amounts of damage to many enemies. Directing the attack may require some getting used to, but it's not overly hard. Remember, that sometimes not pressing any movement key is the best choice, so stay in place and click.


  • Bloodlust (active) (required: 2H Sword) (available at lvl 13) - Thrust your darkened greatsword into 2 enemies up to 3 m in front of you, then pull it out to deal (129% - 210%) damage 2 times. The stab attack is always a critical, and pulling the sword out steals health from the enemy, restoring (7% - 43%) of your max health. In PvP zones, the amount restored is halved.

An exceptional ability to buff your sustain, especially useful when playing solo without a support or a healer. Amazing during boss fights, make sure to use it often.


  • Greatsword Mastery (passive) (available at lvl 16) - Ten's lessons on asceticism increase your skill with a greatsword. Your weapon attack increases by (1% - 6.4%) when you have a greatsword equipped.

As with almost all passive skills, make sure to max this one out, since it provides you flat damage that is always added to your attacks for free.


  • Ground Breaker (active) (required: 2H Sword) (available at lvl 19) - Old Ten's specialty move. Strike down your greatsword to deal (218% - 353%) damage to 8 enemies within 3 m and knock them back 1.5 m. If Dark Aura activates, damage increases by 16% per stack. You will be immune to knockback while this skill is active. Consumes 40 spirit.

While Ground Breaker is used in many builds, most players prefer Void Slash and Dark Breaker instead. Still, it is a good damage dealing skill with a great AOE clear. Moreover, it benefits off of Dark Aura and does not consume it when used.


  • Dark Breaker (active) (required: 2H Sword) (available at lvl 22) - Gather dark power into your greatsword and strike down with great force to deal (357% - 582%) dark damage to 8 enemies within 3 m. The impact area resonates with darkness for 5 sec, dealing (148% - 238%) dark damage to 8 enemies in range every second. This skill can only be used by consuming Dark Aura at max stacks. You will be immune to knockback while this skill is active.

Great for dealing with bosses. Make sure to hit the boss with this as soon as you reach 10 stacks of Dark Aura. Best used when the boss is not mobile since you will be hitting only one spot and cannot move while it's active.


  • Adrenaline Rush (passive) (available at lvl 25) - Your Dark Aura goes crazy as you're pushed into a corner, increasing the amount of spirit restored by (1 – 4) when your health is at 60% or less, by (2 - 5) at 45% or less, and by (3 - 6) at 30% or less.

Not an overly useful skill, but can help in some dire situations. It gives bonus points for being a passive. It gets useful with Blood Price in time.


  • Intimidation (active) (required: 2H Sword) (available at lvl 28) - Overwhelm enemies with a show of force, dealing (121% - 193%) damage to 5 enemies within 3 m. Enemies lost the will to fight, reducing their physical attack and magic attack by (9% - 36%) and their movement speed and jump power by (9% - 36%) for 4 sec. When at max stacks, Dark Aura is consumed to trigger a more powerful version of this skill. Some powerful enemies are immune.

A good skill to lower the attack damage and speed of waves of monsters since it is an AOE and not a single target skill. If you have Dark Aura at max stacks, you are probably still better off using Dark Breaker.


  • Blood Price (active) (available at lvl 31) - Darkness fuels you, increasing your damage by (5% - 14%) but depleting your health by 1% on hit for 30 sec. This effect will stop consuming health when you get to 25% health.

A huge DPS boost and great combination with Bloodlust, as you can quickly regain the lost health. Do not use during tough boss fights when your health is low, as it lowers your sustain.


  • Warrior's Instinct (passive) (available at lvl 34) - Surrender yourself to your natural combat instinct. Increases physical resistance by (15 – 60) and piercing by (1% - 6.4%).

A tremendous passive skill, make sure to max this one out. Additional resistance makes you even more of a tank and works great when playing solo.


  • Deep Wounds (passive) (available at lvl 37) - Critical attacks inflicted with a greatsword make the enemy bleed, dealing (4% - 31%) damage every second for 10 sec.

Contrary to most passive skills, this one is not that useful in most builds. The damage increase is not that great, and Berserkers are rarely focused on critical strike chance.


  • Dark Might (active) (available at lvl 40) - Temporarily amplify Dark Aura to increase attack speed, physical attack, and magic attack by (16% - 34%) for 10 sec and restore 1 additional spirit on hit. This skill can only be used by consuming Dark Aura at max stacks.

Not a bad skill, great with Bloodlust and skills that boost your attack. However, there are often better uses of your Dark Aura stacks, such as Dark Breaker.


  • Inhuman Endurance (passive) (available at lvl 43) - Dire conditions strengthen your resolve. Your physical resistance and magic resistance increase by (100 - 550) when your health is less than 30%.

Many a player usually adds only a single skill point to this one, since it is a substantial boost to your sustainability, but does not scale well with levels and provides diminishing returns.


  • Earthquake (active) (required: 2H Sword) (available at lvl 46) - Drive your greatsword into the ground, creating an earthquake 9 tiles around you for 5 sec. Enemies caught in the quake are stunned and take (298% - 487%) damage every second.

It is an insanely high DPS skill, especially for an AOE. Not only does it do tons of damage, but it also stuns the enemies around you, which is very useful.


The priority of statistics on items

2H Sword - Piercing > Physical Attack > Total Damage > Physical Piercing

Head - Boss Damage > Physical Attack

Gloves - Boss Damage > Physical Piercing

Shoes - Boss Damage > Movement Speed.

Cape - Piercing > Boss Damage > Critical Damage > Critical Rate

Belt - Piercing > Boss Damage > Dark Damage > Critical Damage > Critical Rate

Earring - Piercing > Boss Damage > Critical Damage > Critical Rate

  • Piercing damage – boosts your overall damage by a lot, so focus on this one.

  • Boss Damage – great when playing with parties during raids and dungeons. Makes bosses die easier.

  • Physical Attack – Similarly to Piercing, this one gives a flat boost to your DPS.

  • Total Damage – another upgrade to your DPS.

  • Physical Piercing – lowers your enemies' resistance to physical attacks. Very useful.

  • Movement Speed – not as important in itself, but makes it easier to maneuver during fights.

  • Dark Damage – not nearly as good as piercing damage or total damage, but can still boost your DPS by a fair share.

  • Critical Damage/Critical Rate – try to balance these two and see which combination gives you the most DPS boost.

Berserker Builds

Most likely you are too new or too busy to figure out the optimal Berserker build for MapleStory 2. Worry not! As your brave guide and build provider, we have examples of builds right here waiting. Feel free to grab them and use them. 


Berserker Void Slash + Dark Breaker DPS Build


MapleStory 2 Berserker build

  • Void Slash – your primary damage output skill, use this often. Also boosts your mobility by a lot.

  • Dark Breaker – Use it whenever you hit 10 Dark Aura stacks. Considerable damage, especially useful against bosses and other single targets.

  • X Slash – A handy navigation based attack, but does not provide much damage. Use to close gaps and evade.

  • Bloodlust – a great sustain-improving skill, especially useful if you have no healer in your party.

  • Blood Price – Combos insanely good with Bloodlust and increases your overall DPS by a lot.

  • A good build for leveling.


How to play:

  • Dump all your attribute points into Strength

  • Use Blood Price at the beginning of a fight

  • Follow up with Void Slash till you hit 10 stacks

  • Use Dark Breaker

  • Fire up Bloodlust

  • Void Slash again till max stacks

  • Dark Breaker again

  • Bloodlust, and repeat

  • You can skip Bloodlust if you have a Priest in your party.


Berserker Ground Breaker + Death Spin Skill Build


MapleStory 2 Berserker build

How to play:

  • Basically a spin-off of the previous build, with very similar gameplay.

  • Use Death Spin until you max out your stacks. 

  • Utilize Ground Breaker at full stacks to heal vast amounts of damage around you.

  • Max Warrior's Instinct for piercing.

  • Use Bloodlust for healing if you have not priest nearby

  • Blood Price combines nicely with Adrenaline Rush.



That will do for our MapleStory 2 build guide for Berserker. As you can see, there is not much into it, so if you are new to the game or you look for something easy, than Berserker will suffice. Basically, every game has a class, job, or profession resembling MS2 Berserker - simple guy who walks up and chops his enemies to death. Usually, these classes are easy, not really demanding mechanics-wise, and beginner-friendly.


However, if you feel like whopping enemies in the most straightforward way is not your thing, then we have more MapleStory 2 Guides and Builds here. You should check them out. Also, make sure to hop onto our Facebook page,Twitter, follow us, so that you don’t miss anything important.

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