Maplestory 2 Wizard build - guide to magic and DPS in MS2

Maplestory 2 Wizard build - guide to magic and DPS in MS2
MapleStory 2

Whoever played an MMORPG game, has faced a magic-using, powerful entity, that wipes mob trains with a few clicks while staying away from the melee combat. His only job is to use the fire skills like some kind of a Fire Dragon, shoot ice bolts, shadow blasts, thunder arrow, etc. and top the total damage output attack stat charts. Once you see him in the enemy team, you know right away, that you have to kill him, or he will kill you all.

The Wizard.


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Wizard will do magic in the hands of these players, who are willing to utilize crowd control and AOE abilities. Let's look deep into spell book, to discover Nexon MapleStory 2 Wizard build and guide.


Wizard overview

Wizard is in possession of nearly limitless power, supreme mystical insight, and control of an excitable animal companion in the form of a puppy. One day she may become a mighty Archmage, but for now, she will refine her spells on the enemies roaming the Maple World.


Role: Magic, DPS


Weapon: Staff and wands


Attribute: Magic, Fire, Ice and Electric


Main Stats: Intelligence


Difficulty to play: 1/5

Wizard Pros and Cons



Easy to play (low skill cap)

Can buff damage dealt by the party

Good DPM and high damage output

AoE damage skills

Great for fighting bosses

Can use multiple teleports for high mobility to dodge enemy attacks.


Low resistance and poor defense

Abilities cost a lot of SP.


At the very beginning, you will have an opportunity to level up such skills as Arcane Blast, Magic Armor, Mana Font, Phantom Claw, and Teleport. Thanks to them, you will be able to modify your character to your gameplay likings and desires. Then at some point of the game when you need to cast Flame Wave > Phantom Claw > Flame Wave, your only worry should be the SP requirement. The damage output from Flame Wave spam is absolutely insane. 


Wizard skills

- The percentages in the brackets are the upgrade range of the skill, usually from rank 1 to 10.

- “Active” and “Passive” besides skill names designate whether they have to be activated manually in case of active skills or are always in effect in the case of passive skills.

- Level in captions informs about which level skill first becomes available to use.

Offensive skills:

Arcane Blast (active): Focus a magic fueled aura on a sport in 4.5 m in front of you, creating an explosion of energy that deals (260% - 431%) damage to enemies within 3 m radius and knocks them back 1 m.

Magic Armor (active): Hide yourself inside a magical aura, creating a barrier that absorbs damage up to (6% - 24%) of your max health for 10 seconds. It cannot be mixed with other barrier effects.

Phantom Claw (active): Slash your enemies with sharp magical claws, dealing (71% - 125%) damage 2 times up to 3 of them, standing 8m in front of you.

Flame Wave (active)(Level 10): Gather fire energy inside your staff in order to create a flame wave up to 8 m in front of you, which deals (175% - 292%) fire damage to enemies caught in it, additionally setting them on fire, dealing extra fire damage (21% - 39%) for every second within 10 s time period. It consumes 20 spirit.

Ice Spear (active) (Level 13): Gather ice form air's moisture to fling the ice spear at the closest enemy within 8 m in front of you. The ice breakes on impact and shards are dealing (171% - 288%) ice damage to 8 enemies within 2.5 m radius, decreasing their movement by (10%) for 3 seconds. This effect can be stacked up to 6 times. At max stacks, enemies are frozen for 1 second. It consumes 20 spirit.


Chain Lightning (active) (Level 16): Wizard releases an intense electric load that deals (62% - 98%) electric damage to 8 enemies standing in 8 m in front of you. Enemies struck with this skill 5 times pulse with electric energy, attracting a bolt that deals an additional (288% - 468%) electric damage. It consumes 15 spirit.


Flame Tornado (active) (Level 22): Gather fire energy in order to create a huge flaming whirlwind 4.5 m in front of you. It lasts for 1.5 seconds, dealing (142% - 232%) fire damage to 8 enemies within 3 meters for every 0.3 seconds. It consumes 40 spirit.


Ice Storm (active) (Level 25): Blast 4 ice crystals toward enemies standing within 8 meters in front of you, surrounding targets with an ice-cold front that generates a giant shard of ice. It deals (152% - 251%) ice damage to 8 enemies within 3 metres radius every 0.3 sec. It consumes 40 spirit.


Thunderbolt (active) (Level 28): Gather electricity to throw a bolt at the closest enemy up to 8 m in front of you, dealing (611% - 1016%) electric damage. The bolt bounces up to 8 times within 5 m radius, but won't hit the same target twice in a row. Consumes 40 spirit.


Focus Seal (active) (Level 31): Imbue the earth with your magic, creating a seal that reaches 5 tiles around the Wizard. It lasts for 20 seconds and increases the physical attack and magic attack of allies in team who absorb It by (1% - 4.6%) for 180 seconds. Focus Seal also increase your physical and magic attack by (0.5% - 2.3%),


Mana Claw (active) (Level 46): Shoot a sphere of condensed mana at the nearest enemy within 9 m in front of you, dealing (149% - 239%) damage. Keep pressing a key to trigger a 3 hit combo. First and second strikes have (246% - 399%) damage and are always critical. It consumes 15 spirit.


Support skills:

Mana Font (passive): Your strong grip control over magical powers allows you to recover 1 spirit every 0.3 sec at will.


Pyromancy (passive) (Level 34): A fire damage skill, that increases all fire damage by (3% - 12%). 


Cryomancy (passive) (Level 37): An ice technique, that increases all ice damage by (3% - 12%).


Electromancy (passive) (Level 40): An electricity technique, that increases all electric damage by (3 – 12%).


Elemental Master (passive) (Level 43): Increases fire, ice and electric damage by (1% - 10%).

Priority of statistics on items

In the case of the Wizard, there's no easy, well-rounded formula to follow. You must adjust your statistics to the build you're using. If you still need a piece of advice, in terms of Weapon and Accessories your stats priority should go like this:

  1. Piercing

  2. Magical Piercing/Fire Damage/Magical attack/Ranged Damage

  3. Accuracy/Crit Damage

  4. Attack speed.


For PvP the Attack Speed should be prioritized right after the Piercing.


As for the Armour (with an exception for Uniques), it should look like this:

  1. Boss Damage

  2. Magical Attack

  3. Health.


MS2 Wizard Skill Builds

Wizard PvP build:

maplestory 2 wizard build pvp


Ice Spear is fully optional. It's only good, once you've mastered the jump strafe attack mechanic. And it's still temporary, until you will meat better player.


Your mainly usage skill every single time will be Thunderbolt, because it has a fast cast animation. Next on priority list is Flame Wave – it's hard to dodge for enemies, but can be jumped over. Flame Tornado should be used as an area denial, zone-control skill given how hard this is to hit.

It's good to put some points into Flame Tornado, though. It's very useful in stopping your enemies from coming at you with a giant wall of fire. Flame Tornado > Phantom Claw is a powerful combo, so if you like to spam Flame Tornado you should consider adding the other damage skill into the macro rotation. The damage per minute ratio should be impressive.

It's important to max out Mage Armour. It gives you an extra 24% HP for 10 seconds. It helps in sustaining through enemy damage burst or baiting them into overcommitting, so that you can kill them in return.

Also, keep in mind that Phantom Claw is an extremely useful skill for decloaking Assassins in stealth mode by spamming it in the direction you think they are. It is the easiest way to take them out in PvP.


MS2 Wizard PvE Build

maplestory 2 wizard pve build

In theory, it is the hardest hitting build for MS2 Wizard in PvE scenario. You can even take away some point from Arcane Blast to put them into the Thunderbolt, just because of the overall greatness of the latter. Although, it provides slightly more damage, it is a little bit more demanding cooldown and resource management-wise, since you have two skills that cost 40 spirit in the rotation. Usually, it will force you to weave in more Claw casts and deny you the ability to spam the Flame Wave.



That's it for the guide on playing MapleStory 2 Wizard. This class is highly recommended for every player, who likes to smash. With high damage skills, Wizard will do well in both dungeons and raids. Due to many teleport skills, he's getting mobile. Bosses and monsters should not pose much threat, if you are aware. You only need to switch your skill build between single target and AoE damage for different attributes. With team buffs, a good Wizard will be a nice addition to every party. However, keep in mind his cons. Squishy, SP and is gear reliant, requires a lot of awareness. 

Come and share your thoughts by giving us the mark, and in the comment section. User opinion is priceless, as it can show us what to improve. Make sure to check our other content - guides, as we have a guide, skills build, and the macro setups for other classes like Berserker, Assassin, Heavy Gunner, Archer, Thief, Priest, and so on if you search for something new. There is a link in the beginning of the guide.

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