Bloodstone PvP guide - build your power in a 1 v 1 combat.

Bloodstone PvP guide - build your power in a 1 v 1 combat.

Bloodstone PvP guide

Do you want to learn the basics as well as advanced tips about the Player versus Player combat system in Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse? If you are here, you probably do, and without a doubt, you are in the right place. In this guide, we will explain what you need to bring other players down, how the skull system works, and what you can get from fighting against someone on the other side of the screen. Without further ado, let’s get started. 


Where can you fight against other players

Assuming that you have selected a server with an option “Open PvP,” you will be able to fight against others, and they will be ready to start combat against you. Bloodstone is a game with a world PVP system, which basically means that you are able to take action against other players in almost every place that you desire. If you see someone taking a valuable loot from the corpse, if you want to protect your friends from a hostile user or if you want to have a fun time challenging others to a duel - you are free to do so almost wherever you desire. And we are saying because there are small restrictions. In the world created by Streamy Entertainment, you are not allowed to hurt others in safe spots. Those are designated in Temples, Deposits, Player Owned Houses, and some other places. This list is narrow as game creators wanted to give a feeling of high risk - a high reward to players who are willing to go into Open PvP servers.


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How to start a combat

Nothing more simple than that. If you are on the Open World PvP realm, all you need to do is right-click the adventurer that you want to ambush. You will be instantly granted a White Skull, which sets your status as an aggressor. Your target won’t be affected by it as he is the victim of your actions. The Skull will last longer if you have managed to kill your enemy and shorter if you have given up on a fight. During this time, you won’t be able to enter any safe zones, but your prey might run away and hide there, so always try to pick fights away from the cities.


Skull system

If you have played Tibia before, you should be familiar with the Skull system in Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse. If not, then we will explain everything from the bottom. As mentioned before, by attacking other players (who aren’t hostile towards others and who aren’t marked by any skull), you will become marked by the Skull on your own. By hurting others, you will become marked by a white one. Killing many players might progress it into a higher tier - red, purple, or even black one if your transgressions are severe. Every Skull has its debuffs that are put on your character upon receiving them until your status is cleared. Each Skull above White not only gives new debuffs but also applies those from the Skulls of the lower tier. It means that when you have a Purple Skull, you also have debuffs from Red and White one. Here are debuffs from each of the skulls:

  • White Skull increases your experience in general level and statistics

  • Red Skull makes you lose one item on death

  • Purple Skull reduces your damage 

  • Black Skull means that you will lose all of your items upon death. On top of that, with this status, you are unable to deal damage to other players.


If you have attacked an innocent player, your Skull status won’t last for a long time. However, the more kills you make, the longer you will have to wait to become innocent once again. You can go inside safe zones with a skull, but you will have to wait somewhere under 30 minutes until you are allowed to do so. Your kill counter will be lowered, and your threat level (Skull Tier) will decrease slowly over time. It might take a day or two. 


Bloodstone PvP classes tier list

When it comes to the Class tier list in Bloodstone PvP, the best ones are those that deal not only great damage but also can stop enemies from running away. Choosing the right spot for ambush does not always guarantee to trap your prey. Slowing it down with roots and other forms of crowd control will be a necessity if you want to succeed as a player killer. Here is the tier list of PVP classes:

1. Shaman - This might come as a surprise since it is the only support class available in the game, but Shamans, in fact, perform admirably in PvP - especially when they went with the Earth build. Similarly to Mages, they have a wide variety of area of effect spells, but also they have fantastic Crowd Control that lets them keep enemies at a distance. They perform a little bit less impressive when it comes to damage, but with amazing healing spells and Mana Shield, they are capable of sustaining a high amount of constant pressure. The only way to kill a Shaman is to burst him down on one combo.

2. Mage - Even though Bloodstone Wizards might seem very easy to take down, they also are one of the best when it comes to PvP. Fights between players tend to prolong. The reason behind this is that everyone is capable of dealing constant damage, but not all of the classes have a high burst potential. It is where Mages shine. They can quickly weave in some high damage abilities to take huge chunks of health, which might be a surprise to your enemy.

3. Archer - In the middle of this list is a class, which is decent at everything. Archers have a higher health pool than mages and worse than melee classes. They have more mana than Knight and Barbarian but less than Mage and Shaman. In terms of damage dealt, they perform well but not the best. A high range of attacks and utility allows him to keep a safe distance during the fight, which puts him above melee classes, but in general, Archers are only decent - not excellent at everything they do. If you want a well-balanced class which can do everything, choose an Archer.

4. Barbarian - The first melee class that we want to talk about, performs surprisingly well in single target DPS. Barbarian has a narrow range of abilities to choose from, but almost every single one of them has its use in PvP combat. Life leech and great health pool are usually enough to keep them alive during encounters. So why are they so low on our list? The answer is very trivial - they lack a range of attacks. To keep up Life Leech, you have to hit enemies, and when your target runs away, you won’t be able to do so. Barbarians don’t have the necessary crowd control for PvP. It is the best class to choose in the head to head combat, but against ranged enemies, they will struggle a lot.

5. Knights - the Last place on the list goes to Knights. It is a very safe class to choose for PvP as Knights have the highest health pool and defense of all specializations available in Bloodstone. They perform worst of all specializations when it comes to damage since their toolkit revolves mostly around defense, shields, and reflection. On top of that, taunts that they possess work only in PvE and will not affect players during PvP combat. Because of that, Knight struggle with taking down targets, keeping up with those who run, and dealing damage in general. If you want to feel safe on Open World PvP realms but don’t want to be aggressive towards others, Knight might be your go-to option.


As you can see, Magic users have an advantage over Physical Damage Dealers in PvP. Utility and Crowd Control plays a significant role in Player versus Player combat since running from the threat is almost always an option. The level of character also plays a vital role in this part of the game as it improves every statistic of your character - damage, health, mana pool, speed, etc. because of that, players with higher experience will have an advantage over those with a lower one. Choose your duels wisely, and if you are up against a higher-level opponent, don’t try to play a hero - run away.



It is the end of our Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse guide for Player versus Player combat. We hope that you have gained enough information from what we wrote on this topic, and if you want to deepen your knowledge of the game, you can easily do it by reading more articles on our blog page. If you're going to get the cheapest currency for the game, look no further. We have the best deals for Bloodstone gold on the internet. Buy it today and become more powerful than ever!

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JackBlue • 22 April 2020 Archer should be at least on the 2nd place. With autoattack build he shreds through single targets Reply
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Subow • 28 April 2020 Hell yeah! Open world PvP used to be the main thing about MMORPGs. I'm sad that so many games moved away from it. Reply
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sharkson • 2 May 2020 What? PvE only taunts? Why even play Knight if that's the case... Hope they change it. Reply
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