Bloodstone Shaman - check out the most useful class in the game

Bloodstone Shaman - check out the most useful class in the game

Bloodstone Shaman Guide

Welcome to our guide to Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse. In this one, we will be taking an in-depth look at the Shaman class, who is the primary support available in the game. Shamans excel at providing utility in the form of heals and recovery spells for their party members and their own as well. It doesn’t mean that they are defenseless as they can control the powers of nature: Light, Water, and Earth. From this article, you will gain the information necessary to make a skill choice for this class build correctly. We will also equip you with essential tips and tricks on how to play it. Without a further introduction, let’s get into it.


Table of Contents:

  • Backstory
  • The general concept of the Shaman class
    • Pros and Cons
  • Shaman class skills
  • The Build
    • How to train
  • Summary



As the earth is made of a balance between Life and Death, Shamans are adversaries of both of them. Their feral nature brings the composition to the deadly nature of Earth Magic and soothing properties of water. The ability to control the light itself allows them to repel Evil and disperse darkness, even in the direst times. Masters of poisons and totems. Leaders of animals. The ones who live in synergy with the world bringing death to those who don’t comply with the laws of Nature.


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The general concept of the Shaman class

As a Shaman, you will be considered to be the main support of the team. It is the only class in the game with healing abilities able to recover the health of nearby allies. On top of that, you will get in your toolkit spells that can bring party members from the grasp of death. It doesn’t mean, however, that they are defenseless.

On the contrary - Shamans can use one of three schools of magic to deal damage in large areas. With a high amount of utility that they posses Shamans are amazing at crowd control and prolonged encounters. They can leave the danger easier than other classes and avoid fights that they don’t want to take.

Pros and Cons



  • Has more Crowd Control than other classes
  • Can remove debuffs and heal high amounts of health for himself and his allies
  • Possesses an ability to place totems that give various bonuses to party members
  • Has spell which conjures animal companion
  • Is much needed in every party
  • Has the ability to resurrects fallen allies



  • The conjured animal is tough to control
  • Low damage early in the game
  • Worse than Mage on solo leveling
  • Wastes a lot of mana potions
  • Is very prone to all damage.


Shaman class skills

bloodstone online shaman skills guide

The Build

As a Shaman, you will choose between one of three elemental builds similar to Mages. Instead of Air, Fire, and Darkness, you will be presented with the choice of Earth, Water, and Light forces. You want to go strictly with one path as choosing skills from every tree will make you only decent at everything and not great in one field. Below you can read how every element will impact your game style. Select the one from which you will benefit the most.


Earth build

First of all, there is an Earth build. This one focuses on skills that have a wide range of crowd control that involve snares, stuns, and slows. It is a utility build which helps your team survive by locking down paths and stopping enemies before they can reach their targets. It is one of the most beneficial builds for a team and the one that you should choose if you want a perfect balance between a party and a solo play.

Water build

Although most of the skills in this build revolves around the Ice element, it is the Water as well. With this path you will focus on area of effect abilities and group slows which will keep your enemies at a distance. It is a perfect fit for adventurers who wish to take down monsters at their own terms. Obviously you can play in party as a Water Shaman but your team won’t benefit from your choices as much as with Earth or Light build. Choose Water if you are willing to play alone. 

Light build

Last but not least, there is also a Light Build, which will make any Shaman into perfect support. It doesn’t make him a full-time healer as there are damaging abilities in the Light spellbook as well. On the other hand, Shamans who choose this path will have to deal with much more narrow variety when it comes to Crowd Control abilities. They will sacrifice them for better heals, which will make tanks in their team even more durable during encounters. If you want to become a healer for your party - this will be your go-to build.

How to train

As a Shaman, you will be training by spending your mana. The more mana you use on your spells and attacks, the more experience you get. It means that you should have food with yourself at all times. You want to maximize your mana recovery whenever possible with the lowest cost possible. If you can afford large amounts of mana potions, you can train without combat by casting spells and refilling your mana in cities. This method will let you improve your stats before you rush into a fight making leveling easier, but keep in mind that it is hard to afford large amounts of potions - especially in the early game.


As you can see, Shaman is the class that performs more admirably in the group than in the solo play. It is a valuable ally, and much needed support who can heal wounded in the battle and raise the dead. Shaman is very versatile in everything as he combines his supportive nature with damaging spells, utility, crowd control, and pretty much every field of character development. It makes him an excellent class to choose. As a Shaman, you will fit perfectly into every composition.


If you are interested in additional guides to Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse game or if you want to get a closer look at other classes implemented in this title - you can visit our website. We have prepared for you materials that touch the topics of builds for every class as well as other valuable information that might help you progress through the game. Please make no mistake and head over to our blog section to see what we have prepared for you.

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Theonatrix • 15 April 2020 I play the earth build and it is much better than others if you want to level up alone. Reply
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effre • 17 April 2020 Hands down the best class in the game - it heals, it has good damage, it can survive with cc. Why bother playing anything else Reply
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golis76 • 30 April 2020 I love wrecking people in PvP with my shaman. They never expect it too 8) Reply
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Gomefoot3 • 2 May 2020 It's the only support in the game, so you just can't go wrong with it. Everyone jumps on damage dealers and barbarians, while the shamans are required for pretty much every party! Reply
Comment You are responding to the comment posted 2 May 2020 by Gomefoot3.


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