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Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse is a retro MMORPG that heavily relies on grinding, gear progression, and all that good stuff. The game is inspired by Tibia, and it offers a lot of similar ideas and systems. The slow and laborious progression is just a part of it!

You can spend the extra gold on strong armors and weapons, as well as materials and other valuable stuff. You can then use this extra power to farm more efficiently, kill stronger monsters, and further increase your advantage! That being said, if you ever needed another influx of Bloodstone gold, we’re not going anywhere.

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About Bloodstone: the Ancient Curse

Bloodstone: the Ancient Curse (also known as Bloodstone Online) is a new MMORPG that has been widely released at the beginning of 2020. It has been developed and published by a small Brazilian studio called Streamy. This company is made by long-time dedicated Tibia fans who decided to create their own game that provides a gaming experience similar to this legendary title.

Bloodstone runs on an entirely new engine, it has its world and lore, but the game still feels familiar, especially for Tibia veterans. Players can choose from five playable classes: Knight, Barbarian, Archer, Shaman, and Mage. While each character can effectively farm solo, you can accomplish much more by grouping with other players. Knights are the designated tank class, Shamans can work as healers, and the remaining classes serve as damage dealers.

The game launched with Brazilian and European servers, but it’s growing fast! As a player, you’ll get a chance to journey through this vast world, kill bosses, and gradually become stronger. Besides your character’s levels, you can also train your various skills to make them stronger and collect higher-level equipment to get more statistics. Besides, you can gather materials through mining and later use them in the forge to craft and improve items. The improving system yields a chance of failing the process and wasting your precious resources. At the same time, all the items can be traded, so a strong, improved weapon can fetch you a lot of gold (or, you can buy a great for gold that you purchase from us).

If you feel any nostalgia, thinking about playing Tibia some years ago – Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse might be just the perfect game for you! Check it out, choose your favorite class, and start playing today! Later, you can come back to Sellers and Friends and buy Bloodstone gold!

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