Bloodstone Mage guide - bring the Ancient curse upon enemies with crazy DPS!

Bloodstone Mage guide - bring the Ancient curse upon enemies with crazy DPS!

Bloodstone Mage Guide

Welcome to our class guide for Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse. In this one, we will be taking an in-depth look at the Mage class available in this game. Mages are well known as the highest DPS class in the game, which excels at dealing with large groups of enemies as long as they are supported by other classes who can control the terms of the fight. They shine as the damage dealers, but they like survivability. In the guide below, we will explain what build you should choose as a Mage and how to minimize its flaws. 


Table of Contents:

  • Backstory
  • The general concept of the Mage class
    • Pros and Cons
  • Mage class skills
  • Three main build types
    • Fire build
    • Air build
    • Darkness build
    • How to train skills
  • Summary



Mages are the ones that you can find in ancient libraries studying from the youngest years. They seek the intellect that might let them change the course of the time and, most importantly - their own fate. The magic ascends within their bodies, as they gain knowledge about the world and how it is built. No one knows how they become so special. Maybe they were born this way, and perhaps it was their effort that let them reach the pinnacle of the mystical power they possess. One thing is certain - they can control destructive elements of Fire, Air, and Darkness for their advantage, which makes them the most destructive force in the world.


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The general concept of the Mage class

As a Mage, your primary role will be the damage dealing. You don’t have a tremendous amount of utility, you very much lack survivability, and you are quite weak in close-quarter combat, but you shine as a DPS. Depending on your choices when it comes to skills, you might become a machine that takes down single targets like bosses in a matter of seconds or a destructive force that razes everything at sight. 


Pros and Cons


  • Extremely high PvP and PvE damage
  • Possibly the fastest class to level up
  • Has Mana Shield ability which helps him survive tough encounters
  • Can choose from three elements: Fire, Air, and Darkness



  • Very low amount of health and defense - Can easily die from one mob
  • Needs space and wide areas where he can kite enemies
  • Always focused in group PVP due to the highest damage
  • Hard to play - has to move and position in the fights correctly 
  • Requires considerable funding for mana potions


Mage class skills

bloodstone online mage skills

Three main build types

Among Mage skills, you might notice four groups. Neutral skills will represent the first one with some basic utility abilities like Poison Cure, Mana Recovery, and First Aid. They are usually taken early in the game as they are available at low levels. The other three groups are Fire, Air, and Darkness abilities. Although you might combine all of them into one build, it will be quite a stupid thing to do. Some of the Fire skills improve other Fire abilities, and some of the Darkness skills synergize only with different Darkness abilities. The same goes for the Air. Because of that, you want to focus solely on one element besides Neutral, which can be combined with others. Below you can see what benefits await you with each of the choices.

Fire build

By choosing Fire skills, you will be focusing on dealing high amounts of area damage. It is the best build that you can choose if you want quick leveling, as it lets you take down multiple enemies at the same time. Most of the time, with the Fire element in your toolkit, you will be training on weaker monsters as they will be easier to group up and kill. You will receive large chunks of experience for every group of enemies that you take down and all that you have to watch out for any incoming damage. If you can position yourself well, you will be able to level up quicker than any other class by choosing the Fire build.

Air build

Air build focuses mainly on single target damaging abilities. If you want skill choices that will let you take down bosses easily, then Air is what you should go for. With improved single target damage, you will be training on higher level monsters than with Fire build. It will not be as efficient in terms of experience gains as taking down multiple enemies by burning them to ash, but you will be able to save money for not buying mana potions. Better monsters always drop better loot, and it means that you will also have a possibility to get improved gear easier with the choice of the Air path. 

Darkness build

Last but not least, there is the choice of going with the Darkness element. It might seem a bit different from the previous two options, but in fact, it is the combination of both of them. Darkness build relies briefly on a small amount of utility and synergy between single target and area damage. It means that by going with Darkness build, you won’t be as effective on the 1v1 as with Air, and you won’t be as good on AoE as with Fire. If you want to be decent at everything, but not perfect at one thing, then choose Darkness skills over the others. In general - it is not advised. 


How to train skills

As a mage, your skills will be naturally improved with every spell cast. The more mana you spend and the more spells that you use - the more experience you get. It means that you will need a lot of money for mana potions to maintain constant spell casts in order to gain levels quickly. There is no way around it, so the only thing that you can do is to train during leveling.



Mage is one of the most chosen classes available in the game. Many players who decide to be this powerful caster do it for enormous damage and quick leveling. Even though it has a high skill cap, and it is not a recommended choice for new players due to low survivability, they will often roll a Mage to reach the endgame content quickly. It is one of the classes which shine on groups but might struggle when playing solo


If you need additional guides on Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse, we’ve got you covered. We offer articles that can help you build other classes as well. Check out our Classes Guide to see what we have prepared for different specializations and choose the one that fits your playstyle the best.

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