Bloodstone classes guide - see what you can play in The Ancient Curse

Bloodstone classes guide - see what you can play in The Ancient Curse

Bloodstone Classes Guide

Newly released Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse game has been the punch directed into the CipSoft game called Tibia by the Streamy Entertainment. They have basically said that they want to develop the game once again, taking basic design and mechanics, which can be found on the old school title and implementing it to new structures, design, story, and classes. In this article, we will be taking a look at the last of those. Let's see what Bloodstone developers have prepared for us in their newly released game in terms of class choices.


Who can we become?

The Bloodstone game fits into the holy trinity of MMO classes, where you have a tank, a healer, and a DPS. And the DPS splits into range physical damage, range magic damage, and melee damage. We've got Shaman, Barbarian, Knight, Archer, and Mage. So as you can see, there are three ranged classes and two melee ones. Both Knight and Barbarian fit into the group, which relies on the close-quarter combats they excel at. Other classes tend to keep a distance from their enemies, which helps them survive even though they haven't got tremendous amounts of health to sustain in the fights. Although it might seem that both Barbarian and Knight might become the tanks in this class choices - the second one will be more suitable for this job. In the article below, we will be looking at the basics of said classes, but you will also be able to jump through the links to more detailed guides. 


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A more in-depth look at each of the classes

As mentioned before, you can read about the basics of each class available in the game, but if you are interested in an in-depth guide on how to play certain classes, take a look at the links which are assigned in categories below them. 



As correctly stated on the main site, Knight is the Living Wall, which separates dangerous monsters and his allies. It is the man that stands on the way of creatures who are trying to harm the party. He has the highest Health and Physical Defense of all characters available in the game, which allows him to fulfill his duty of tanking the damage and keeping the threat away from his allies. Later in the game, Knights also learn some of the most important abilities which let them control groups of enemies - stuns and taunts. Those will be in their toolkit, allowing him to save anyone from danger.


Although Knights are well known for their survivability, they aren't walking shields that cannot be aggressive. Instead, they are very tough melee machines that can sting back when needed. It is one of the safest classes to play with, so if you want slow but consistent gameplay, then Knight might be your go-to choice.


Here you can learn more about the Knight class in Bloodstone



The second melee representative of all classes in the Bloodstone is the Barbarian. Although this one also does not stand out in terms of pure health and survivability - Barbarian is more of a fighter who jumps straight into the fever of the battle rather than the one who holds back the monsters from his comrades. A wise man once said that the best defense is the attack, and that's the nature of the Barbarians. They do not run away from the challenge, but instead, they face it off right away. 


A truly unyielding and unrelenting force - this is who they are. The damage they take only feeds their hunger for the blood. The more they suffer, the more frenzied they become, making them even more dangerous force which destroys everything that comes close to their range. Barbarians excel at low health encounters as their damage grows when they are hurt. They are quite mobile since they have many utility tools that let them survive, facing large groups of opponents at the same time. If you are willing to risk your character's life to deal enormous damage, then Barbarian is the class which you should choose.


Here you can learn more about Barbarian class in Bloodstone



What's even safer than becoming a wall that monsters cannot crush? Becoming an Archer who brings down enemies before they can reach him. They are the specialists who excel at hunting their prey. They are the first ones that alarm the team when danger is nearby. They are the ones who set the traps that immobilize groups of enemies, making them unable to reach the destination in one piece. Archers aren't the toughest ones to kill, and they are not killing machines who wreak havoc among enemies, but they are the safe and steady force that is always sure to get what they want. 


Archers are known for their ability to switch between various ranged weapons like shortbows, longbows, and crossbows, which lets them make the best even of the direst of situations. Even though they are not Wizards, their magic abilities allow them to use various buffs and regenerative spells. They also are known for their skills against a single target enemy. This type of fight is where they shine, so if you want a class that kills enemies from afar and excels at killing bosses - Archer is the one for you.


Here you can learn more about Archer class in Bloodstone



A glass cannon. It is what they are. Mages are well known for their ability to cast destructive spells that can bring down armies of enemies within a blink of an eye. They have trained their minds so well that they are able to recover both health and mana much faster than any other class in the game, but it is also proven that with great power comes high prices. Mages are incredibly fragile, allowing enemies to take them down on a single combo, which puts this class at the highest risk all the time. One false step might be enough to reduce your health to zero, so movement will be the key. On top of that, mages have to position themselves well as many of their abilities are skill shots that can be missed. If that wasn't bad enough, Mages are always the primary target in PvP as they are easy to kill and dangerous when left without attention.


On the bright side, they are the fastest class to level up with. Mages mastered all three elements allowing them to burn their enemies with fire, blow out with the wind, and banish through the darkness. They might also shield themselves from the fatal damage through the mana, which is the last line of defense and the ultimate one as well. If you are willing to sacrifice your own survivability for the best damage in the game, then the Mage is the class that fits your needs.


Here you can learn more about Mage class in Bloodstone



Last but not least, we also have a choice of becoming Shaman. They are a force of Nature that excels at healing abilities, which they can also use to resurrect the dead team members. They are like water that moisturizes the thirst but can also cut through the stone. Shamans are known for their ability to summon creatures and control the conditions at which the fight is being taken. They are the masters of Crowd Control and virtuosos of the three elements: water, earth, and light. 


Shamans perfectly fit into any group where they can shine as the supportive force that mends the wounded and stops the large groups of enemies within their tracks. Even though their damage output is not as high as other classes, they are very welcome in any group, so they can team up with others. If you want to support your team and if you prefer playing in groups rather than doing this alone, then Shaman is the class that you should pick.


Here you can learn more about Shaman class in Bloodstone



It is the end of our Bloodstone guide for classes. We hope that we were able to bring you some basic insight on how classes in this game works and what are the correlations between them. If you need additional info on how to play certain classes, which abilities they have, what spells are the most important, where to train, etc. make sure to click the links below class section of your choice. In detailed guides, we have dived in-depth on the topic of every class available in the Bloodstone. Check out what we have prepared for you. 


Our team at Live Chat Support can quickly answer all of the questions and concerns at any given moment, so if you have trouble regarding our website, make sure to leave them a message. They will be more than happy to help you right away. After all, we are all gamers, and we want to help each other. 

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KilltrapNeo • 8 April 2020 I went Archer and no regrets. Been playing RP on Tibia and its just pretty much the same Reply
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Shizgor • 2 May 2020 Shamans look cool as the designated support class. Glad they didn't go with the generic priests or clerics. Reply
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HopHop80 • 5 May 2020 I mained Paladin in Tibia, so Archer it is. Ranged combat just seems much better and more fun in games like this. Reply
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