Bloodstone Archer guide - shoot them monsters like a boss!

Bloodstone Archer guide - shoot them monsters like a boss!

Bloodstone Archer Guide

Welcome to our guide to Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse. In this article, we want to take a closer look at the class that specializes in ranged combat. This class is Archer - the specialist who excels at setting traps, controlling the environment and conditions of the battle while also striking down their enemies with deadly shoots made from a safe distance. If you want to learn more about this exceptional class below, you can find the story, build, skills, and everything else that you need to know before choosing to become an Archer. Without further ado, let’s get started! 


Table of Contents:

  • Backstory
  • The general concept of the Archer class
    • Pros and Cons
  • Archer class skills
  • The build
    • How to train skills
  • Summary



Cold-blooded and methodical, always prepared to consider every scenario. Archers are not mere fighters who draw their swords jumping into a fight without a moment of hesitation. On the contrary, Archers tend to fight on their own terms. They set the pace of the fight, stopping monsters at their tracks if needed and leading them right into the traps to wipe down entire waves of enemies without combat. Indeed, they do not need to face their opponents head to head as their superior hunting skills allow them to hit a beast right between the eyes before it can even notice being watched.


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The general concept of the Archer class

Archers, unlike other classes available in the game, can keep high damage constantly through the quick attacks. They are also better than other classes in controlling the fights through the wide variety of utility at their disposal. Stuns, snares, and traps are the primary tools they can use to save their teammates or to doom their enemies. These are especially handy considering how low of a defense Archers have. Their lack of survivability is compensated by excellent utility toolkit, high avoidance, and an extended range of attacks. One attack can be fatal for an Archer, so they will always keep the distance.


Pros and Cons


  • Can avoid a lot of damage thanks to ranged nature of his attacks
  • Can switch between three weapon types: Crossbow, Shortbow, and Longbow
  • Fast movement speed
  • A lot of utility that improves Crit Chance, Health Regen., Mana Regen. and more
  • High avoidance ratio
  • Has more health than magic users 
  • Performs admirably in 1v1 combat
  • Does well in Area Damage



  • Requires ammunition which has to be constantly refilled
  • Costly to train
  • Narrow variety of skills on low levels
  • Damage that you can deal highly depends on your skill level
  • Significantly weaker than other classes early in the game
  • Quite mana hungry.


Bloodstone Archer Guide Skills


The build

As an Archer, you have two main ways of developing your character. Although you might combine all skills that you like, it will most likely be more beneficial for you to stick with one playstyle described below. It is always better to specialize in one thing than to combine many, which makes your character only average on everything. These are two choices that you can select from.


Spell build:

The first path is where you select the abilities that deal high amounts of damage based on your weapon attack and the skills that you have. Because of that, you want to choose the crossbow which has a slower attack speed but better damage ratio than other ranged weapons. Even though you will hit enemies at a very slow pace, you will have powerful spells in your toolkit to supplement the damage needed for taking down monsters. In this path, you want to choose spells like Double Shot, Falcon Invested, Falcon Feather, and Piercing Shot.


Buff build:

It is the path that you want to take if you are interested in improving your ability to deal high amounts of sustained damage. You won’t have as high burst damage as with Spell build, but you will be better at taking down bosses and monsters with high health. In this one, you want to choose a Bow over a Crossbow as it has a higher attack speed, which will synergize well with Critical Attack spell and other buffs. It is also what you will be aiming form in terms of ability choices. You want to have as many buffs as possible as they will supplement your auto attacks. Make sure to invest in Critical Attack, Accurate Shot, Vampire Shot, Precision, Speed Shot, and Multishoot.


How to train skills

Similarly to melee classes, Archers can improve their skills by combat. If you struggle with damage dealing, you might need to train on easier monsters. Equip the worst weapon that you have and take the cheapest arrows that you can get. Fight against monsters with high health pool that you can hit, but that won’t be able to hurt you too much. With every hit, you will gain experience in your ranged skills. It is also wise to go against monsters that drop food since when you are well-fed, you can cast Double Regeneration spell. Under its effect, you can use Casting Arrow - it will give you 50 Arrows for every cast utterly free of charge, making your training much less costly.



Archer is one of the most versatile classes in the game, allowing him to be great at both single target and area damage. On top of that, he has a wide variety of tools that can slow down his enemies and buff himself during combat. The downside to that is that he has to deal with ammunition management and low defense issues. 


We hope that this guide was useful to you and brought you an insight on how to play the Archer class in Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse. If you want to improve your knowledge about other specializations available in this title, we have also prepared articles regarding other builds, so make sure to check out our Bloodstone Classes Guide. 

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King of Thorns • 3 April 2020 what is better longbow, shortbow or crossbow? Reply
Peter • 10 April 2020 With the spell build (Double Shot, Falcon skills etc.) you want to get crossbow because skills will scale with crossbow's high attack damage. If you want to choose buff build (Critical Attack, Accurate Shot, Precision etc.) go for the bow - it has lower attack but higher attack speed and will be more beneficial to your character. :)
Comment You are responding to the comment posted 3 April 2020 by King of Thorns.

Glix4nu • 18 April 2020 I went for the shortbow and its good for everything Reply
Comment You are responding to the comment posted 18 April 2020 by Glix4nu.

MR. Dude • 29 April 2020 Been playing this class and it would be good if not the ammunition Reply
Comment You are responding to the comment posted 29 April 2020 by MR. Dude.

Kosmunoz • 13 May 2020 Nice to have an archer class that's not named paladin for some random reason xD Reply
Comment You are responding to the comment posted 13 May 2020 by Kosmunoz.

Grayerion • 14 May 2020 The mana costs and ammo consumption make leveling a pain in the ass. Still a strong class tho. Reply
Comment You are responding to the comment posted 14 May 2020 by Grayerion.


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