Bloodstone Barbarian guide - take damage and deal damage!

Bloodstone Barbarian guide - take damage and deal damage!

Bloodstone Barbarian Guide

Welcome to our guide for Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse. In this article, we will be taking a look at the fierce Barbarian class, which is one of five specializations that you can find in the game. They are battle specialists who have mastered their physical prowess to a point when they don’t feel pain - but they love to bring it. In the guide below, you will find all the necessary information about this class, a build that will help you in the game, and tips on how to play it. Let’s jump straight into it.


Table of Contents:

  • Backstory
  • The general concept of the Barbarian class
    • Pros and Cons
  • Barbarian class skills
  • The build
    • How to train skills
  • Summary



Indomitable and fearless. Barbarians are the embodiment of strength and brute force. Always determined - always ready to press on. They are relentless killing machines who thrive during the battle. While others cower behind shields and hide in bushes, Barbarians enjoy the fervor of a fight. They might seem primitive and reckless at what they do, but, in fact, they are just full of self-confidence. They know that nothing can stop them and that the wounds received during the encounters are only additional reasons to be proud. The more blood they lose, the more deadly and relentless they become. There is no living force that could stop the Barbarian during his rage, so don’t even try to do so.


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The general concept of the Barbarian class

Barbarians are warriors who specialize in two-handed weapons. They have a high health pool and good physical defense, which allows them to withstand lots of damage and briefly tank many monsters at the same time. They aren’t as good at tanking as Knights since they lack taunting abilities, but they can fight with many enemies at the same time thanks to an area of effect life-stealing skills. Barbarians excel in close-quarter combat where they can control conditions of a fight with stuns, knockbacks, and debuffs. Their kit allows them to deal massive amounts of damage in the area around them and move between monster packs quickly. 

There are, however, some downsides to this class. Barbarians lack Magical Defense, which makes them vulnerable to many endgame creatures. On top of that, they lack ranged abilities that could help them take down targets that fight from a distance. Overall, they are one of the strongest classes in the game when played right. 


Pros and Cons


  • High health pool
  • Excellent avoidance at high levels
  • Deals great damage
  • Can slow down enemies
  • Moves between monsters faster than other classes



  • Low defensive stats (especially for a Magic Damage)
  • Problems with weapon crafting (resources for this class are hard to get)
  • Offers excellent single target damage but not so great area of effect abilities
  • Wastes a lot of bandages
  • Quite hard for a solo play
  • Struggles with ranged enemies.


Barbarian class skills

bloodstone online barbarian guide skills

The build

As Barbarian, you have the least number of skills to choose from. Because of that, there are no specific builds to select from. In general, you want to stick with Area of Effect abilities mostly for leveling stage of the game, and Single Target ones for bossing. However, with such a small amount of skills to choose from, you can stir things up a bit. The class is very straightforward, and the only piece of advice to keep in mind is: never heal yourself during the fight if you don’t need to. With Fury skill, you will be dealing more damage as your health drops. It means that you want to be always at health low enough to keep your damage high and to not put your life at risk. Try to spend your mana on attacks and heal after encounters. Use your First Aid only when your life is at risk. 


How to train skills

Similarly to Knights, Barbarians can train their weapon skills by fighting in a head to head combat. During your leveling, you will inherently raise your stats since dealing physical damage is what you do when you fight. Additionally, you can level up your stats by training outside of regular experience farm. To do so, take the weakest weapon that you can find, head to monsters that have high health but cannot hurt you badly and stand near them, wounding enemies bit by bit. This way, you can semi-AFK with other activities like watching TV or texting on your phone while training stats at the same time. You can also ask a friend to tank monsters for your while you kill them slowly with your small attack weapon if you are low level.



Overall, Barbarian is an elementary and straightforward class that can be great for both new and advanced players. They do not need arrows or mana potions, which makes them very cost-efficient during leveling. With various buffs and debuffs, Barbarians can significantly benefit a party being very valuable allies. As for solo farming, they might struggle a bit in terms of survivability, and they won’t be as cost-effective due to high bandage usage, but still, they will perform better in that field than some other classes. We recommend picking Barbarian if you want to play with friends and do some bossing later on.


Those of you who are looking for additional class guides can find them all on our website. We have previously made articles about each and every other class available in Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse, including Knight, Shaman, Mage, and Archer. Make sure to visit them to pick the one which suits your playstyle. With our guides, you should have no trouble in terms of the build during your journey through the game. 


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hudharr9 • 28 April 2020 Barbarian is such a cool design, but we need more skills. The DPS is not that great and we can't even taunt... Reply
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