Bloodstone Knight guide - shield your allies like a man.

Bloodstone Knight guide - shield your allies like a man.

Bloodstone Knight Guide


Welcome to our class guide for the Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse. In this article, we will be talking about Knights who are the main tanks of the realm and a living walls which shield their allies from incoming harm and any danger that crosses their path. With a Knight at your side, there won’t be as much risk involved in hunting monsters and leveling in general - having an ally like this can only be beneficial for every team member.


Table of Contents:

  • Backstory
  • The general concept of the Knight class
    • Pros and Cons
  • Knight class skills
  • Two main build types
    • Party build
    • Solo build
    • How to train skills
  • Summary



Knights were always very popular in Doncaster - the capital of diversity. Their protective nature, which is independent of races, languages, or views, has always been looked at as their best feature. They were always first to protect the ones in need and to rush into the battle. It made them known as the most glorious and noble of all people who live in a world of Bloodstone.


The general concept of the Knight class

As a Knight, you will always be the first one to rush into a fight. A very high health pool and enormous defense will let you survive a lot of damage - protecting your allies and letting them take down enemies as you shield them from harm. With a great number of defensive abilities, you will be able to defend yourself for a very long time, and the longer you will be able to survive, the more time you party members will have to deal damage. If you combine amazing defensive capabilities of a Knight with the healing of a Shaman, you can get an ultimate line of defense. With that, you will be able to take your party onto much harder monsters with better loot and higher experience gains. It is why Knights are always much needed for every party.


Get a supply of safe Bloodstone Gold and spend it on all the useful items! You can make your Knight even tankier with strong armors and shields.


Pros and Cons:



  • Has more health and defense than other classes.
  • The only class that is able to train shielding.
  • Does well in narrow corridors thanks to high armor.
  • A fantastic class for playing solo.
  • Very easy training through monster combat.
  • Wide variety of defensive abilities.
  • Much needed in every party, thanks to his abilities and tanking.



  • Has to spend a long time on much weaker monsters since his attack is not high enough to effectively kill better ones.
  • Slowest leveling of all classes
  • Has to find depopulated hunting spots where other players won’t interrupt with leveling
  • Worst attack for both PvE and PvP from all classes
  • Low amount of abilities that you can use on early levels
  • Struggles with ranged enemies
  • Requires constant healing on lower levels which can be troublesome


Knight class skills

Below you can find short descriptions for all of the skills available for the Knight class in the game. Some of them can be leveled beyond Level 1, while others have only one step of advancement.


Bloodstone Online Knight guide skills


Two main build types

Two paths can lead you to success as a Knight in Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse. You should pick one of them and focus on it as training in all fields at once will make you only average at everything. What you want to achieve is to be the best at something so you will pick between a solo build and one for party gameplay. If you wish to change your mind, later on, you will be able to do it with a forgetfulness scroll. If you haven’t got a group of friends to play with continually, we strongly advise you to go with a solo build at the beginning.


Party build:

With this build, you will become a powerhouse that can survive almost anything. You want to support your allies and block all incoming damage that you can, so you will be taking a lot of supportive and defensive skills at the cost of your attack and offensive abilities. Below you can find the skill progression which shows you what to take from the beginning to endgame levels. 


First Aid > Precise Cut > Recovery > Unbeatable Armor > Piercing Strike > Speed Increase > Martyr > Horizontal Cut > Tease > Target Protection > Unbeatable Armor (Lv. 2) > Recovery (Lv. 2) > Hostile Blade > Target Protection (Lv. 2) > Precise Cut (Lv. 2) > Martyr (Lv. 2) > Refraction


With these skill choices, you should be able to withstand tremendous amounts of incoming damage and recover health quickly during and after the fight. You also have some of the best protective abilities that can help you save your allies from incoming harm.


Solo build:

As a lone rider, you will have to focus on both offensive and defensive skills as you will not only need to sustain incoming damage but also wound your opponents to take them down. With a class that you have chosen, don’t expect very high numbers when it comes to damage. On the bright side, you will have a considerable amount of health and a great defense, so your gameplay will be slow but steady. Here is a skill progression for solo players.


First Aid > Precise Cut > Recovery > Unbeatable Armor > Piercing Strike > Speed Increase > Iron Body > Wind Cut > Defending Spirit > Crushing Shield > Unbeatable Armor (Lv. 2) > Recovery (Lv. 2) > Invocation of Swords > Leech Blade > Hostile Blade > Rain of Swords


This skill build lets you keep up with other classes in terms of damage and train at a faster pace than you usually would. It focuses mainly on taking damaging abilities that are necessary to quickly take down large groups of monsters at the same time.


How to train skills

Most of your skills will be trained along with your regular leveling. On top of that, you can let your friend tank a mob for you while you will be dealing damage to it with a weak weapon (like Wooden Sword). You can also do it by yourself if you are strong enough to both tank and deal damage, but keep in mind that stronger monster you are against - the more AFK your training will be. Enemies with a high health pool take more hits before falling, and that means that you will receive more experience while training on them. In general, you will gain experience for hitting a monster even if it misses as long as you can deal damage to it once in a while. It means that you want to wound your opponent but never quickly kill it.



As you can see, Knight is the most durable of all classes available in the game. It makes him the perfect fit for the tanking purpose. High Health, great Physical Defense, and outstanding Magical Protection combined with a wide variety of protection skills is what makes Knights a safe class to play. 


If you are interested in additional guides to other classes in Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse - we’ve got you covered. You can find them all in our Bloodstone classes article that will give you a brief look at all specializations and a link to the main guide about the class of your choice. 

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