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RuneScape 2007

Not all gamers play their favorite titles for the pristine vibrant graphics, amazing soundtrack or captivating story, some play certain games for their complexity and community. RuneScape is a perfect example of such a game. RuneScape is an MMORPG developed in 2001 by Jagex Ltd. where players set off for an adventure in the world of Gielinor. For any player that is looking for that old-school traditional feel with deep character progression RuneScape is a godsend even tho it might not be easy on the eyes.


OSRS Gold (or GP) is the main currency of Gielinor and thanks to you can now get yours fast. Runescape is still a very popular title with lots of players that grind endlessly so you don’t have to. RuneScape is a very old game and as such it has a dated and inflated by veterans economy. There are few methods of making decent profits. If you don’t want to buy RuneScape 2007 gold you can always try growing magic saplings or palm saplings or party up with your friends for Chambers of Xeric and sell whatever drops there. You could also try alternative methods like opening electric impling jars or tanning red dragonhide. All those methods will make you a maximum of 4 million gold per hour which is not bad, there is one downside however: all those methods require a highly developed character with high skill levels (e.g. opening electric impling jars requires 96 magic.

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Thanks to you can now skip the boring pointless and tedious grind and get yourself a jump-start without spending entire weeks in one cave just to make a decent living in the game. On our website, you can buy safe OSRS gold! With over seven years of experience in the game-currency trading market, SellersAndFriends can provide you with the best possible service whenever you buy cheap OSRS gold. Here at we take pride in our legacy and honesty that's why thousands of players have already trusted us. Still not convinced? Check out our Trustpilot or Facebook reviews. We are open for 18 hours a day and we provide every customer with full attention. Every order, no matter how big matters to us all the same.

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