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How to get free gold in 7 steps from SellersAndFriends
  1. Log in or register
  2. Go to affiliate program section on your account
  3. Create a unique ref link
  4. Share it with your guild/clan, friends etc.
  5. Each time a user from the ref link will make a purchase on our website you get commission (3-10%)
  6. Invite more friends and start earning passive income for their purchases!
  7. The accumulated money will be available for payour in $USD or in-game currency

Once you have gathered enough money you can make a PayPal or Skrill payout, or use it to buy goods on our website with a special 15% bonus! Please be advised that payouts are not automatic and have to be verified by our staff.
Build your own affiliate network With our revolutionary system you can now include your friends in your own, private, 3-step network of affiliates. It is Sellers and Friends after all! There are three levels of users in your program:

Lvl1 - A user that has used your reflink directly to buy a product from our site. This earns you 100% of the affiliate bonus value.
Lvl2 - A user passed reflink even further down to his friends that have used it to buy products on our site and you are getting 50% of the bonus value.
Lvl3 - Network expands even further, friends of a Lvl 1 user that have used the reflink pass it further to their buddies and they make a purchase too, that way you are earning 25% of the bonus value for each purchase made by them!
Sellers And Friends
Sellers And Friends
Earn and payout Your wallet Here you can view money you’ve earned via this program, with your income divided into three categories corresponding the affiliate levels. It is here that you will pay out your hard earned money

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