Bloodstone Tutorial Island guide - how to begin the adventure

Bloodstone Tutorial Island guide - how to begin the adventure

Bloodstone Tutorial Island Guide

Welcome to our Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse guide on how to leave Tutorial Island. We will describe step by step what you have to do to get to the Mainland and the city of Doncaster. The process is quite simple, but it might take longer if you haven’t got a clue where to go. Because of that, in our article, we will be presenting some of the maps that will direct you to specific locations. Without a further introduction, let’s jump straight into the tutorial.


What is Tutorial Island?

In Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse, Mangoo Island is the location where all new players start their journey. It is designed to help adventurers learn basic mechanics of the game and to accommodate them with its specific design. On the Island, you will find two main zones: one for free players and one for VIP. In our guide, we will be only talking about the one accessible for all players since it is all you need to get to Doncaster.


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Which classes are the best at leaving Tutorial Island?

Every class moves at the same speed at low levels. However, some do better in terms of damage since they have more powerful skills early on than other classes. The best one is the Barbarian. Those have high survivability, a great health pool, and strong auto attacks. On top of that, they can use skills that barely cost any mana. Magic users like Mage and Shaman are also great since they deal severe damage with spells that they get at level 3. However, they don’t have such high defensive stats. Archer and Knight have the worst damage early on, and because of that, they are the slowest classes at the beginning of the adventure.


The map of Mangoo Island

bloodstone map


No. 1 - NPC Alex Strongarm

No. 2 - Rabbits

No. 3 - Bees

No. 4 - Dungeon Entrance

No. 5 - Dungeon Exit

No. 6 - South-West Dungeon Entrance

No. 7 - NPC Briand

No. 8 - East Dungeon Entrance

No. 9 - NPC Tonn


Step by step tutorial

You start the game near NPC Alex Strongarm (No.1), who will be your guide in the beginning. Ask him to teach you the basics, and he will give you a mission to hunt 5 Rabbits (No.2) and to get 5 Hare Meat from them. 


bloodstone alex strongarm

Alex Strongarm - Tutorial NPC


  1. After this mission, talk to him again - he will send you on a quest to get 5 Stings from Bees (No. 3). You can find them by walking to the north. At this point, you can also learn First Aid ability. To do so, click the “K” shortcut and learn the spell. If you are done with that, right-click one of the fields on your shortcut bar on the left side of the screen and select your new learned ability. Now you can heal yourself when needed by consuming one bandage. If you haven’t set the key bind, you can left-click on the icon that’s on your shortcut bar to activate First Aid.
  2. After you are done with Bees, head over to Alex Strongman for the next quest, he will send you on a mission to get 5 Vials of Poison and 7 Bat Wings (No. 4). Head east to the cave where you will find Bats. After that, go back to the entrance and follow the blue arrow (picture below) to find Spiders that drop Vials of Poison. Alternatively, you can follow the red arrow to reach the south-eastern part of the island - there are the Snakes that also drop the same item, but they are harder to kill.


Bloodstone online dungeon


Monsters on the way: Bats

Blue Arrow: Way to spiders

Red Arrow: Way to South-East part of Island (Snakes)


  1. After getting the necessary ingredients, you want to visit Alex Strongarm for the last time. He will send you to find a Pirate Treasure. To get to this place, you want to get to the South-East part of the Island. Go to the cave entrance on the east (No. 4). Follow the red arrow from the picture above. When you are on South-East part of Island (No. 5), head South-West where you can find another dungeon entrance (No. 6) - go in.
  2. Follow the red arrow on the picture below.


bloodstone the ancient curse

Monsters on the way: Spiders and Snakes


  1. Follow the red arrow on the picture below. On your way, you will find Wormibs - kill them and loot 8 Wormib Skins as they will be needed for the next quest.


bloodstone online dungeon 2

Monsters on the way: Spiders, Wormibs


  1. Now you are on the last stage of this quest. Get to the location marked by the arrow - in the chest, you will find the fruit needed for the quest. If you haven’t got 8 Wormib skins at this point, make sure to get them before you leave the dungeon. Otherwise, you will have to return to this place.

bloodstone online dungeon 3

Monsters on the way: Wormib

Chest location

Bloodstone online chest

It is how the chest looks like.


  1. Now that you have everything you need, you can leave the dungeon. Go back the same path that you have been following to get there until you reach the surface (No. 6).
  2. Now it is time to meet new NPC. Head South-East to the little wooden hut where you can talk to NPC Briand (No. 7).

Bloodstone online briand

NPC Briand - Buys and Sells items. He will be interested in Pirate Treasure.


  1. After a little talk, he will tell you that he needs 8 Wormib Skins. Luckily, you’ve already got them so you can end this mission right-away. If you haven’t collected them beforehand, you will have to get back to the chest room to kill Wormibs. Also, make sure to sell all the trash that you don’t need to NPC Briand.
  2. Finally, after all of that, you are allowed to leave the Island. Head over to the cave near the beach at East side of South-East Mangoo Island part (No. 8). Enter the cave and leave it by the exit on the East (No.9).

bloodstone dungeon the ancient curse

Exit to the East.


  1. Now you can talk to NPC Tonn, who will take you to Doncaster.

bloodstone npc tonn

NPC Tonn - the Fisherman who travels to Doncaster.


  1. Congratulations. Now you are ready to start your journey at the Mainland. If you want to find the Depo (Bank) head north until you reach the Temple and enter the building West of it.


Leaving Mangoo Island, in general, shouldn’t take longer than one hour, and with our guide, you should be able to do it in 30 minutes. If you want to read more useful articles about Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse, make sure to check out what we have prepared for you on our website. We have driven in-depth with description on every class, so if you need a build or additional info that can help you decide what class is worth picking head over to our Classes Guide. 

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