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Path of Exile currency

Path of Exile currency, created by former developers of the legendary Diablo series - grinding gear games, has a completely different approach to the in-game economy and exchange. The introduction of “orbs” was revolutionary. Instead of a single currency, PoE players can exchange consumable items between one another. Those items can be used to alter your current equipment (reforging it into different quality, changing the number of sockets etc.) or can be used as currency. The value of each orb is determined by rarity and NPC exchange ratios. There are different types of “orbs” with various effects and drop rates.

PoE Currency - Shards

Shards are a currency that can be obtained by selling junk to vendors or as a drop from Harbingers, those items can be stacked up to create usable items (currency).

Alchemy Shard 20 of those creates Orb of Alchemy
Alteration Shard 20 of those makes an Orb of Alteration
Scroll Fragment 5 of these makes Scroll of Wisdom
Splinter of Chayula 100 of those creates Chayula’s Breachstone
Splinter of Esh 100 of those makes Esh’s Breachstone
Splinter of Tul 100 of those can be combined into Tul’s Breachstone
Splinter of Uul-Netol 100 of these makes Uul-Netol’s Breachstone
Splinter of Xoph 100 of this will give you Xoph’s Breachstone
Transmutation Shard 20 of those will create an Orb of Transmutation

Path of Exile Orbs list

In this category, you will find all sorts of “functional currency” (not only orbs). In general, anything that can be used to alter an item in the game while being treated as official currency is considered an “orb” in Path of Exile.

Vall Orb corrupts your item giving them powerful (but at a cost) enchants. Once corrupted, the item cannot be modified ever again by any other orb.
Unshaping Orb can be used to downgrade your map
Silver Coin can be exchanged for a prophecy from Navali
Scroll of Wisdom identifies a piece of equipment
Regal Orb adds a new modifier to an item
Portal Scroll is not a PoE orb but it creates a two-way portal to the closest town
Orb of Transmutation upgrades normal item into a magic one
Orb of Scouring removes all modifiers from an item
Orb of Regret grants you a passive skill refund point
Orb of Chance PoE orb that upgrades a normal item to a random rarity item (even chance for a legendary)
Orb of Fusing chances the links between the sockets on an item
Orb of Augmentation give a magic item a new random modifier
Orb of Annulment PoE orb that removes a random modifier on an item
Orb of Alteration reforges a magic item with a complete set of random properties
Orb of Alchemy Upgrades a Normal item to a Rare item
Mirror of Kalandra creates an exact copy of an item
Master Cartographer’s Sextant gives a map a new random mod
Master Cartographer’s Seal marks map as “incomplete”
Journeyman Cartographer’s Sextant adds or rerolls a map modifier for a yellow or white atlas map
Journeyman Cartographer’s Seal marks yellow or white map as incomplete
Jeweler’s Orb PoE orb that reforges the number of sockets (can't exceed the number of max available slots for the item)
Glassblower’s Bauble Improves your flask quality
Gemcutter’s Prism Improves the gem quality
Exalted Orbs enchants a rare items with a new random modifier
Divine Orb rerolls the numeric modifier values of the random modifiers on the item
Chromatic Orb reforges item socket color layout
Chaos Orb reforges a rare item with new random modifiers
Cartographer’s Chisel Improves map quality
Blessing of: Xoph, Uul-Netol, Tul, Esh, Chayula upgrades a unique item from a breach to a more powerful version
Blessed Orb randomizes the numeric values on the implicit item modifiers
Blacksmith’s Whetstone improves the quality of a weapon
Armorer’s Scrap improves the armor quality

Poe Orbs as a currency

All those PoE orbs can serve as a currency you can exchange using official exchange websites like For whatever reason, you need the orbs - purchasing gear from other players or rerolling the gem layout on your armor, it can take days or even weeks to obtain the right amount. Why don’t you get yourself a rocket boost and buy poe items from

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