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EVE Online is a fantasy MMO production developed by Icelandic CCP (Crowd Control Productions). The game took off in 2003 and has transformations for many years. Players move into the virtual universe of New Eden (consisting of more than 5,000 solar systems) and travel onboard spaceships to fight, trade, perform missions, engage in the politics of large corporations or simply develop their character. The game is available in the semi Free to Play model. The main currency in the game is InterStellar Kredit called also EVE ISK. Through our website, you can buy EvE ISK. No matter you want to have better EVE Online Ship or you want to improve EVE Online Account. EVE ISK is something that you will be always looking for.
The production of the CCP studio allows develop the character in several directions and choose different styles of the game. Players can trade and transport goods between stations, mine raw materials and produce technology or focus on combat missions. All items seen in EVE are produced by players. Different tasks - for example, courier, mining or combat - are commissioned by independent characters representing corporations. For successful completion of orders, we are rewarded not only with ISK but also with reputation points that represent our status within the faction. The more confidence we gain, the better paid and more difficult missions we can take.
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