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buy rs3 gold

You can finally stop looking for ways to make gold at RuneScape. SellersAndFriends is the safest place where you can get currency for your favorite games. We offer cheap RuneScape gold with fast delivery methods. Our suppliers are the most trusted players in the RS3 community. We are always making sure that every piece of gold that you can get at our website comes from reliable sources and not from third-party bot farms. Real players have been working for many hours to bring you safe gold that you can use to fulfill your needs.

Our team puts the highest levels of emphasis on the safety of our users. We are taking every measure we can think of to offer you the highest standards among the currency trading community. You can read reviews at TrustPilot and comment section to see for yourself how trustworthy we really are. Our customers have been nothing but satisfied with both our services and their completion time. Buy RS3 gold today and purchase in the game what your heart desires.


Over 200+ payments


Over 200 Payment options (including PayPal and Skrill) available for all users across most of the countries in the world. More than 20 languages supported and thousands of satisfied customers. Choose G2A Pay to safely complete your orders with almost every currency: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, and more. Credit Card is one of the payment methods too.

How to buy RuneScape 3 gold?

Want to buy cheap RS3 gold through SellersAndFriends? There is nothing simpler:

  1. Find the payment method that suits your needs for buying RS3 gold.
  2. Select how much RS gold you need or how much money you want to spend on it.
  3. Check all the fields that pop up on contact form.
  4. Accept the order preview for your gold RS3.
  5. If every piece of information was correct (email address, price, gold amount), our online agent will have the rest of the transaction completed in-game.

Buy RS3 Gold - Why should you choose SellersAndFriends?


Instand rs3 gold Delivery

Almost instant delivery for your orders, even at the weekends. During our business hours, goods that you have bought will be given to you in a matter of minutes. Outside of our working time, you can expect to get everything within a day. Since our team works almost non-stop to bring you the highest quality products at cheap prices, you can expect quick delivery most of the time. Unlike other shop sites, we have Live Stock displayed , thus we don't trade an item we don't have, and we can deliver in a matter of minutes. Simple as that.

Bonus to every runescape 3 order

All accounts get a 1% bonus for their transactions at SellersAndFriends. All you have to do is to create an account through the register button or your first purchase. By filling contact form with the correct information, you will be eligible to receive this benefit right away after the first purchase. But wait... there is more! Your discount can rise, up to 5% when you make big trades often.

secure runescape 3 gold

Here at SellersAndFriends, we value your safety above everything else. It is most crucial to us that all users at our site can make secure transactions without a fear of being scammed. Every customer can rate us at TrustPilot and read reviews of others to see how trustworthy we are. The highest emphasis that we have put on safety has resulted in over 5,500 successful trades. For every item we managed to deliver, we have received positive feedback. You can see comment section for yourself, and enjoy your next trade here! 

live support

Our Live Chat Support can help you with every problem and question that you may come across. We are providing professional help at any given time, so make sure to leave a message if you need help. Our response times have always been quick, and in most cases, we were able to provide successful solutions to the problems and trade details. Test us and see if we can help you with your concerns.

What is RuneScape 3?

The term RuneScape 3 refers to the newest version of the game and the original game RuneScape, that came live in 2001 and is now referred to as the "old school" one. It is an open-world online role-playing game developedby Jagex Ltd. The main feature of this product is the skill system designed so the player can become anyone he wants to be at any given time. All skills and professions aren't bound by any restrictions (besides membership) to provide adventurers easy access to the full potential of their development since the beginning. There are currently 27 skills that can be trained by all players and improved through the game. Getting gold RuneScape will be necessary to improve your skills and achieve a higher Combat Level. You will be able to complete more involved quests, get items that you have always dreamed of and achieve anything you want in the lands of Gielinor. Don't waste your time on BitCoin and step up your game. Buy OSRS gold and RS3 coins today. All you need to do is to click on "OSRS buy gold" or "RS3 buy gold" buttons or head to the Live Chat.



Customers Reviews (4)

Average rating: 5 Based on 6 votes
Was skeptical but got my order instantly!
9 June 2021
Sick livechat agents!! making everything so easy, trust this guys completely!
13 May 2021
Bruh, thats the best service ive came across! outstanding!
13 May 2021
Noice, fast and reliable, highly recommended!!
19 March 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

buy rs3 gold faq
  1. Can you buy RuneScape 3 gold?

    Yes. You can easily buy RS3 gold and OSRS gold at the SellersAndFriends website.

  2. How to get cheap RuneScape 3 Gold?

    The cheapest gold in RuneScape is the one you earn yourself. As for making gold, RuneScape provides dozens of jobs and craftsmanship that are time-consuming and rather boring. If you want to get the RS 3 Gold quick, and you want to avoid a payment for Jagex, you can buy OSRS Gold, RS3 Gold, and many others here at SnF.

  3. Why won't you get banned for buying RS 3 gold here?

    Years of experience since we decided to enter the market allow us to sell the in-game currency and avoid any account restrictions for possible ToS violations.

  4. What is in-game RuneScape 3 gold worth compared to OSRS Gold?

    The exchange rate between RS3 and OSRS gold is currently at 1:5.

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