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Thanks to sellersandfriends.com you can now skip the boring, pointless and tedious effort of grinding OSRS Gold and get yourself a jump-start without spending entire weeks in one cave just to make a decent living in the game. Speed up your XP and get that rare firecape you always needed, keep up with the current meta, help yourself out with a quest and get ready to easily get into the hardest zone gaming offers. If you're tired of constant effort to cover the cost of membership bond, and you're looking to buy OSRS Gold, you came to the best place to buy OSRS GP. Buy gold from us and rise to be the best OSRS player there ever was. 

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How to buy Old School RuneScape Gold with a credit card

If you want to buy OSRS gold, simply follow those steps:

  1. Choose the amount of gold you need or the amount of cash you would like to spend
  2. Choose a payment option
  3. Verify your contact information
  4. Carefully check your order (quantity, price, email address) in the preview.
  5. Once it gets your acceptance, go to checkout
  6. Pay for the OSRS gold
  7. Our live agent will guide you through the rest of the quick processes up until the gold delivery.

Beware! To prevent our services from scammers and exploits, we do not grant a refund in any case. Read the product description twice before the OSRS gold delivery, so that you don't make a mistake.

Cheap RuneScape 2007 Gold - Is it safe to buy?

You stumbled upon our site in your search for a reliable source to buy OSRS gold but are still not sure if the whole thing is safe? Worry not, Sellers and Friends put transaction security as their top priority choosing the safest means to deliver your product. When it comes to Sellers and Friends, hundreds of players around the world already gave us their trust - Facebook, Trust Pilot, why don’t you give it a try? Many RuneScape players are buying OSRS Gold to skip painful grinding and save some time. You must admit that life for money is quite a good deal.


the fastest osrs gold delivery

If you are looking for RS 2007 gold for sale that you need delivered instantly, in 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 24 hours you are in the right place. You don't have to wait a couple of days for a buyer or seller. We accept almost every currency, including United States USD, EUR, United Kingdom GBP, CAD, AUD, BitCoin, etc. We do not have deadman gold and we do not buy/sell accounts. Buy in bulk for best price and discount. Enjoy our great secure services that many customers trust. Over the years we have sold millions of OSRS gold.

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We give you a  special trade bonus specific for your account level. The more you trade, the higher the bonus. Initially it's 1% bonus just for registering the account! The rewards grow up to 5% if you trade a lot.

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With years of presence in the game-currency trading market, SellersAndFriends can provide you with the best possible, complete support services whenever you buy cheap OSRS gold. We received thousands of positive opinions. If you have any questions regarding terms of service, conditions, items or user-related issues approach our employees in the Live Chat and our online support agent will help you with your situation.

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Our Live Chat customer support staff is available 24/7 to assist you with everything regarding the process of buying OSRS Gold. These guys are the best customer service out there, capable of fulfilling your needs to make this site the best place to buy a video game currency. If you have any doubts or worries, you lost your e-mail address, order amount is incorrect, or any simple question about payment options - contact us straight there. Please, use english language for your convenience.

Buy cheap RS07 Gold without PayPal! Looking for reliable Old School RuneScape gold? Just open Live Chat and our live agent will help you out with anything of your requirement. Although, we are not providing Runescape 3 gold (RS3) we might figure something out if you really need RS3 Gold. We accept most of the payment methods if you need to get yourself some Old School RuneScape gold from us. Our company does not provide skills power leveling, our goal is to supply the players' demand for the best OSRS gold. It's a task we aim for. 


What do you need Old School RuneScape Gold for?

It is one of these queries in the Internet, that is so obvious people still have needs to search through sites looking for answers. OSRS Gold is essential way to buy the most powerful gear, armor, weapons, staff, upgrades, pretty much all kinds of items, that will increase your combat level and allow you to best others. Powerful item set is what differs a newbie from a veteran, cause new player will not only lack skills levels, but also OSRS GP to fund himself strong equipment. Advanced players will grasp any opportunity to get an advantage over their enemies, and buying gold in OSRS is one of these factors. Fresh players is not able to buy his way onto the top, so he has to finish a lot of quests, level up skills, like Construction, Prayer, or Herblore, fill the inventory with resources, and then - only then - can he gain access to the true adventure. If you want to skip these activities, you may try and look for power-leveling services at MMOAuctions.com. Check out their fabolous content they have on their website. You can even buy an OSRS account there (without characters username change possible, sadly).

No matter what type your character is, if it's maxed or a 1 defense pure, or what your purpose is. Once you go into the raid with a squad that you're on the same page with, the feeling is incomparable. We have no idea how does one name himself a gamer without giving the OSRS a chance.



OSRS Gold (or GP) is the main currency of Gielinor and thanks to SellersAndFriends.com you can now get your Gold fast. Runescape is still a very popular title with a lot of players that grind endlessly for you to not have to.

RuneScape is an extremely old game and as such it has an economy dated and inflated by veterans. There are few ways of making OSRS gold. If you don’t want to buy RuneScape gold you can always try growing magic saplings or palm saplings or party up with your teammates for Chambers of Xeric and sell whatever drops there.

You could also try and find alternative method like buying and opening electric impling jars or tanning red dragon hide and then selling the product on the Grand Exchange. Farming some of the world bosses may prove to give benefits as they usually drop something of a price. 

All those methods will make you a maximum of 4 million OSRS Gold per hour which is not bad. There is one downside, however. Anyone who wants to use all of these ones, need to have a highly developed character with high skill levels and strong items. Also, it's not a quick method but it's high in ratings (e.g. opening fire impling jars requires 96 magic). Without enough skill some areas may be inaccessible for you.


Where to buy OSRS Gold

Thanks to sellersandfriends.com you can now skip the boring pointless and tedious 24/7 nightmare grind of gold and get yourself a jump-start without spending entire weeks in one cave just to make a decent living in the game, speed up your exping and get that rare firecape you always needed, keep up with the current meta, help yourself out with a quest and get ready to easily get into the hardest zone the game has to offer.

On our web page, you can buy safe OSRS gold! Get yourself a five stars experience and no problem delivery guarantee with sellersandfriends.com, spend your money to save yourself time for the actual game. The number of our satisfied buyers actually proves that our work gives visible effects. A client complaints about our fantastic webiste is an event that does not happen, and there's a reason for it. Our competition is nowhere near our deliveries time, not a single bit. Sellersandfriends.com website is so fast thanks to the innovative, incomparable Live Stock. 

It's safe! Our gold is hand made, it does not come from powerbot or similar third-party programs. We will never ask you for your password. Some may say there are bans for trading the OSRS gold, and they will be right - if they don't know how to arrange buy OSRS gold, they risk grabbing a ban. We protect our traders, each member, from any incovenience or risks. Satisfaction guaranteed is our job.

Over the course of our time in the game-currency trading market, SellersAndFriends learnt to provide you with the best possible service whenever you buy cheap OSRS gold. Everyone at sellersandfriends.com take pride in their legacy and honesty that's why thousands of players have already trusted our shop, both OSRS member and F2P players. Still not convinced?

Check out our traders testimonials on numerous websites, a lot of users over the internet recommend our products. If you have any questions regarding terms of service, conditions, items or user-related issues open live chat and our live chat agent will help you with your issue. Always be mindful of scam. Protect your data safety - mobile phone number, character name, email address, Skype ID, password at all times, as we do not take responsibility for an ID theft or other bad things happening. For whatever reasons you decide to give these data to someone, make sure it's a trusted entity. We do not guarantee any refund of your property in such cases. 

Our amazing webiste is open for 18 hours a day and we provide every customer with full attention. If anything changes, we'll give an update. We don't expect game-breaking OSRS versions update, but who knows... All orders matter to us all the same, irregardless of how much the transactions are worth. On our website, you can buy safe OSRS gold! Get yourself a five stars experience and delivery guarantee with sellersandfriends.com, spend your money to save yourself time for the actual game. It's safe! Our gold does not come from powerbot and similar third-party programs. Nothing is out of the order.

OSRS Gold isn't our only commodity. Check the menu in the top section for other currencies we have. 


RuneScape 2007

Not all gamers play their favorite titles for the pristine vibrant graphics, amazing soundtrack or captivating story. Some play certain games for their complexity and community. RuneScape is a perfect example of such a game. RuneScape is an MMORPG developed in 2001 by Jagex Ltd. where players set off for an adventure in the world of Gielinor. For any player that is looking for that old-school traditional feel with deep character, progression RuneScape is a godsend even though it might not be easy on the eyes. 

Our offer is also available on MMOAuctions - Free OSRS Gold Marketplace


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29 July 2021
Best service so far, nice fast and reliable customer service
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Fast delivery and kind livechat agents, you guys rock!
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Gotta say, outstanding service like best out there! keep it up!
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Frequently Asked Questions

buy osrs gold faq
  1. The order has been paid for. So what should I do now?

    Contact us through the Live Chat to get the Gold. Trades are done live so you need to catch us during our business hours. We promise, we don't ask names, only necessary data.

  2. Where should I come after buying OSRS Gold?

    We’re usually trading at Grand Exchange near the Banker. Get some trash stuff to give them in return for the Gold. Ask the support agent on Livechat at what World you're gonna trade.

  3. Is staking trade possible?

    Yes, it is but only with bigger purchases - ask our agent for more details.

  4. What are the conversion rates between OSRS Gold and RuneScape 3 Gold?

    Currently Old School RuneScape Gold to Runescape 3 gold is 1:4, and 5:1 the other way around. RS3 Gold value appears to be lower, because as for RuneScape OSRS is the OG title.

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