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You could not find a better place to buy MapleStory 2 Mesos on Hornbeam server. Over the years we have established our position as the reliable, responsible, and trustworthy MS2 Mesos trader. We provide for all MapleStory 2 servers, not only Hornbeam. See for yourself!

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Have your online wallet prepared! With G2A PAY you have:

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Check it out:

1. How much Mesos do you need? Type it in

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6. Allow us to guide you through the process.

That's it!

Instant delivery - You can expect your purchase to arrive at your account in 120 seconds within business hours. We are there for you 18h/7 days a week. Making a purchase outside of that time will result in a bit slower completion which will be made within 24 hours. So even if you made your purchase late night at the weekend you will receive it in below 24 hours.

Every user who registered an account gets a 1% bonus from every transaction. You can even rise this bonus up to 5% by making high value trades. If you don’t want to sign up don’t worry. By filling the trade form with your contact info during trades you are already authorized for the bonus. Because of that, we will make an account for you and your benefits will already be waiting there.

We are the most secure trading website, where you can buy and sell in-game goods. Safety of our users is always the most important value that we are putting a lot of emphasis on. There are over 5,500 happy users and countless reviews on TrustPilot, which are the proof of how safe you can feel with us.

You can have your questions answered, if you have any on Live Chat Support where we are waiting for your concerns. Our team is always online and ready to bring you some help and insight anytime you need it.

Have a good time with your newest MapleStory 2 Mesos acquisition. We believe, that now with our assistance you will become a true powerhouse on Hornbeam.

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