The fastest way to level to 70 FFXIV - Reach your highest level!

The fastest way to level to 70 FFXIV - Reach your highest level!
Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is just a classic MMO and one of the most acclaimed video games in this beloved franchise. Yes, we played FF XII, FFXIII, even FFXV, but our favorite is A Realm Reborn; we have to be honest. Anyway, a little difference between these games is that the latter has a very interesting leveling system (a harder one also), with a lot of ways to level up your character. 

We are talking about Challenge Log, Main Scenario Quests, Side Quests, Trials, Duties, Dungeons (especially The Palace of the Dead and the Heaven on High), etc, and get a lot of exp points. Next, in this article, we are going to describe the fastest way to level to 70 FFXIV: A Realm Reborn and all its expansions. 


Table of contents:

* What is the fastest way to reach level 70 in FFXIV?

* Dungeons


* FFXIV Side Quests

* Levequests

* Final Fantasy XIV leveling alternatives



What is the fastest way to reach level 70 in FFXIV?

Final Fantasy XIV level 70 enabled

There is no correct answer. What’s more, there is a complete set of ways to play and running through this game and quickly level up your character in Final Fantasy 14, either farming or completing special quests. We have mentioned some of them in the introduction of this article, but we have to choose the best ones so you can boost your gaming.  

But before listing the options, the first real challenge is to go from level 1 to level 50, which is when A Realm Reborn MSQs are close to the end. Then, with the Heavensward expansion, you will be able to reach level 60, the max level for this expansion. In addition, with Stormblood quests, you can reach level 70, and finally, with FFXIV Shadowbringers, you will be able to level up your character until level 80.



FFXIV level up to 70 dungeons, tanks, healers and DPS

Currently, this is our favorite path when it comes to leveling up quickly and earn a lot of XP. Dungeons are trials in which you have to run a ‘Battle Quest’ with a group of three users. Within these Trials, you can fulfill the role of or DPS (Damage per Second), or tank, or healer. Randomly, you will be put together with three other users. Regardless of your choice, Dungeons represent a great opportunity to fight against powerful enemies and face a huge boss, at the same time you collect some rare items and pieces of gear 

Something very beneficial from Dungeons is that you can come back to them as many times as you want. The best way to access Dungeons is still using the Duty Finder. In the case you don’t know, Duty Finder is a special feature where you can select all the special quests that you have completed in the game, no matter where you are on the map. Duty Finder and Duty Roulette are perfect to avoid travel and save time. Just select the dungeon and keep waiting until the system build the team 

In general, when you successfully complete a Dungeon, you go up one level, although it depends on your level compared to the Dungeon level. But as a general rule, if your current level is similar to the Dungeon level, then the above will be fulfilled. 

If this is your first time in FF14, then you don’t know that there are two types of Dungeons: Main Scenario Dungeons and Optional Dungeons. Next, we are going to make a list of the most interesting and decent enough dungeons in which you can get a large number of experience points. 



This is the first optional dungeon in the game. It is a level 20 dungeon located in Eastern Thanalan. To access this quest you have to complete the Main Scenario Quest ‘Dressed to Deceive’ and the Side Quest ‘Hallo Halatali’.


The Sunken Temple of Qarn

This is another optional Dungeon of level 35. To access this dungeon you have to unlock the quest ‘Braving New Depths’. To do this, talk with the Quest Giver, Nedrick Ironheart, in the Vesper Bay, in Western Thanalan. The most interesting thing about The Sunken Temple of Qarn is that it has three different bosses, the Teratotaur, the Temple Guardian, and the Adjudicator. This temple is perfect for players to get a lot of XP.


The Stone Vigil

A light party quest, part of the Main Storyline. To access this Dungeon you have to complete the MSQ ‘In pursuit of the Past’. One of the strongest points of this option is that it is a relatively short dungeon, so you can enter it repeatedly to get good experience points and Gil.


The Keeper of the lake

This is the last Main Scenario Dungeon of A Realm Reborn and it is located in Mor Dhona. It is often preferred by players to gain a lot of experience. To unlock the entrance to this dungeon you have to complete the Main Story Quest ‘The Rising Chorus’. The Quest Giver is Tataru. You can find him in Revenant’s Toll, in Mor Dhona. This dungeon also has three interesting bosses: the Einhander, the Magitek Gunship, and the Midgardsormr. 

To access dungeon runs beyond this point, you need the three expansions. If you don’t have them yet, we recommend that you buy them. Finally, one of the best things you can do regarding Dungeons is completing as many times as possible.  



FFXIV FATEs unmute

If you need a break from completing dungeons, then FATEs is the right choice. FATEs, perhaps, are the fastest and more varied method to get experience in the world of Eorzea. A FATE can be played solo or in a group. In FATEs, just like a dungeon, a level cap exists, that is to say, if the FATE is a level 20 FATE and your level is 30, your level will drop to 22. FATEs include bonuses regarding rating by doing damage or taking damage or healing other players.  

There are five types of FATEs. Next, we are going to define each of them, in case you want to continue earning experience. Just focus on one type if you don’t know what to do. 


Kill enemies

In this FATE you have to kill waves and waves of enemies that appear at different points of the area. In this type of FATE you can have the help of random players, regardless of the classes, or, failing that, you join a FATE that has already started. 


Kill bosses

Very similar to the previous one. The difference is that, in this case, you have to defeat a powerful and one large boss. In some cases, a boss plus regular enemies. These FATEs appear on the map with a purple icon with a monster maw. Some of the best Bosses you can face are:

  • Odin
  • Behemoth
  • Coeurlregina
  • Ixion
  • Foxy Lady
  • A finale Most Formidable
  • The Head, the Tail, the Whole Damned Thing.



In this type of FATE, you have to defend some valuable object from waves of enemies. Common objects are craters, chests, provisions, etc. If any of those objects are destroyed by enemies, so the FATE is failed.



As its name says, in this FATE you have to escort an NPC or several NPCs from one place to another. To reach this goal, you will have to face different types of monsters who want to kill your ‘principal’.



In this last type of FATE, you have to collect and turn in special items. The locations of these FATEs are indicated with a purple sign with a small bag. Generally, the area where you have to collect the items is surrounded by several types of enemies, some more powerful than others. 


FFXIV Side Quests

FF14 Side Quests sign

Completing Side Quests is a great way to quickly level up your characters in Final Fantasy XIV. The only problem with Side Quest, according to our point of view, is that they are limited resources. When you have done a Side Quest it is impossible to do it again, for obvious reasons. 

Just like Main Scenario Quests, Side Quests have different levels and you can access them no matter what your levels, except in some specific cases. 

One strong point of Side Quest is that you have the possibility to access them in all the corners of Eorzea, and many of them are unlocked at the end of another and with the same Side Quest Giver.

We recommend that you try to stay in some Hot Spot, such as Big City or little towns. This way you can complete one and immediately pass to another just in a matter of seconds. 

Side Quests reward you with a ton of experience points and Gil. If you complete six or seven Side Quests of your same level, it is highly probable that you reach the next level. This should take you like 45 minutes, maybe 1 hour. 



Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Levelquests

Levequests, just like FATEs, are very fast missions in which you have to kill some random enemies or to craft some special item, or to gather some ores in a zone nearby. To unlock Levequests in a certain area you have to talk with the Levemetes, which are NPCs located in some strategic points for all Eorzea. The first Levequest that the Levemete gives you is a very simple one. Once you finish this first Levequest, you can access other Levequests. 


Final Fantasy XIV leveling alternatives

FFXIV Leveling up to level 70 keyboard shortcuts


The Hunting Log

The completion of Hunting Log or to grind are two of the best alternatives methods to gain great experience in Final Fantasy XIV. 

Regarding Hunting Log to check your list of creatures you have to hunt, just go to the main menu or the Hotbar and look over class by class. Each class and job (Gunbreaker, Dancer, Gladiator, Pugilist, etc.) has its own list of monsters in Hunting Log. Additionally, each of these lists has its own rank and is divided into levels. Each level has 10 different types of monsters you must hunt. According to their level, when you hunt three of four (depending on the creature), the hunt rewards you with a good amount of experience points.  All the logs work in a very similar way, without big differences. 


Beast Tribe Quests

It is another alternative to gain one or another bonus regarding leveling up characters in FFXIV. These daily quests are given for Beast Tribes Factions, the Sylphs, the Amalj’aa, the Sahagin, The Kobolds, or the Ixali. Completing these quests will reward you not just with Gil, items, Ventures, and Tombstone, but also with Reputation Points, which you can use to purchase furnishings, mounts, minions, food, and other things. 


Deep Dungeons (Palace of the Dead - Heaven on High)

Deep Dungeons (dungeons whose architecture and structure switch every time you enter the quest) are also a great alternative to get a little bit more XP than regular Dungeons. HoH (Heaven on High) or Palace of the Dead are great examples of it and provide great experience and items. Both have several parts that are continually interspersed. The number of possibilities regarding how these parts appeared is infinite. When you enter a DD you will start from scratch, that is to say, from level 1. As you advance through the Dungeon, your level will go up and you will be able to face enemies and bosses.


The Grand Company

Finally, being part of a Grand Company will give you access to quests that otherwise would not be available. Reach the Second Lieutenant rank to access a special quest and a great number of seals, buffs, and XP. The best of this alternative is that you will not queue to enter or go to the menu, settings, and stuff as in the previous alternatives. 


Challenge Log

Weekly, you can complete certain challenges, which will reward you with a large amount of experience points. To unlock the Challenge Log you have to complete the level 15 Main Scenario Quest ‘Rising to the Challenge’. The categories added to this log are the following:

  • Dungeons.
  • Guildhests
  • PvP.
  • FATEs
  • Levequests.
  • Disciplines of the Hand.
  • Disciplines of the Land.
  • Treasure Hunt.
  • Beast Tribes Quests.
  • Grand Company.
  • Retainer.
  • Companions.
  • Player Commendation.
  • Gold Saucer.
  • Wondrous Tails.
  • Custom Deliveries. 
  • Eureka.
  • Overall Completion.


The fastest way to level to 70 FF14 conclusions

FFXIV fastest way to level up captions comment

We have arrived at the end of one of the best FFXIV guides we have released. Thank you for reading this info until here. We have had a lot of fun, but it is the time that leaves the rest of the task to you. The content that we have prepared is not unknown to anyone, just our personal opinion on which is the fastest way to level to 70 in FFXIV as well as public knowledge. But we believe that it will be a little less useless and more efficient for you than youtube videos or some boring web pages which you can see on your computer. Thanks to this guide you will have a great advantage against enemies and other users. 

Just make sure to leave your comments in the box below this article if you want to share it and fill the nickname part; feel free to do it. Please, keep in mind you can join our community, do a quick search, and read some other guides, tips, and reviews we are always preparing for you every day and week. We are making a great effort, getting better and better, everything so that you gets the best content about Final Fantasy XIV and other games from the best source on the web. 

Last but not least, we have the top offers of FFXIV GIL on our platform. Click over the link below and join the adventure with a lot of resources!







What is the fastest way to level in FFXIV?

Entering Roulettes and selecting Dungeons is the fastest way to level up your character, despite the queues which can take 3 or 4 minutes. 50 60 70 Dungeons represent a great way to achieve this goal. You can absolutely live for life doing this and you will reach the level you want.


How long does it take to get to level 70 FFXIV?

Generally, it may take around 70 hours, of course, if you don't take care of different jobs. From level 1 to level 50 will be relatively easy. After this, your life bar and experience bar will grow so much, so leveling up will take about two hours per level. 


How long does it take to max level in FF14?

The last level cap in FFXIV is level 80. This new max-level release with the expansion Shadowbringers means more entertainment for most players. Also, this new level means new content in the channels of Duty Finder (Raid, Alliance, Guildhest, etc.)


How long does the road to 70 Buff?

The road to 70 Buff doubles all your experience gained and lasts 90 days after you create a character. Thanks to this, you won’t have to wait any longer to reach the maximum level, at least in Stormblood expansion. 


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