FFXIV Boosting Services - Raising your level with a partner

FFXIV Boosting Services - Raising your level with a partner
Final Fantasy XIV

It is known that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a huge video game with thousands of hidden corners, secrets for everywhere, main characters, alts, races, classes, skills to discover, etc. In one word, FF14 is full of possibilities

Regarding this, Boosting and Power Leveling FFXIV can be reached by many paths, but not all of them are great good ones. In this guide, we are going to address the most efficient ways to reach the maximum level as soon as possible with FFXIV Boosting Service


Table of contents:

* FFXIV Power Leveling and Boosting - how do they work?

* FFXIV Boosting Service - which quests should you focus on your adventure

* Final Fantasy 14 Farming

* FFXIV Side Quests


* FFXIV Dungeons

* Hunting Log

* How to hire an FF14 Boosting Service? Additional info



FFXIV Power Leveling and Boosting - how do they work?

Many people might not know the differences between Power Leveling and Boosting. The main difference between both methods is that in the case of PL a more experienced player takes care of your account and they make sure of leveling up your character as soon as possible, just in a few days. In Boosting Service, you will have the companion of a more experienced player to gain XPs quickly from difficult challenges. 

In the first instance, power leveling in FF14 works, mainly, via Main Scenario Quests, Side Quests, gathering, and crafting. This is the regular method that will provide a lot of experience to level up your character. If you follow the MSQ verbatim, you always will have the level enough to face the challenges and defeat the enemies, but in a very tight way.

In order to complete this job, the gamer will focus on some special quests, such as Trials, Challenges, FATEs, Dungeons, etc. that are required to gain a large number of experience. This is our power leveling service to you. 

Boosting Service, on the other side, contemplates many of these quests, at least where the experience can be shared. In Boosting, a professional player will guarantee you that they will be at your side most part of the time, that way you can complete hard quests. Once this process is done and completed, the transaction will come to its end.

In Final Fantasy XIV, you can add friends and these friends can help you to face hard challenges, get weapons, and complete quests that in another way you cannot. Through this via works mainly the Boosting Service.


Final Fantasy XIV Boosting Service - which quests should you focus on your adventure?

Beyond Main Story Quests and the Side Quests that work perfectly for Power Leveling, Final Fantasy XIV has some options that allow you to reach levels quickly via Boosting. Some of them we already have mentioned above, but at this point, we are going to detail each of them.


Final Fantasy 14 Farming

FFXIV Boosting products  player housing

Farming is the classic movement in any MMORPG, the key method you choose when you want to get FFXIV Gil or loot special items, which you can sell later to some store owners, but farming is also a great way to gain experience if you know where to look or which enemies to chase. 

The device here is very simple: always try to fight against monsters or creatures that are several levels above yours. Since Final Fantasy 14 is an open world, you can look for them pretty much anywhere. 

Go further from the comfort zone and explore areas with strong enemies. Of course, be careful and just fight battles you know you can win. 

For example, if you start the game in Ul'dah, don’t face the first level 1 or 2 creatures you find outside the Door of the Sultana, such as Star Marmots or Huge Hornets. It is better if you face level 5 or higher enemies such as Spriggan Graverobber. Creatures like this will not only reward with great experience points but also with a large amount of Gil. Furthermore, they can drop some crafting materials. 

As you should know, FFXIV is an online game, so you can share certain experiences with other players. Farming with a friend several levels above yours will be very easy. 


FFXIV Side Quests

Final Fantasy Boosting service character name cookies

Of course, you can finish the game without doing a Side Quest but we believe it is not the best form to enjoy this video game.  (you would lose a lot of valuable information and resources). 

Side Quests can help you if you focus on them but just on them. Side Quests are really easy and fast to complete (the most), and many of them will reward you with interesting items, which you can sell on the market for some currency. The only problem with Side Quests is that you can't come back and do them again. 

Since Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn is plenty of these quests for everywhere, name some of them is a useless task. 

What we can say, like in the previous section, is that you try to carry out as many quests as possible. And if those quests are some levels above you, even better.

For example, if you start the game in Ul’dah, you will have at your disposal dozens of quests. It is not necessary to leave the city so soon (unless absolutely necessary). It's better if you stay in the city for a while completing those quests. 

It will only take a few minutes to complete some of them, and you will reach some levels just in a matter of hours. This way you will have uploaded all your classes, the Disciplines of the War/Magi, The Disciplines of the Hand, and The Discipline of the Land that you have chosen. 

We only have one tip for you: complete Side Quests about killing enemies in the companion of a mentor. This way you can complete SQ 10 or more levels above yours and get a lot of experience points. 


FFXIV Boosting usage package website boostroom


FATEs are one of our favorite ways for Boosting in Final Fantasy XIV, regardless of whether we are playing in some of the expansions: Heavensward, Stormblood or Shadowbringers, or the base game. FATEs are very simple. 

FATEs are spread throughout Eorzea. To find out where a FATE takes place you only have to check your map. The FATEs are marked with a purple icon and a zone of influence. 

There are several types of FATEs. In some you have to fight against a single powerful enemy, in others, you have to kill a certain number of creatures in a certain period of time. One of the requirements of the FATEs is that your level must be similar to the FATE. If it is not, your level will automatically adjust to the FATE level. 

FATEs are perfect to face powerful enemies in the company of a Boosting supplier. Thanks to them, you can earn enough experience to reach new levels quickly


FFXIV Dungeons

FFXIV Dungeons offer password


Dungeons are a totally different page in the main story of Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn. Some of them are optional, so you have to unlock them. To enter a Dungeon you have to build a team with other members. This is the opportunity to build a light party with an experienced mentor. The following are some of the best Dungeons according to level and our criteria. 


The Tam-Tara Deepcroft 

FFXIV Boosting Tam-Tara Deepcroft item


It is a level 16 Main Scenario Quest Dungeon located in the Central Shroud. It is the second Dungeon in the game (the first Dungeons, Sastasha is too easy for most gamers and does not represent a real challenge) and the first one that rewards you with good experience points. To unlock this Dungeon you have to complete the Main Story Quest ‘Fire in the Bloom’.



Halatali dungeon


It is the first optional Dungeon in FF14. This is a level 20 Dungeon and is located in Eastern Thanalan. The only request to unlock these natural caverns is completing the level 20 MSQ ‘Dressed to Deceive’.


The Sunken Temple of Qarn 

The sunken Temple of Qarn delivery point


This is a level 35 Dungeon located in Southern Thanalan. Its gate is nearby ruins, in the western part of the map. To unlock the Dungeon you have to talk with Nedrick Ironheart, the quest giver, and then with Bibimu. 


Cutter’s Cry 

Cutter's cry dungeon


Another optional Dungeon. In this case, a level 38 quest. This Dungeon is really hard (we died like three times the first time we played) and looks like a giant anthill of sand. To unlock this Dungeon, the user has to talk with Sibold, in the Steps of Thal, and then start the quest ‘Dishonor Before Death’.

If you enter any of these Dungeons with the Boosting Supplier (one that is well equipped), you won’t have any problems in finishing it and you will reach a new level in a matter of minutes.  

Finally, we have to say Dungeons will reward you with rare gear and unique goods, which you can sell (and purchase) in each store of every big city, specifically, in the marketplace. This way you can kill two birds with one stone. 


Hunting Log 

FFXIV Hunting sub specializations, contact us by email or skype


Every class in Final Fantasy XIV has its own Hunting Log, some kind of list or diary where you can check the names of certain creatures you have to hunt. The plan here is to walk by all Eorzea hunting these creatures (three of them, actually, sometimes four). For each successful hunt, you will receive a large amount of XPs and Gil. Furthermore, when you complete a list of ten creatures, you will receive additionally another amount of XPs and Gil. Then you will have access to a new set of hunts. 

The list of hunts per class is too long to put here, but the important thing is that you can check it in the main menu. Even, the list gives you the location where you can find the specific creatures, which makes your seeking easier. 

Some of these creatures are too powerful to kill them alone. Hunting with a good companion is always a good way of facing strong enemies, raids, and getting a lot of experience points in a short period of time. Get the perfect company through Boosting Service and go hunting!


How to hire an FF14 Boosting Service? Additional info

FFXIV Boosting Service


Boosting Services are illegal just in a few countries (yeah, we are seeing you, South Korea) but, in general, they are a very common practice among professional players. 

Hiring Boosting Services is a safe practice if you do it through appropriate channels and professional websites, such as MMOAuctions, which you can access by clicking here

Talking about payment methods, generally, credit cards and virtual wallets are the most used ones. 

Most web pages that have available tools have very secure server structures, with software that protects you from possible scams. Also, they have ranking systems in which you can find out what is the performance of any of the suppliers. Without going further, most providers are professionals and have hundreds of successful transactions that endorse them.  


FFXIV Boosting Service conclusions

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is the last of the greatest games of Square Enix. If you don’t have it, please contact and buy FFXIV, we totally recommend it to you; it is an incredible experience.

Talking about the topic, we hope this guide we have prepared for you will help you to get the best results regarding Boosting Services for clients and to clear any question you have. Many players don’t know what exactly this kind of service is, or how it works, or save everything they need from this. 

On our site, Sellers and Friends, you may find multiple details in terms of gaming, much more content, and other guides of this marvelous game. Use the filter for mobile and Windows to do a quick search. In addition to all kinds of offers we are selling, this is our passion. And don´t worry, you won’t have any problem with your product or using our service., it is very reliable. We have Trust Shield Protection, security software for the seller and buyer; your info is safe with us no matter what you have made. Furthermore, we deliver our orders directly to your account.

Click here if you want to check some special offers that are on sale. If you are not registered on our website, just do it and you will have access to this and much more. If you are logged, and you have any questions, don’t hesitate and feel free to contact us through our customer support or live chat. Fill the box below and you will be within the game and become a member of our community! We are here to help you! 




What is the fastest way to level up my character in FFXIV?

Leveling up your character in FF14 has a really high price (we are not talking about the prices of gold, money, or coins), and it is investing time, effort, and resources. Anyway, the fastest way is to use the Duty Roulette and completing all the quests that are available for you, including Trials and PvP. 


How long does it take to get the max level in FF14?

It takes most users about 50 hours to level up to maximum, at least in the initial part of the game, A Realm Reborn. If you play the expansions, reaching level 80 will take you about 80 hours. To do this, you need to farm as crazy and to complete the unending quests you find in the open world. If you have a special job, as Black Mage, then will take 30 hours more to reach the level cap.


Is the Palace of the Dead the best way to level up in FF14?

If you are a recurrent player of FFXIV, you know PoD is one of the best ways to get experience and boost and get any or another good weapon. Just sort your priorities and start for Dungeons or Deep Dungeons like this or Heaven on High or Eden Quests. 


How much is a level boost FFXIV?

In the general market, you can acquire a level boosting service for 25 USD, which can level up your character until level 50. We know the price is not the same in all the parts of the globe, but it is an estimate. Maybe in the EU there is another price and in other countries, it is the same story, but it would not change much, really. 


On which platforms can I play FFXIV?

You can play this incredible game on PS4, Mac, and PC. Soon will be available for PlayStation 5, and it is very likely that it will bring new expansions, classes, jobs, and land to explore.


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