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Albion Online is MMORPG developed by German Studio - Sandbox Interactive. To have access to the game players need to purchase "Starter Packs" which grant several amounts of Albion Online Gold. The action takes place in the European Middle Ages with the addition of magic. Albion Online is sandbox MMORPG. Most of the game's events and economics are generated by players activity.

Materials, Albion Online Gold called also Albion Online Silver, or items can only be found, made, craft only by players or purchased from other players. In the game, we can find an advanced urban development system that allows guilds to charge fees to leased buildings.

The fundamental element of the game is full loot PvP. The fight in Albion Online is played in real time and is based on solutions known from the production of hack'and'slash. In addition to clashes with other players, there is also the possibility of skirmishes with monsters.

The graphics were prepared in such a way that the production could be launched also on mobile devices, which makes the game a truly multiplatform title.

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