How to make money in EFT - Get best equipment with very little effort.

How to make money in EFT - Get best equipment with very little effort.
Escape from Tarkov

We all love to spend cash. Whether it means buying a new Rolex, a tasty sandwich, or some new clothes. To provide for our needs, we go to work to earn money. In Escape from Tarkov, you won't find a boss that could employ you. Luckily there are lots of different methods that can be used to make money. All of them are viable as long as you are getting profit; however, some of them will be more profitable or enjoyable than others. In this guide, we will give you a quick rundown on how to make money in the game.


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Methods with risk involvement

Playing on Interchange map

Interchange is one of the most loot-rich maps in Escape from Tarkov that doesn't require specific keys to access most of its contents. Unlike Shoreline, Labs, Reserve, and Customs, you will be able to access almost all of the places on the map for free. AI also seems to be easier in this one than it is on the Labs or Reserve, so this is also an excellent place to begin as a new player.

Most of the loot on Interchange can be found on the shelves. Items like electronic parts are extremely common there, but that is not your primary source of income that you will be looking for. You want to find hidden weapon crates that are left in shadows and at the spots that might be difficult to reach. Very often, you can see them in concealed, secure locations where other players won't be able to shoot you in the back. It gives beginners a perfect looting opportunity.

If you are struggling to find chest locations, you might also loot shelves that we have mentioned before. By gathering electronics from them, you can make a similar or even better profit than through the boxes. The biggest drawback of this method is the fact that shelves are much more exposed to other players than crates. It won't be uncommon that you will be shot while collecting them, so always do that carefully.


Looting Azure Coast

The next method on the list does require an initial investment. Shoreline, just like every other map, has the loot scattered around various places, but items that lay on the random spots are not an interest for you if you want to make a good amount of profit on this map. Most of the Tarkov players know that the house on the hill ("Azure Coast" health resort) holds the best loot in the game - if you can access all of the rooms, that is. Some of them have to be unlocked by the special keys that you can get either from the market, from random spawns on the map, or from looting enemy corpses.

The house that you will be trying to loot has narrow corridors and small rooms. Most of those are unlocked. However, for some, you will need matching keys. Those rooms hold the most valuable items, and if you want to make money on Shoreline, then getting to them will be your target. The resort itself is a large, multi-leveled building, but the insides are very claustrophobic. You should take with you guns with a high rate of fire that performs exceptionally well on a short-range to gain an advantage over your opponents.

In the rooms, you can find a lot of valuable loot like BitCoins and other barter items, which can easily make you hundreds of thousands of profit. If you are lucky enough to collect everything by yourself, you might be even able to get away with over a million roubles worth of loot. Keep in mind that there will be competition since you are not the only one who knows about this method.


Risk-free methods

Scav runs

SCAVs are randomly generated characters that can be controlled during the game by the AI or by the player. They are usually less equipped than the PMC's, but they still hold a gun in their hands, which means that they are just as deadly. If you choose to run as a Scav, you are given free equipment - a gun, small amounts of ammo, and some basic gear. You won't get military vests or helmets that will help you survive during the fight, but you still can outgun and kill your enemies. This, however, doesn't mean that you should pick fights.

As a SCAV, you gain a risk-free attempt at making money. Focus on gathering loot and avoiding fights during gameplay. Items like Room Key or Dog Tags take small amounts of inventory space and can be sold for a fair price, so make sure to pick them up. Fill up your bags with loot like knives, stackable bags, and vests. If you are looking for an excellent place to go to as a SCAV, you might try the Shoreline map. After you spawn rush towards the extract point, collecting all of the Military Crates on your way. Another fine place is Interchange. Avoid both close and long-range combats and play passively to escape with loot unseen.



This method is not exclusive to Escape from Tarkov, and it can be found in almost every multiplayer online game that has some Auction House or Market where players can buy and sell goods between each other. Flipping is the basic capitalistic strategy that relies on making a profit from buying products at low prices from the Flea Market and selling them for more. As for the requirements, you will need some investment in the form of cash or items. It would also be good to have all of the Level 2 traders unlocked since this will allow you to trade more goods and make a better profit from them.

The trick to make a profit on Flipping is not to be too greedy. You can earn a lot of cash by buying multiple items a reselling them at higher, but still fair price. No one will buy from you if you list what you've got for two or three times the market price. Your sales will be most likely purchased by players who don't pay attention to a small difference in item prices. Make sure to aim only for things traded frequently. You can either buy weapon modifications that are hard to find for the new players or invest in items that are necessary to complete certain quests. It's up to your imagination to come up with something that will give you a high-profit margin.


Durability Scams

In the beginning, we want to point out that we do not encourage this kind of behavior. Durability Scams are profitable for a large group of people, but they are against many moral principles. Players often post on the market items that have been used and have very low durability. You can find almost every item in the game with lower durability than the maximum on the market. People sell them for the same price as unused items, so they are cheating on unaware users and new players that don't know that it is possible. We are mentioning it so you won't waste your money on that kind of trickery, but keep in mind that this kind of behavior ruins the fun from playing for other players. Do not do to others what you do not like.



With the methods stated above, you should be able to afford your first equipment easily and make enough money to get a decent amount of ammo. We have described three ways of getting Roubles that can work for beginners or more advanced players. Getting rich in Escape from Tarkov might seem difficult at first, but we believe that with this guide, you will be able to overcome difficulties and get what you need. Waste no more time and get rich in the game!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you farm money in Tarkov?

Most of the money-making methods involve looting certain places.

Can you buy money in Tarkov?

You can get cheap EfT Roubles at Sellers and Friends website.

How do you make money on Tarkov Flea Market?

By buying items on below-average prices and selling them for a little bit more.


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Bailfromme • 2 April 2020 Azure Coast got me lots of money. When its not crowded it is the best spot in the game Reply
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GokuKamehame • 7 May 2020 tbh flipping is the best since there are so many people who buy overpriced shit in this game Reply
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Lopen666 • 8 May 2020 The best advice is GIT GUD. Loot maps, go to extraction and boom - you're rich. No farming method gonna help you if you keep dying and losing your stuff xD Reply
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Lawrendigo12 • 10 May 2020 I just go for scav runs when I can. I don't lose anything and it actually lets me get a lot of items to use or sell Reply
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HachibuchiOni • 20 May 2020 SCAV runs are the way to go Reply
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