Escape from Tarkov quests - what to do in the abandoned city

Escape from Tarkov quests - what to do in the abandoned city
Escape from Tarkov

EFT quests are an essential in the early part of the game. Some are easy and enjoyable, some, like The Punisher part 4, will get under your skin. Nevertheless, they're less of a factor later on, and they're not the main appeal of Escape from Tarkov. However, it would be best if you still learned about the quests – they're the most efficient way of leveling up your character. This guide is made solely for that purpose.


Escape from Tarkov leveling

You might think that getting experience is not important in a game like Escape from Tarkov. After all, it's a loot-focused shooter. The things that really matter are a powerful gun, good eye, and a quick trigger-finger. You would be partially right – all these things are really useful if you want to succeed in EFT.

However, experience and levels will give you access to skills – handy passives that can improve a lot of aspects of your PMC (the main character). From weapon usage, through physical and mental attributes, all the way to non-combat abilities like trading with other players and NPCs. Besides questing, you can also get experience by taking part in raids as your main character (Scav runs don't count towards your EXP).

Quests won't just give you levels. They also provide other interesting rewards. They include money (Roubles or Dollars), weapons, ammo, even weapon containers. Moreover, you will gain reputation (rep) and access to buying items that are initially locked (either by reputation barrier or by specific quests).

As we said, you have to complete all the quests during online raids, and most of them require playing your PMC. Trying to finish a difficult quest can make surviving the raid a bit harder. You might want to consider leaving some of the best gear in your stash and trying to quest with weaker items. You'll be more likely to fail, but you will less likely lose your favorite equipment.


Quest Givers

Multiple NPCs can reward you for completing quests. The full list comprises of Prapor, Therapist, Skier, Peacekeeper, Mechanic, Ragman, Jaeger, and Fence. In the beginning, you will interact mainly with Prapor and Therapist. The first quests are quite simple – they require you to kill Scavengers in a specific location or collect certain items and bring them back for the reward. Remember - to get the rewards, you have to complete the objectives during online raids. None of the progress that you make in the offline mode will be carried over to the multiplayer servers.

The quest rewards (other than money and experience) are usually associated with the NPC that gives out the task. Prapor is a weapon dealer, so his quests can often present you with guns, ammunition, or grenades. The Therapist is all about the medical supplies, and that's what you can get for completing her tasks. The quests given by Skier provide weapons, backpacks, and armor items, and so on.

Peacekeeper is representing the UN troops, so he has access to western weapons – associated with NATO. Moreover, he'll pay you in Dollars instead of Roubles. In order to access the Peacekeeper's quests, you first have to complete Friend from the West Part 2, given by Skier. A lot of the Mechanic's quests require you to modify a weapon to fit set parameters – rewards are mostly weapons and BitCoins, according to wiki. Ragman trades in armors and backpacks, so this is what you can get for finishing his quests. Jaeger is the survival specialist – he can reward you with various tools, miscellaneous items and some weapons. To start questing for him, you will have to complete a task called Introduction, given by the Mechanic. Finally, Fence only gives you a single quest that requires you to collect 12 rare items – its reward is a valuable container.


Types of quests

Depending on the tasks required to finish them, quests are divided into several types.

Elimination – you have to kill a certain number of specific enemies (for example, 10 Scavs). The quest can also define the location and/or equipment that you're supposed to use. You will receive a lot of these quests from Prapor, but most of the other NPC quest givers have some of them too.

Pick Up – they require you to find quest-unique items and deliver them to the employer. They will usually specify the exact location of the objective.

Discover – these quests require you to find (and often mark) particular objects on the map. You will also have to survive the raid and get out alive.

Exploration – really similar to the previous category, but will often require visiting multiple spots. You might have to search the perimeter a bit more for this one.

Completion – it's a group of all the mission-like quests that don't really fit the previous categories. However, similarly to Pick Up, they'll often involve some quest-unique items.

Skill – their objective is to level up an individual skill to the specific level.

Parameter-Oriented Modding – exclusive to Mechanic; require altering weapon in a way that lets it reach certain specifications.

There also are Merchant and Loyalty quests that require you to pay a large sum of currency or reach a specific reputation level.   


EFT Quests

Quests are a great feature of Escape from Tarkov. They provide additional objectives to raiding and make the gameplay even more enjoyable. The extra experience is the most valuable early on when you're trying to advance to higher levels as quickly as possible. However, the more difficult quests in the later levels provide even more EXP and other valuable rewards. A source of extra items is always worth your time in the game as difficult as Escape from Tarkov! If you're interested in more Escape from Tarkov content, make sure to search our blog and read some more guides and articles. We will see how many new ideas and customs does Battlestate Games, the EfT publisher, have left in hand, as there is still room for improvement. Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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