Customs Map Escape From Tarkov - guide to loot and extractions

Customs Map Escape From Tarkov - guide to loot and extractions
Escape from Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov is a game that must be on the list of every looter-shooter, survival player looking for challenging maps full of action. Battlestate Games inc. gives a title full of enemies, maps, and interesting locations to search for loose loot, exit points, Scav spawns, and weapons. A title that has become a staple in the gaming world. With this guide, you will fill your Stash to the brim. 

In Escape From Tarkov, the story is pretty simple. You select if you want to play as a SCAV or a PMC to work your way around the city. You select one of the maps where the main mission is to loot every possible area without being killed and reach the extraction points.

The number of players and duration of the game will differ depending on every map, but one thing is sure: it doesn’t matter where you play, the idea is pretty similar, and it won’t be easy since every area is different. If you want to release the beast, you will need to have all the information and improve every possible skill.

In this Escape From Tarkov Customs Map Guide you will learn the keyboard shortcuts, the boss spawn and how to defeat him, the extraction points, and the important areas. It will help you know the location of all spawn points on every side of the map such as:

- the Old Gas Station, 

- Dorms V-Ex, 

- Trailer Park, 

- Factory Far Corner, 

- Military Base, 

- RUAF Roadblock, 

- Passage between rocks, 

- Railroad to port, 

- Sniper roadblock, 

- ZB 1011 bunker, 

- ZB 1012 bunker, 

- Admin Gate, 

- Military checkpoint, 

- Tower north, 

- Dorms.

Aside from this, we have some other areas to get money or surprise your enemies like the shipping yard, storage sheds, and even buildings and every construction area on your way, so you can move like a real PMC and be the envy of all the players in the game.

eft customs map image  old gas station

Exploring every Escape From Tarkov Customs side of the map

The first thing we can say about EfT Customs Map is that it’s the first map new players should play. If you are discovering this awesome game of Battlestate Games, then a Customs map will be the best way of getting familiar with the dynamics. If you play as a PMC, the risk gets higher since you can lose your loot, but you will also comprehend how the extraction points and spawn points work.

Now let’s talk about what you will generally find in Escape From Tarkov Customs Map. This is an industrial parkland area pretty close to the factory you can find here the guide for the Factory map

You will find lots of attractive places to loot and surprise the enemy at short or long distance, so be extra careful and pay attention to the site.

The game duration in this map is 45 minutes, and it can have from 8 to 13 players. The boss is Reshala, and facing him will not be easy at all.

tarkov customs map click fullscreen  old gas station

Visiting the boss spawn 

On Escape From Tarkov Customs Map, you can find Reshala in many places like the dorms, the Scav stronghold, and rarely at the tower north of the new gas station or between checkpoint woods and sub-station. The guy carries a TT pistol 7.26x25 TT Gold and is accompanied by four armored guards. He will be extra hostile if you are playing as a scav, but don’t be so confident as a PMC either.

Getting rid of Reshala is a big challenge. In order to eliminate the boss, you will first need to search him on one of the locations of the Escape From Tarkov Customs Map. Then avoid being seen or he will be covered by his bodyguards -pretty logic considering he is paying money for protection- so you will have to kill those guys first. The good news is they have some interesting weapons you can loot, and more than one thing will be useful at some point in the game.

Look for an indoors site. Bodyguards usually attack groups, so reducing the space will allow you to have them on the same point, then you can use a grenade to eliminate them. Killing the boss should be easier because he is not wearing any armor.

escape from tarkov reshala old gas station

Important locations to consider

There are tons of keys on this map since it’s pretty big and has many things to loot. The most important is the Factory key since it’s vital if you are planning to escape at ZB 013 extraction point.

This map has lots of locations to explore, including extraction points and more than one scav spawn point.

On Escape From Tarkov Customs Map, you will find woods, water, and an old gas station, but on the other side of the map, you will find a trailer park, and in the north, there will be the dorms, some buildings that also work as extraction points.

The truth is that Battlestate Games has created a great map full of icons, but a little bit hard to explore because of its hugeness. If you want to amplify your domain on the land, then you should practice it - being a SCAV is a great option then because you won’t lose anything if you are killed in the game, remember to visit each and every one of the extract points, which we will mention now.

escape from tarkov customs map


EfT Customs characteristics

Customs is recommended for beginners mostly because of the large open spaces, less crowded areas, and less risk. The combat usually takes place in the middle and long-distance. Also, it is known for having decent loot but not the best one. Thus it doesn't attract the most experienced, well-equipped hardcore players. In some hours you are able to fill your bag with a few hundred thousand Roubles, give or take, worth of junk without a single soul found. The loot can include weapons, weapon racks, crates and boxes with ammo and parts of weapons, grenade boxes, locked safes, money, cash registers, a jacket here and there, computers, dead bodies, loose medicines, and medical bag, etc.

On top of that, a lot of beginners' quests are available on the Customs map. Hence, advanced players will have fewer reasons to lurk around there. You will not die in a second.

It doesn't mean that you cannot play Customs when you are an advanced player. Even more so, you can relax knowing that any possible encounter will not be that challenging. Although, still Customs is a bridge between players who just started and the battle-marked veterans. 


Extraction points on Customs to consider

As you already know, the most important part of all Escape From Tarkov maps is to find the extracts where players can go and be rescued. The game has worked on providing every player with lots of options available on every map, each point with different characteristics in order to work. You will find 23 different extracts on the Escape From Tarkov Customs Map


Escape From Tarkov Customs Map extraction points 




Always available?



administration gate escape from tarkov

Administration Gate



  You will find it on the middle right part of the customs map, really close to Scavs checkpoint.

crossroads escape from tarkov




  You will find it on the left part of the map, close to the storage.

dorms v ex edited escape from tarkov

Dorms V-Ex



7000 Roubles per player, max 4 players

You will find it on the dorms part at the north of the customs map. Remember to stay close to the car. Otherwise, it'll go off without you and you'll have to hold your shift button sprinting to make it to a different point.

factory far corner escape from tarkov

Factory Far Corner



  It's located at the right part of the customs map, really close to ZB 1011.

factory shacks

Factory Shacks



  Located on the center of the map, you will find a weapon box. Portable Cabin Key of Customs will be needed, which you can find at the factory zone. 

military base cp

Military Base CP



  You will find this point on the right part of the map, near a barrel cache.

old gas station

Old Gas Station



Green flares mean it’s working

Located on the south part of Escape From Tarkov customs map.

old road gate old gas station

Old Road Gate



  Located on the north part of the customs map.

passage between rocks

Passage between rocks



  You will find it on the left part of the Customs map, close to the Military Base CP.

ruaf roadblock dorms v ex

RUAF Roadblock



Searchlight on means it’s open

Located on the south part, really close to the warehouse and the water.

railroad to military base factory far corner

Railroad To Military Base



  Pretty close to Passage between Rocks, just follow the tracks up to the right on the Escape From Tarkov customs map. 

railroad to tarkov factory far corner

Railroad To Tarkov



  This point is located on the south part of the map, at the left, really close to the water.

railroad to port

Railroad to Port



  you will find it on the higher left park, close to the water and the Smuggler’s Boat.

scavs checkpoint

Scavs checkpoint



  Located on the middle right part of the customs map, really close to the Administration Gate. 

smugglers boat

Smuggler's Boat



Campfire lit means it’s open

Located on the left part of the Customs Map, just follow the water up north, and you’ll get to this place. 

sniper's roadblock

Sniper Roadblock



  You will find it a few meters on the left once you see the Smuggler’s Boat.

trailer park

Trailer Park



  It’s located on the south, then walk to the water and cross it.

trailer park worker shack june

Trailer Park Worker's Shack



  You will find this point when passing the lake. You can loot the East Wing Room 310 key.

warehouse 17 images

Warehouse 17



  You will find it at the center of the customs map, close to the water.

warehouse 4

Warehouse 4



  It’s pretty close to the gas station. You will find lots of places to loot near there and even a key to OLI Logistics.

zb 1011




  You will find it at the very end of the map on the right side. Be careful of a Scav Spawn nearby.

zb 1012




Searchlight on means it’s open

You will find it on the right side of the customs map, close to the south and near the train tracks. 

zb 013 extraction point




Activate lever in Warehouse 4 and use Factory key

It’s located on a two-floor building with a basement. You can obtain the key as a reward from the Quest Spa Tour Part 7. It can be used by only three players at the same time.

If it doesn't satisfy you, we have a link to Reddit with a map that's edited regularly and includes the best loot spawns, and scavs locations.

Customs Map Escape From Tarkov Reddit

You can check it later. Always check for updates in the map, cause one day you might not find the jacket behind the wall that used to be there.


Escape from Tarkov Customs Map conclusion

This concludes the guide of one of the most interesting maps Battlestate Games has brought to us. Share your view about the content on our social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TrustPilot. We appreciate every piece of feedback from our community. We'll keep you updated there. Check the top menu, if you're looking for some virtual currency. Register to join our friends crew. Equip yourself with cash and become a legend. 

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