Escape from Tarkov Insurance - keep your stuff safe

Escape from Tarkov Insurance - keep your stuff safe
Escape from Tarkov

Oh, how we love playing good looter shooter games. The thrill of the hunt, going into the raid not knowing whether you will return with the shield or on it… or at all. Sometimes you will survive and make it to the extraction point. Sometimes someone will get the best of you, and you will lose all you have. Say, you went into the raid with some new high-end gear to give everyone else a whopping, and you died to a random shot straight to the head. All the gear worth a dozen raids goes down the drain. All the time you’ve wasted, countless hours of successful raiding, and the gear worth millions of Roubles is taken away from your dead body by a lucky player. 


What if we told you, that it doesn’t have to end like that? What if you could get your stuff back if it was insured? That’s right - insured. For a certain amount of money, you can have an insurance policy, which gives you a chance to retrieve some of the equipment. Let’s head straight into the guide.


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What is insurance in Escape from Tarkov and how does it work?

The insurance in Escape from Tarkov is a term used to describe a service rendered by dealers. The premise of the insurance is to provide you with a chance to get stuff back, that was lost upon death. However, in fact, it is not as perfect as it sounds. 

To have a chance to get your stuff back, you have to pay for services of either Prapor or Therapist as both of them specialize in that matter. Almost every piece of equipment that you carry can be insured for a certain fee but there are some rules that determine whether you will get your stuff back or not.


  • Players killed on the field - The gear that you have lost upon death will be retrieved unless they have been found and extracted by other players. The equipment that remained untouched will return to your storage in the next couple of days.

  • Players who didn’t extract from the field - All of the equipment, including the insured ones, are lost forever.

  • Players who left their stuff behind - The same case as with dying. Things left on the raid will be returned unless someone extracted with them from the battlefield.


There are also some exceptions to that rules like PMC’s Melee Weapons that cannot be looted. On top of that consumables, drinks, food, medkits, rounds, and money cannot be insured as these are something of too low value.


Prapor or Therapist?

Depending on your choice between Prapor and Therapist, you can insure your gear for various prices. With that being said, Prapor offers cheap insurance services and items which he returns are coming back within a day - from 20 to 29 hours. On the other hand, the Therapist is more reliable if you want to get your lost equipment faster as her timer is between 10 and 20 hour mark. Either way, don't expect your stuff back if you died a few minutes ago.

As for the costs - insuring your equipment at the first one will require payment of around ~4% of the item price and services of the Therapist cost roughly ~10% of the insured item price. There is also one sort of important factor which is the time to claim the items. Equipment that is delivered by your service provider has to be claimed in order to return to your inventory. If you have chosen Prapor then you will have three days for it and for the Therapist that time is extended to 6 days. Depending on how important the time is to you, one of these two options will be more appealing to you but in general, sticking to Prapor insurance looks more reliable - no one wants to waste money and from both, you receive the same services only at different times.

The thing with insurance is that you don’t intend to use it at all. Who wants to use life insurance, namely die? Or hurt himself? Everyone wants to live peacefully. The same thing goes for the EfT insurance. You want to survive and extract successfully, in the first place. 

The next thing is that you don’t want to risk your best equipment with a need to insure it. In general, you don’t want to take high-end gear for a raid, and rather stick to cheap, accessible stuff that you get as you go. The stuff, you don’t need to insure.


Is it worth paying for insurance services?

Let's wrap this up. Before a raid, you visit wither Prapor or Therapist and pay them quite a bit of money to insure your equipment. For your currency, you have a chance to get it back if no one looted your corpse or if you have left items behind on your own. Sounds like its a waste of money right? It might sound like that but the truth is different.

While on the raid, you will most likely meet other players who will be trying to get you killed. During that time you will probably defend yourself. All of this makes high amounts of noise that attracts nearby players so usually when the fight occurs - more than two players get involved. Because of that looting is not always the option. Of course, it is the big objective of everyone who is trying to get others killed but it is not the main one. Survival is essential and not every player will risk his gear to go for dangerous looting straight after fight. Sometimes all looters get is a bullet to the head, so even if you have lost a fight there is still a fair chance that your drops will remain untouched.

You would be surprised how often people skip searching for income during the raid, just to survive a little bit longer. You might have wounded your enemy before falling down. He might have been spotted by other foes. He might run away right after the kill to search for the hideout. There are lots of various conditions that affect the possibility of looting and you can't predict every single one of them. But this is just the theory. The facts are that looters often leave various expensive loot due to the lack of inventory space and sloppiness in searching. Without the insurance on your gear, you are leaving behind many items that haven't been taken. By using Prapor or Therapist services you will quickly notice to your own surprise that you will regain more than you have spent on the insurance services.

So, in the end, is it worth it? It depends. With insurance services, you will be able to get your precious long farmed items back with some luck involved. There is a high chance that you will lose your stuff. However, in the long run, you will regain more than you will lose on the costs of the service. If not, you can always say: "Nice try". 

If you are a beginner, it may not be that bad idea to use this service. You will not be familiar with maps, weapons, gun shooting mechanisms, inherently you will be dying a lot. Having some portion of assets coming back to you will become beneficial. But if you are more advanced payer able to survive consistently, the insurance may be a waste of money. 


Secure Containers

While we are at the topic of insurance it would be a missed opportunity to not mention Secure Containers and what they have to offer. It is by far the best and the most secure way to keep your items safe at all times. They act as an additional space where you can hold your items without fear of dropping them on death. Currently, there are only five of them available in the game.



Space dimension

Number of slots


Alpha Container



Received by players who pre-ordered standard or Left Behind edition of the game. Sold by Peacekeeper.

Beta Container



Also received from the same pre-orders. It can be exchanged by the barter with Peacekeeper.

Epsilon Container



The reward for completion of “The Punisher - Part 6”.

Gamma Container



Received by players who pre-ordered “Edge of the Darkness” edition.

Kappa Container



Given to players who have completed a fence quest called “Collector”.


Improving profits through Insurance

There is a sneaky tactic that you might use to your advantage during gameplay to make money on the Insurance system. As we mentioned before - insured equipment that you have left behind is also affected by returns. If you choose to get naked in the middle of the battlefield and finish the play with no gear at all, your insured equipment will come back to you in a couple of hours.

But how to use that to your advantage? That's simple. By dropping insured items, you create lots of inventory space that you can use to collect more loot. Let's say that you went into combat play with full insured gear against another player that has a decent loadout. After the won fight, you don't have enough room to loot his body. If that happens, you can drop all of your gear in the bush and equip everything that you got from the corpse. By doing this, you will have a very high chance that other players will not search for your belongings and that they will return to you via insurance. And also, that you will be able to collect anything you want from a dead enemy. There are some risks involved, but this tactic allows you to get more profit than you'd think, well above average. Easy money will help you lose less resources, and boost your account by a great margin.

On the other hand, insurance comes in handy also in the moment of your demise. If you have grievous wounds, when you are bleeding, during the time of starvation and dehydration - dropping things in random places that are unlikely to be searched might be your only option. By doing this, you will get a chance of receiving them from the insurance.

Also, you will not have much use of insurances when doing a scav run. If you thought you can, better cancel the run or the transaction, or results will be disappointing.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who has better insurance services Prapor or Therapist?

Therapist services are faster; however, more costly, so we advise insuring at the other one.

Which items are restricted from insurance?

Melee weapons, consumables, drinks, food, medkits, rounds, and money.

Where can I find insurance services?

In the main menu.

When can I start using my sellersandfriends bonus?

Please, be noted, that you already started using it, once you decided to join and signed up.


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