Escape from Tarkov hideout - the only place safe in Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov hideout - the only place safe in Tarkov
Escape from Tarkov

Welcome to Sellers and Friends guide to Hideouts in Escape from Tarkov game. In this article, we want to bring you a closer look at the topic of an abandoned bomb shelter, which can be used by players as their private quarters. Initially, the Hideout is a cluttered building with nothing to offer to your character, but it can be turned into a handy zone that might help you escape during your contest. If you want to find out how to do it in Battlestate Games title, check out what we have prepared about Escape from Tarkov hideout for you to read and learn, in the article below!


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The basics about Hideouts

Hideouts were released in patch 0.12, giving players a place where they can receive various bonuses by creating different modules. It also means that this zone cannot be raided by other hardcore players making it safe from all combat (besides training at Shooting Range). To improve Hideouts, the player needs materials, completed quests, unlocked NPCs, acquired skills, and more. Depending on what you want to add to your house, you might need different things and settings, but for most of them, you will need Roubles. Modules can only be put in predefined positions, which means that they won't be any customization system upon hideout implementation in the game. It might change in the future as there are plans to give more freedom to players in that matter.

As mentioned before, Hideouts are designed as a private area. It means that not only others won't be able to attack us in this facility, but also that you won't be able to invite your friends to it. They can be accessed once you press a special icon in the menu, but there is no option to find them on the map as they exist only outside of the main game world. Obviously, players do not share the Hideout. It's an individual area. Inside the hideout, you will be able to access your belongings via Stash, where you can also store your loot.


Hideout improvement

Initially, the Hideout doesn't serve any major purpose other than protecting your life and account. Players willing to use the Hideout will need to improve it by themselves. The prime necessary addition to this place is called Power Generator. As it generates the energy essential for other elements, it is a vital point of the building system which has to be added. All energy generating devices equipped with engine share the same principle - they need fuel. The same goes for Battlestate Games title, and you can't go around it. You will need fuel to provide yourself with these few priceless minutes of power.

That prepared house is ready for settling in. Players can use basic modules (like Stash), which can be upgraded by users with a standard edition of the game - allowing it to accumulate more loot. 

You will also be able to improve your Hideout by adding advanced modules that serve specific purposes. Thanks to these addons, your life can be easier during the game. For example, on the Shooting Range, you will be able to test any weapon, and Med Station will allow you to create First Aid Kits. In order to build said modules, you will have to bring a certain amount of materials for construction. These parts can be found during your gameplay, so keep that in mind when you search for the loot. Below you can find information on which of advanced modules you can add to your Hideout and what purpose they will serve.


Advanced modules

Air Filtering Unit - Boosts all physical skills by 40%. You will need 10k Dollars, Level 3 Generator, Level 3 Vents, and Skier LL3 to build it. Construction takes 48 hours.

BitCoin Farm - Allows players to farm BitCoin. It does share the three levels of upgrades path with some other modules. For level 1, you will need 10 CPU Fans, 5 Power Supply Units, 5 Power Cords, 1 Electric Drill, and Level 2 Intelligence Center. The construction of the lowest tier takes 24 hours. You will need BitCoin as a currency, but not as much as others.

Booze Generator - Produces booze called "Fierce Hatchling." You will need 4 Silicone Tubes, 2 Analog Thermometers, 2 Pressure Gauges, 5 Corrugated Hose, Level 3 Water Collector, and Level 3 Nutrition Unit for this construction. It takes 48 hours to make.

Generator - Provides energy for other modules but needs fuel in order to work properly. 1 fuel unit provides energy for 15 minutes, which can be improved to  30 minutes with Solar Power system. It can be built for 100,000 Rubles and has three levels (which allow you to store more fuel). The initial production is instant.

Heating - Improves the energy generation rate. It has three levels. The last upgrade improves the removal rate of negative effects by 50%. Level 1 is produced instantly and costs only 25,000 Roubles.

Illumination - This system lights up your Hideout depending on the level - better light sources for higher levels. Those are candles, basic lights, and fluorescent lights, respectively. Production of the first level is instant and 10,000 Roubles are required.

Intelligence Center - Reduces Scav cooldown by 15% on the first level and by an additional 20% on the third (for a 35% total). On the first level, it improves money made from each quest by 5%, on second by 10% (for a total of 15%). On top of that, level 2 allows you to produce secure flash drives and improves insurance return time by 20%. On level 3, you can also expect a Flea market commission improved by 30%. To build the first level, you will need a Folder of Intelligence, Level 2 Security, and Level 2 Vents - this is instant.

Laboratory - On the first level produces toilet paper. The building is instant and costs 2,000 Roubles. On the second level, you can gain Schaman Shampoo, Ox Bleach, Expeditionary Fuel Tank, Magazine Case, Corrugated Hose, Air Filter for Gas Mask, WD-40 100ml. The last level gives you Clin Wiper and FP-100 Filter Absorber.

Library - Gives you an additional 15% EXP gain and improves all practical skills by 30%. It requires 400k Roubles, Level 8 Memory, and Level 3 Rest Space. It requires 38 hours to complete.

Medstation - Improves the health regeneration rate and allows you to produce more advanced healing tools with every level. There are three tiers of improvement, and for the initial level, you will need 25k Roubles. Production is instant.

Nutrition Unit - With every level improves Energy Regeneration Rate and produces more advanced types of food. What's required? 25k Roubles, 2 Phase Control Relays, and Level 1 Generator. The building process is instant.

Rest Space - Provides 10% of the negative effect removal rate on the first level. On the second level, it improves energy and health regeneration. On third, it gives better health regeneration and adds a maximum energy reserve of 10 points. Production of the first level costs only 10k Roubles, and it is instant.

Scav Case - Scavs can be sent into collecting missions, and they will return various things. To do so, the user will have to make a small payment in advance. To build that upgrade, you will need 2 Bronze Iron, 2 Gold Skull Rings, 6 Golden Neck Chains, 3 Rolex Submariner Gold Wrist Watches, and Level 2 of Intelligence Center. The process of creation takes 72 hours.

Security - This upgrade serves no purpose besides being a requirement for other upgrades to become available. It might receive a function fix in future updates, though. For the first level, you need only 20k Roubles, and production is instant. There are three tiers of upgrades for this addon.

Shooting Range - Very useful module which lets you test your firearms inside the Hideout. The construction takes one hour and requires 4 Packs of Nails, 5 Screw Nuts, 5 Bolts, 3 Duct Tapes, and Level 2 Illumination.

Stash - Gives you a place to store items - gear, weapons, ammo, etc. Depending on the edition of the game (Standard Edition, Left Behind, Prepare for Escape, or Edge of the Darkness), you might have 10x26, 10x36, 10x46, or 10x66 slots Stash size. It is also possible to upgrade your current Stash size level with materials, but improvements are proven to be very costly. For example, getting from 10x26 Stash into 10x36 size takes 3,5 Million Roubles, Hand Drill, 7 Packs of Screws, and 4 WD-400 100Ml. If you can afford the EoD edition once the full release goes live, it's probably worth it.

Events - Similarly to the Security system module, it doesn't serve any purpose besides being a requirement for everything else to build. Production of the first level is instant and costs 25k Roubles.

Water Collector - Improves Hydration regeneration rate by 6, 12, or 24/h depending on its current level. Production of the basic Collector necessitates 4 Corrugated Hose, 5 Bolts, 5 Screw Nuts, and 3 Duct Tapes. The time needed is 2 hours.

Workbench - Allows to construct and customize various weapons, parts, and even ammunition. For the first level only 2 Screw Nuts, 2 Bolts, and 1 Leatherman Multitool are required, and it is produced instantly. However, to make new items, you will need additional resources, as their production is not free.


The priority of upgrading

Since Hideout is a major money sink, you want to know which upgrades are worth investing in more than others. It will let you add only crucial elements for your house and not waste Roubles for additions that you won't need. The most important upgrades that you can go for are the ones that will help you survive on the battlefield and Escape from Tarkov easier. 

It applies mostly to all regeneration that you can get. Because of that, the first and mandatory upgrade to go for is a Medstation that provides a bonus to all health regeneration. Another one that has similar rewards and also should be made as soon as possible is the Rest Space. After that, try to build a Water Collector that will let you improve the Hydration Recovery Rate. Both Generator and Heating modules might be necessary to raise levels of other additions. After you are done with those, the next upgrades that you should go are up to your preference. Nutrition Unit might be quite useful if you often struggle with food supplies. However, we advise maximizing upgrades that can improve skill groups like Air Filtering Unit and Library.


Are hideouts worth it

Hideouts are an excellent addition to the game. Since their release, there is more that you can do than before, which had a drastic impact on many people's game play. It feels very rewarding to complete some of the advanced modules that have high requirements, and it is always pleasing to see that you can do more than regular players when your Hideout is more developed than theirs. Depending on if you are new to the game, currently leveling, or you are already maxed out - hideouts may be more or less attractive for you.

For beginners, Hideouts won't be a priority since every upgrade in them requires Roubles or items that have to be found. For the mid-game part of a play, you will most likely own things that can give you basic addons and advanced modules. Because of that, this is the part of your journey when you want to start upgrading. Postponing leveling process for hideouts is also an idea. When you are maxed out hardcore player, PMC or Scavs raid item collecting is much more comfortable, and you will have high amounts of free time to collect the junk that you need. The only downside to it is that you won't be able to use skill boosts, regenerations boosts, and other profits before reaching endgame content. 


Getting money on hideout materials

After every reset, there is a very high demand for materials necessary for crafting advanced modules. It is a natural way to make money. If you want to obtain some currency, then you will have to become a supplier. Instead of doing what everyone does and buying items for hideouts, you will have to wait some time - a few days or even weeks for people to collect money. After that time, demand should still be on a high level with low supply, but your buyers will have money to pay you a nice price for items that you have collected during that time.


What is Escape from Tarkov?

EfT is a looter shooter with elements of RPG and MMO with rights reserved by the Battlestate Games studio, the game's developers. Currently, it's in an early access stage, opened for players not so long ago. The strongest point of this game is its hyper-realism, unparallelled with other games that share the concept. The #escapefromtarkov hashtag is a sign, that the game gains more and more recognition among the online players community. Part of the community says that it's due to the paid marketing, the other part claims that it's an effect of the game being simply awesome. Nonetheless, both parts share the same view that Escape from Tarkov is a well thought and developed title with huge potential to become a world wide phenomenon. It is still in the early access, which gives the developers time to perfect it, and the exact full access release date is yet unknown. However, once you buy the product and install it on your PC, you may begin your road to the most powerful character on the server.



Our hideout guide has come to an end. We hope that you have gained access to the knowledge of the topic that you were interested in. If yes, then make sure to leave a comment below and share your opinion - tell us your view about this article. The voice of the community is the best quality check. In our posts, we share our know-how with you. Over the years we have posted many guides, that can save you a couple of minutes of time you'd waste searching around a Reddit's #escapefromtarkov subreddit or a mundane video, where despite good settings, fullscreen mode is blurred and unreadable. 

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