Albion Online Zones - Watch your Steps to Survive, Warrior!

Albion Online Zones - Watch your Steps to Survive, Warrior!
Albion Online

Albion Online has a vast map. Like every open-world map that boasts of such, it has dozens of zones with different resources, materials, enemies, monsters, geography, and challenges. Moreover, depending on the level of the zone, it is marked with a different color. Here, in this Albion Online Zones Guide, you will learn:

  • Which are the zones of Albion Online;
  • Aspects you must consider when you are in that zones;
  • What types of resources and enemies you can find in those zones.

In the first place, we will give an overview of each of these zones, and then we will delve into each of these aspects.


Table of contents:

What Types of Zones Can I Find in Albion Online?

Blue Zone

Yellow Zone

Red Zone

Black Zone

Flagging for Combat


Faction Warfare

Albion Online Zones Summary






What Types of Zones Can I Find in Albion Online?

Albion Online Zones Map

First of all, we have to mention that the world of Albion is divided into two huge ‘sections’: The Royal Continent and The Outlands.

The Royal Continent is the continent where you will begin your adventure. On the other hand, Outlands is conformed by five external continents:

  •  Anglia;
  • Glouvia;
  • Cumbria;
  • Siluria;
  • Mercia.

We’ll talk about Outlands later in this article.

In the Royal Continent, you can find three types of zones:

  • Blue zones;

Albion Online Blue Zone

  • Yellow Zones;

Albion Online Yellow Zone

  • Red Zones.

Albion Red Zone

In Outlands, however, you will find only one type of zone: Black zones. What’s important is that you access Outlands later in the game.

When you enter a zone, no matter what its color is, you have to keep in mind the following:

  • The more dangerous the zone, the higher the tier of resources and enemies that can be found.
  • The resources available depend on the Biome you are in. Just like cities and factions, there are five types of Biomes:
    • Forest;
    • Highlands;
    • Mountain;
    • Steppe;
    • Swamp.

Since Blue, Yellow, and Red Zones are the three main areas you will find in the Royal Continent, we will address each of them separately. Then we’ll talk about black zones, which Realmgates can only access within each city.


Zone Quick Reference



Fame Multiplier

PvP Loot



1.375 (+37,5%)




1.5 (+50%)




2.5 (+150%)

Full Loot



3 (+200%)

Full Loot

* When a faction flagged, zone loot rules still apply.


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Blue Zone

The Royal Continent, apply blue zone

Outside of enlisting in a faction, blue zones are the basic zones of the game. They are the first maps you will find in Albion, where you can find the weakest enemies of the game and basic resources and systems. Blue zones have some relevant aspect you must consider:

  • Outside of enlisting for a city and Faction through the system, Blue zones are entirely safe from PvP combat. 
  • While enlisted for a Faction Warfare system in blue zones, deaths will still result in the victim’s equipped items, and inventory will be dropped. Also, you will have a chance of 50% (rolled individually); any individual item will be trashed and permanently destroyed.  
  • Being knocked down by mobs in blue zones will cause all your equipable items to take a 5% durability loss. 
  • Tier one through four resources spawns in the blue zones.
  • In a Blue zone, you cannot be attacked by any other player unless you are enlisted for a city within the system Faction Warfare.
  • Tier 2 - 4 resources and tier 3 enemies spawn in the blue zones. 
  • Blue zones have a  37,5% boost to fame earned.
  • Hellgates begin to appear, starting with tier 4 blue zones.


Yellow Zone

The Royal Continent, Yellow zone

Yellow zones and blue zones are not so different. Basically, a yellow zone has the same rules that a blue zone has regarding losing durability. Anyway, some relevant and important differences are the following: 

  • Yellow zones are PvP zones.
  • In Yellow Zones, you can be attacked by flagged players. At the same time, in yellow zones, players may red flag to attack other flagged and unflagged players. 
  • Just like blue zones, when a player or a mob knocks you out, your equipable items will take 5% of durability loss. 
  • Attacking unflagged players while you are red-flagged results in reputation loss.
  • The number of red-flagged players in the cluster is visible in the right corner below the minimap and updates every few seconds.
  • Tier 3 - 5 resources and tier 3 and 5 enemies spawn in the yellow zones.
  • Yellow zones have a 50% bonus to fame earned. 
  • In Yellow zones, Hellgates do not result in full loot deaths.


Red Zone

The Royal Continent Red Zone

Red zones feature full loot PvP loot and some of the most dangerous places in the Royal Continent in terms of enemies and possibilities of losing your items. Otherwise, you can find any resource you need.

  • Red zone allows PvP in the open world for both Faction Warfare and PvP flagging.
  • Attacking unflagged players results in reputation loss.
  • If your health is reduced to zero due to either of the aforementioned systems, all your inventory and equipped items will be dropped. 
  • You have a 50% chance rolled individually that each particular item will be permanently destroyed. 
  • The number of red-flagged players in the cluster is visible in the right corner below the minimap.
  • In red zones, you can find six types of tier-one resources. 
  • Fame earned begins to increase by 150% in Red Zones.  
  • Hellagates in red zones is full loot.


Black Zone

Black Zones in The Outlands

Black zones are exclusive to Outlands. You can access them through Realmgates. You find Realmgates in the outer cities of the Royal Continent. 

As you can check in the general map of the world of Albion, Outlands is vaster than the lands of the Royal Continent. 


Albion Online, The Royal Continent, and The Outlands map

Thanks to this, you can find a lot of territories and castles in the black zones. 

  • In black zones, there are no Faction Warfare and PvP systems. Instead, all players can attack each other anytime they want, no matter their guild or alliance. 
  • Users do not lose reputation if they attack any other player. 
  • All players may freely engage in PvP against each other, excluding their guild, alliance, and party, without incurring a loss tier.
  • In black zones, full loot PvP rules are running.
  • Loot PvP is automatically enabled in Black Zones.
  • You can find tier 2 - 8 resources and mobs in Black Zones. 
  • The Hellgates have the same rules as the previous case. Again, red and black zones share this feature.


Flagging for Combat

Despite the fact that we have mentioned some aspects of flagging, it is essential to review some concepts.

  • When you are red-flagged, you are announcing that you are looking for a battle. 
  • A red icon will appear at the side of your name instead of the regular blue icon. 
  • The number of flagged players in the cluster is visible at the bottom in the right corner below the minimap.
  • You can attack other players in yellow, red, and black zones when you are flagging. 
  • When you flag any player, flagged and unflagged can attack you. 
  • When you are defeated in a yellow zone, you only will be knocked out, not killed. However, in this situation, your equipped item will lose 5% durability. Also, there is a 10% chance of losing any item you have in your inventory. 
  • You will not lose Gold or Silver from your inventory, just a little quantity calculated according to the value of your equipment that loses durability. 
  • When you are down, you have the choice of pressing ‘Die Button’ to respawn naked in the closest city. If you click on this option, you will lose all items you have.


Albion Online, Knocked Out by a mob

  • Red zones are more brutal. When you are defeated in a red zone of the world of Albion Online, you die. Any item will be trashed, and you’ll respawn automatically in the nearest city.
  • In black zones, PvP is always turned on! All the areas here are unrestricted PvP areas. Black zones are just for the bravest warriors! And remember the full loot black zone. 
  • Hellgates in black zones have the same rules as red zone ones. 



  • When Faction flagged, the zone rules still take priority. Hostile players and Faction flagged cannot attack each other.
  • When the number of hostile players is 11 or more, this will cause a red blob to appear on the map.
  • Starting with red zones, faction flagged groups of 11 or more will make a blob in color of the Faction.


Faction Warfare

When you reach a certain level, you will have the chance of joining a faction. For example, there are five factions in the Albion world, each named after the five Royal Cities. Factions are, actually, at war with each other. 

To enlist in a faction, you must approach the Faction Enlistment Agent in the city of your preference, i.e., Lymhurst, Martlock, Brisgewatch, Fort Sterling, and Thetford. 

Before enlisting a faction, take into consideration these aspects:

  • If you are flagged, you can be attacked anywhere in the Royal Continent by players flagged to other factions. 
  • When you enter Hellgates, Arena, Avalon Roads, Expeditions, and GvGs, you will be automatically unflagged.
  • You cannot enter certain zones while factions flagged, such as starter towns and outlands.
  • While flagging, you have a new respawn option called ‘Faction City.’ If you select it, you will be teleported into your faction city.
  • Once you are faction flagged, you gain faction points for killing creatures, gathering materials, or claiming outposts. 
  • Factions points can’t be lost. 


Albion Online Zones Summary

Here ends this Albion Online Zones Guide, an alternative to the official Albion wiki, the comprehensive reference written and maintained by the players. We hope we have answered a large part of your concerns.

The World of Albion is full of secrets, lands, biomes, resources, gear and battles, adventurer! So, just dare to undertake the journey through these lands, going further than your eyes can see! But, do not forget to protect your city, factions, and colleagues. 

Crossing all zones you will find in this game is the only way to become a legend in Albion! 


Albion Online Zones Play

Feel free to send us a message or share your comments in the box below. We’ll be happy to read all of them. 

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What are the Different Zones in Albion Online?

Albion Online comprises four zone types: Blue, Yellow, Red, and Black. The Royal Continent (the continent you will start in) has Blue, Yellow, and Red zones. The entirety of the Outlands is a Black Zone. Zones have different rules regarding PvP as well. 


Are Yellow Zones Dangerous Albion?

It depends. If you are red-flagged, PvP may be attacked by other flagged users. Anyway, you can constantly be attacked by hostile players and faction warfare. Otherwise, a faction flagged cannot attack you if you are not flagged. 


What Black Zones are Albion Online?

Black zones are part of the Outlands. In these lands, the rules of faction and PvP are not running. All players can attack each other without problems. Black zones feature full loot, i.e., if you are knocked out, you will drop all your equipment. 


What are PvP Zones?

PvP combats have different rules and rewards depending on the zone you are in as well as what resources are available. The Royal Continent has two of these zones (yellow and red), and The Outlands, just one black zone. These combats have to be featured by flagged players.


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