Albion Online House - Get your island and home with this guide!

Albion Online House - Get your island and home with this guide!
Albion Online

Real Estate is something widespread in MMORPGs and sandboxes, and Albion is no exception. If you are eager to know everything about Albion Online House, then you are in the right place. 

In this guide, you are going to learn:

  • What is an island, and how to get one
  • What you can do on the island.

First, we will make an overview of what types of islands you can find in Albion. Second, what kinds of buildings you can have and how to improve them. 

Keep reading if you want to know more about your piece of a land, adventurer!


Table of contents:

* What is an Albion Online Player House?

* Where can I build my Real Estate?

* Who can access my Albion Online island?

* What types of structures can I build on my island?

* How can I build my Albion Online Home?






What is an Albion Online Player House?

Albion Online House

A player house is one of the most important buildings within the world of Albion. Any player can build, in the medium-sized zones specified for such purposes of any Guild Island or players Island, a small house that later can become bigger. 

A house in Albion land has several purposes. Players  can use it as:

  • Storage by adding a chest;
  • Home teleportation upon death, 
  • A place to craft equipment or gathering materials. Here, you can get extra money through the laborers. 

Besides, housing provides several bonuses and skills to your character. Later in the game, you can upgrade your building via a tier system, which we will discuss later.  


Where can I build my Real Estate?

Albion Online Guild Island

As we mentioned in the previous section, you have two options when it comes to building a house in Albion: 

  • a Personal Island;
  • a Guild Island that includes Guilds Buildings and Guild Halls.

To buy a Personal Island, you must head to any major city and find the Island Merchant.  


Albion Online island merchant icon

The icon of the island merchant.


Before purchasing an island, you need to know that every island is tethered to the city where you bought it

This may be an advantage since you can enter the island from any part of the Royal Continent, traveling at great speed from a place to the city in question. 


Albion Online Private Island

A private island.


Next, you have a table that shows the cost of acquiring and upgrading a private island. The initial purchase provides a Tier 1 island. Then, with every upgrade, the island will have available new areas to build your Albion Online House. 



Silver cost (without discount)

Total Silver Cost (without discount)




















Who can access my Albion Online island?

Albion island search query

That is up to you. If you wish, you can give access to anyone you want in Albion. It means any player, Guild members, or Alliance members. 

How to provide access?

For that, you need to go to the dock where you zone into your island. 

Once you are in that part of Albion Online, add the player´s name, Alliance, or Guild and press the icon + on the Access Rights Board. Next, click on ‘Save.’ 

The permission you can provide to access your Albion Online island are the following:

  • Access Mode: Private, Public, Guild, and Custom.
  • Co-Owners: Player, Alliance, and Guild.
  • Builder: Player, Alliance, and Guild.
  • Visitor: Player, Alliance, and Guild.


What types of structures can I build on my island?

Albion Online building

You can build four categories or types of structures on your private island due to the laborers and any building tool. 

  • Farming: Cook, Saddler, Farm, Alchemist’s Lab, Mill, Butcher, Pasture, Kennel, and Herb Garden.
  • Economy: Lumberbill, Tanner, Weaver, Smelter, Toolmaker, Stonemason, and Repair Station.
  • Military. Mage's Tower, Hunter´s Lodge, and Warrior´s Forge. 
  • Houses. Guild Hall (only on Guild Island) and House.

The primary benefit of building a structure on a private island is that you will not pay any fee for using it. 


How can I build my Albion Online Home?

Some news - Building your own house on your private island doesn’t require a premium account or some special items or whatever. 

You only need crafting materials and goods. For such purposes, just head to the building site and choose the structure you want to build, in this case, your house. 


Albion Online choose building

Choose Building Menu.


In the Houses Menu, you have two options to build:

  • A Novice’s Guild Hall.
  • A Novice House.

Now you have to place the building. 

Center in the plot and click on the button ‘Pay’ when the system asks you if you want to spend the amount of silver. Then you have your basic structure. 

 Albion Online construction site

Your construction site.


The next step is to finish the basic structure. For this, you will need two things: materials and patience

Each tier of houses in Albion Online will ask you for a variable number of materials, sometimes a lot, sometimes just a few, such as stone and wood. To build your house, you need to complete these building requirements.



Construction site material requirements.


When you complete the resources, you can check the image above. Your house is ready. 


Albion Online Novice's House

A Novice’s House.


Now you can check that in the front of your new house there is a little plaque. If you click over this plaque, you will have access to the Novice´s House Menu. 

In this menu, you have a list of options in which you can check who is the owner, for who the house was built, the house info (furniture, residents, laborers), and set the Access Rights or choose if you want to give up, leave it, repair it, upgrade it or demolish it.


Albion Online Novice's House Menu

Novice’s House Menu.


To reach new tiers and start to upgrade your house to the next level, you must have next-tier materials.


Albion Online Upgrade Menu

Upgrade Menu.


This table explains what kind of materials you need to upgrade your house in every tier. 




Novice’s House

 X30    X3 X180

Journeyman’s House

 X60    X6 X180

Adept’s House

X120 X12 X180

Expert’s House

 X240 X24 X180

Master’s House

 X480 X48 X180

Grandmaster’s House

 X960 X96 X180

Elder’s House

X1920 X192 X180


When you complete the new requirements you will have your new house. In this case, a tier 2 house. 


 Albion Online Tier 2 house

Tier 2 house.


Albion Online Housing conclusions

Albion Online House is an interesting feature to develop your patch of land in the Royal Continent, either in Guild islands or in a private one; you can choose your way. 

Homes are available for you and the people who want to build their place in the Choose Building menu and get some income through farming and other activities. 

As you can notice, you don’t need experience or special stuff or some unique method, just your island, a location, a plan, and that’s it.  

Besides, remember you can buy or craft furniture for your homes, such as beds or tables, and decorate every space of your house with trophies and any item you want.  


Albion Online House d

We have arrived at the end of this article, adventurer! 

It has been one of our Albion Online guides. If you are interested in reading the other posts, you can browse our platform. We recommend you begin with the Albion Online Beginners Guide

If you want to share some comments, you can do it in the box below. 

Finally, if you need to access your own house and you don’t have money, you can purchase all the Silver you want on our website. Click on the next link to check all the offers of Albion Online Silver we have for you. 




Albion Online Buy Silver




Can you build a house in Albion Online?

Everyone can build a house in Albion Online in any of the available locations within an island. Housing is not something difficult in Albion. The only things you need are materials and time.  


How do I get a private island in Albion Online?

You can get your private island by purchasing it in any of the five main cities of the Royal Continent. Just talk with the island merchant and buy it. Of course, this island is a default island. You must improve it. 


How do you farm in Albion Online?

Farms are a vital resource where to extract ingredients for food or prepare some concoctions. To farm, you need some big plots to sow seeds first. Besides, on your islands, you can craft your weapons and gear.


Is it necessary to do a search query before building a house in Albion?

No, it is not necessary. Instance Housing is easy. It is just about purchasing the island and getting the materials to build the structure. Each type of building has three or four types of systems. Build and then hire a laborer to start to work the land. 


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