Red Keycard Tarkov - Learn How to Get this Valuable Item

Red Keycard Tarkov - Learn How to Get this Valuable Item
Escape from Tarkov

You know that the essence of Escape from Tarkov is, precisely, escape from Tarkov from any of the maps. To do that, you will need dozens of weapons and ammo. One of the most profitable ways in this regard is getting the Red Keycard Tarkov to enter Terragroup labs.  In this article, you will learn:

  • What is and how to get the Lab. Red Keycard.
  • Types of weapons you can find in the lab.

First, we will address the general aspects of this item, what it is and what you can do with it. Second, we are listing the maps where you can find this item and which are the best ones for such purposes.


Table of contents:

What is a Lab’s Keycard

On which Maps do I Find this Access Keycard?

First Location - West Wing Room 218

West Wing - Room 218 Key

West Wing - Room 221 Key

West Wing - Room 222 Key

Second Location - West Wing Room 203

West Wing - Room 203 Key

West Wing - Room 205 Key

Third Location - West Wing Basement Gym

Fourth Location - East Wing Room 221

Fifth Location - Administration Building, Manager Office

Additional Spawn Points

Reserve Map

Woods Map

Interchange Map

Customs Map

Where to Use the Red Keycard in Tarkov?

Lab Keycard in the Flea Market







What is a Lab’s Keycard?

Red Keycard Escape from Tarkov licensors

Red keycards, actually, are used to open a facility inside labs. There you will find a lot of loot, ammunition, weapons, arsenal, and other beneficial game content.  

Although a red card is used in the lab map, it isn’t found there, in the same way, just like other cards, such as Unknown Key or Factory Key. 

You can find a red keycard in 5 different maps, but to get it, you will need to either kill a boss or wait for it to spawn at a specific point.  


* Lab Red Keycard.


On which Maps do I Find this Access Keycard?

You can find the Lab. Keycard in five maps: 

  • Shoreline Map;
  • Reserve Map;
  • Woods Maps;
  • Interchange Map;
  • Customs Map.

The shoreline is the most common map where you can find red keycards

In this map, there are five possible spots where red keycards can spawn.

  • West Wing Room 218;
  • West Wing - Room 203;
  • West Wing - Basement Gym;
  • East Wing - Room 221;
  • In the resort - Administration Building.

To reach some of these spawn points, you will need some additional keys to open the rooms where you might find the key card. 

You will need the West Wing keys for the following rooms:

  • 218;
  • 221; 
  • 222; 
  • 203.
  • 205 


Shoreline Health Resort Building

* If you are a novice, you are likely not sure about the West and East Wings. Stand behind the helicopter and turn around. The West Wind is what you see to your left. 


First Location - West Wing Room 218

Shoreline Health Resort Building room 218

As its name says, this room is located on the second floor of the West Wing of the Health Resort. 

The red keycard in question is on the blue barrel you will find inside the room. 


Red Keycard location in room 218

You can access this room directly from room 2018 or room 221 and 222 as well. If you access these two last rooms, you will need to move across the balconies that are outside of those rooms. Let’s take a look at the places where you will find these three room's keys.  


West Wing - Room 218 Key

You can find the key of room 2018 either in Scavs pockets or within the administration building of the resort. Head to the second floor, to the pool table room. You will find the key inside the bathroom. 


Room 218 key

Room 218 key.


Just enter through the front staircase up the set of stairs onto the second floor. When you look at a blank wall, turn right and head to the corner. The first door around the corner on the left-hand side is the room you want to enter. Just go straight ahead, and you will find the bathroom. 


Room 218 key location

* The room 2018 key is inside a locker within the bathroom.


West Wing - Room 221 Key

You can get the room 221 key from Scavs, inside the jackets, or on the beach, at the very bottom of the Shoreline Map right by the gas station. 

Look for the changing blue area in front of the road to the beach. At the side of that area, you will find an umbrella and two sun loungers. The key spawns on the bottom of the upright sun lounger.


Room 221 key location

* The two sun loungers where you can find the room 221 key.


Also, you can get this key from Therapist LvL. 2.



Pack of Chlorine x 8


Therapist LvL.2


West Wing room 221 key


West Wing - Room 222 Key

This key can be found either in jackets and pockets and bags of Scavs. There is no big secret related to this key; just use it to open the room and balcony to move across the balcony that gives you access to room 2018. 


West Wing Room 222

* Room 222.


Second Location - West Wing Room 203

This room is located in the same wing and floor. You can access this room moving across the balcony of room 205. If you want to access room 203 directly, you will need the room 203 key.

The red keycard is located on the floor, at the bottom of the bedside table, over the newspaper.


West Wing Room 203 red keycard location match

* West Wing room 203 Red Keycard location.


West Wing - Room 203 Key

You can get this key from Scavs, inside jackets, as usual, as well inside the white house in the village of Shoreline Map. 

This house that is closest to the bus stop in the village is the one you are looking for. Just open the front door. The spawn point is on the chair at the side of the two jackets. 


West Wing Room 203 key location

* Room 203 key spawn point in the white house.


West Wing - Room 205 Key

You can also get this key from bags and jackets of Scavs as well on the pier down at the bottom of the Shoreline Map. Once you are there, you will see a blue building. Inside that building, you will find several cabinets. The key is located on the floor of the very left, most filing cabinet.

 West Wing Room 205 key location

* You can find the room 205 key inside the cabinet or at the side of them, on the floor as well. 


Third Location - West Wing Basement Gym

Shoreline Health Resort Basement Gym

It is probably the easiest spawn spot to locate. Just head out the back of the building towards the tennis court and return to the West Wing. You will see a double door opening with a large stairway behind the doorway. 

Just go down and turn to the right. You will pass two small rooms and enter a gym area. On the left side of the gym, you will see two sets of lockers. You will find the keycard inside one of those lockers. 


Basement Gym red keycard spawn point

* Red Keycard spawn point in the West Wing Basement Gym.


Fourth Location - East Wing Room 221

Shoreline Health Resort room 221

To get the red keycard in this location, you need to head to the East Wing, second floor, and head towards room 221. This room is located in the longest corridor. 

The difference between this room and others we have mentioned in this article is room 221 is barricaded, so you can’t access it directly

To access this room, you need to enter first to East Wing room 218. 

On the contrary to other rooms, you don’t need a special key to enter this room. In fact, the door is already open. Just head right inside and cross the back right window where you see the balcony. Then, head to the room attached. This is room 221. 

The red keycard is on the metal desk you can see to your right.


Room 221 Red Keycard spawn point

* Red Keycard spawn point in the East Wing Room 221.


Fifth Location - Administration Building, Manager Office

This room is unlocked, so it is easy to access it. First, head into the main building and up the stairs, and pass the ‘Welcome to Hell’ sign. Then turn right, up the stairs, and turn left in the corner. Next, head to the office you see at the end of the hallway. Once you are inside the room, you will see a small coffee table on the left-hand side at the back by the window. The keycard should be underneath the ashtray. 


Room 221 Red Keycard spawn point in the manager office

* Red Keycard spawn point in the manager’s office.


Additional Spawn Points

As we mentioned, you can also get a red keycard on other maps. Let’s make a brief summary of this information. 


Reserve Map

You can get this keycard from Glukhar, which is a Scav boss who spawns at the beginning of the raids. He can spawn in the following areas:

  • The Train Station;
  • The ‘K’ Storages;
  • The Black Bishop; 
  • Black Pawn Buildings;
  • The Black Knight Building;
  • The Bunker Basement.   



* Glukhar.


You can also obtain this item from wallets and document cases you find in the RB-VO, RB-BK, and RB-PKPM rooms. 


Woods Map

The item location in Woods Map is on Shturman and the Cultist priest Zhrec

You can find Shturman around the Lumber Mill, which is located in the center of the map. You may also find him patrol clockwise around the lumberyard. 


* Shturman.


Talking about cultists, they appear during the daytime on Woods Map. For example, the priest Zhrec is accompanied by 3-5 followers with different health values.



* Cultists.


Interchange Map

In the Interchange Map, you can get the lab keycard from the Boss, Killa. He spawns mainly on the 1st floor, around the Mantis and the Kiba Stores, in the mall’s central area.


* Killa.


Customs Maps

You are likely to find a red keycard inside the chest rings that are behind the Old Gas Station. You can also find it in wallets and document cases found in the marked room. 


Where to Use the Red Keycard in Tarkov?

To use this key, you will need to enter a Raid on The Lab Map. Next, head to the second floor, room R23. You will see a door with a card scanner next to it. Just use the card, and you will have access to the R23.


Escape from Tarkov Lab Map

* Image of


Inside this room, you will find a lot of tools, a good number of weapon mods, ammo, MP5, M4A1and other items, and materials. 


Lab Keycard in the Flea Market

You can also purchase the red keycard from any player on the Flea Market, but it will cost you a tremendous amount of money. Nowadays, the average price for this valuable security keycard is 70,600,325 ₽, according to the user information you can check in the Tarkov Market. 

If you have more than one red keycard and want to get rid of one, you can sell it in the same market. This is something very profitable. 


Red Keycard in the Flea Market

You can also buy this item on specialized platforms on the web, such as PlayerAuctions or iGVault. 

You can checkout this info by entering this shop. Just select the game and the category. A new page will appear on the screen. Now, just select the products (if you want more than one) and the publisher of your choice.


Red Keycard in the specialized platforms

When you complete the sale, you will receive a notification. In addition, the people on the website in question will contact you.

Then the seller will tell you how the delivery method is. It may depend on the country you are in. It is not the same for the United States or the United Kingdom. It depends on the server you use. 



Escape from Tarkov by Battlestate Games is not an easy game; players know that. For this reason, a red keycard will be very useful to help to escape from this post-Soviet bunker. If you want to get one from the flea market, you will need many Roubles.


Red Keycard Tarkov

Regarding this, in Sellers and Friends, we have the best offers for you. Access to our BUY EFT ROUBLES page and add as many Roubles you want to your cart.

Escape from Tarkov Roubles offers


If you are interested in reading other Escape from Tarkov pages, we recommend you to read our Escape from Tarkov Beginners Guide. And remember to create your account so that you are aware of the latest data. 

For more details, feel free to send us a message or share your opinions in the box below. We will be happy to read your feedback or ideas for new articles.  

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Is the Red Keycard Worth it?

Of course. Red keycards are one of the most profitable items in Escape from Tarkov. With this, you will have access to many weapons, arsenal, ammo, and other stuff that can make a difference in the game. 


What are Terragroup Labs?

Terragroup Labs is a private limited company that is responsible for illegal activities in Norvinsk. Also, it is a hidden facility under the center of Tarkov who works like a scientific research lab concerned with biotechnology.


How Much is the Red Labs Keycard?

In the Flea Market, a Red Keycard may cost around 70,000,000 Roubles. If you are lucky, it could be the case that it cost 60,000,000 Roubles, but this is extremely unlikely. 


How Many Times Can You Use a Lab’s Keycard?

You can use the Lab’s Keycard just once. The door you open with this keycard will lock upon closure. Then, the red keycard you just used will be completely useless.


On Which Level of The Lab Map Do I Should Use the Red Keycard?

You need to enter a Raid on The Lab Map. Once you do this, head to the second level and approach the room marked R23. There you will find a single door with a scanner next to it. There you must use the red keycard. 


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