Escape from Tarkov Beginners Guide - Find your path with us!

Escape from Tarkov Beginners Guide - Find your path with us!
Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is not easy. All the players who have tried to do it know what we are talking about. But do not fear, we have written this Escape from Tarkov Beginner’s Guide, for you to learn the following: 

  • Which are the maps available in EfT and what are the extraction points
  • Everything about gameplay, firefights,  trading, and how to get out of the city

If you are a beginner or a fan, you will love this guide, one of the best guides you can find related to this Battlestate Games masterpiece. Let’s escape together, newcomer, my comrade! 


Table of contents:

Escape from Tarkov Map Knowledge

What are the extraction points




EfT Guide Beginner Modding


Trades and Barter Items

Escape from Tarkov Flea Market

Escape from Tarkov Beginner Tips






Escape from Tarkov Map Knowledge

Escape from Tarkov Map

Knowing all the information about the map, locations, and enemies (Scavs, AI Scavs, etc.) is essential in this game, even more than the knowledge about weapons, body armor, gear, mods, Flea Market, etc. 

In total, there are 12 specific areas in the city of Tarkov. Each of them has its map and ways to escape from it.  The maps are the following:


Escape from Tarkov Map table

Factory Map

This is the smallest map in Tarkov, an industrial environment that integrates tunnels and overhead catwalks. The extraction points here are nearby but might be a little challenging to access. 

Keep in mind that you can find the keys in the pockets of the Scavs. 


Customs Map

This is a map located in the industrial part of the city. Customs map features a river with a bridge, a self-storage lot, a dorms building, warehouses, gas stations, military checkpoints, and constructions. 


Woods Map

It is an important section of a bigger forest without one way and open fields, hills, and two bunkers to wait and hide for enemies. 


Shoreline map

It’s one of the largest maps in Tarkov. This map features a large shoreline that runs along with a small town, a village, a gas station, a guarded pillbox, a radio station and results in a three-story health resort. 


Interchange Map

This map features a three-story shopping complex with several stores such as drugstores and markets with loot. 

Also, Interchange Map presents three major stores IDEA, Goshan, and OLI. This map also has underground parking, a go-kart track, and roads circling the building. 


The Lab

This is a secret underground area that is in the center of the city. Officially, this center doesn’t exist and is engaged in R&D, testing, and simulation projects in physics, high-tech, chemistry, and biology. 



This map features a secret Federal State Reserve Agency Base that contains supplies to last for years. Reserve is an excellent place to stock up on medications, food, resources, and things for raids and thousands of items to survive. 


What are the extraction points in EfT?

Raids can be a frustrating experience in Escape from Tarkov if you don’t know how to extract, even if you follow all the necessary steps to survive in this place or you are a great shooter. It is crucial because whatever the player extracts with, one gets to keep it. 

Let’s teach you how to extract in this tutorial.

When you enter a match, you will see, in the top right of the screen, the message “Find an extraction point.” Your mission is to find the site of extraction and stand by until the time is up. 

How do you know where to go? 

Under the message mentioned above, there will be a list of “EXFIL” posts. These are the extractions. 

In this list, you will find two types of extraction points: some that have question marks (??) and some that haven´t.


Factory Map extraction points.


The second type is related to extraction points that are always available during the match. The first type has restrictions related to it, such as open doors or having keys. 

Some of these extraction points are available just for a certain period during the match or are used just once, or you will need a special key to access them. 

Each map in Escape from Tarkov has its extraction points. 

The one you have to use depends on where you spawn or if you are playing as a Scav or PMC.



The gameplay in this game is full of details and possibilities and might be a bit overwhelming. 

The learning process can be a little slow, but the rewards are worth it if you reach the goal. 

Currently, Escape from Tarkov has several modes to play:

  • Online PMC raids.
  • Scav runs.
  • Temporary offline mode.

The central point in the game is straightforward. Once in-game, you will find yourself on a map, from which you have to escape from, ideally - with a loot. Your goal is to survive. You can do it by avoiding combat entirely or facing it and coming up victorious. 

As we mentioned in the previous section, several extractions points will be available for leaving the area. 

Optional extraction points in the middle of the map are a good option, but you need to complete some requirements, such as paying a large number of Roubles or having specific items attached to your character.

Besides, players can get loot on every map, such as guns, armors, a vest, etc. Getting loot is essential to survive in future raids or selling the items to a friend or in the Flea Market. 


Secure Container Beta.


The best thing you can do in this regard is place something in this secure container space. This way, you will have it in your stash even after being murdered. 

Keep in mind that the secure container will differ depending on the edition of the game.

Returning Scav Raids, players receive a random set of equipment instead of personal stash items, and they enter raids in a random location. 

When you are not in combat, you can trade with dealers and complete some special quests that the dealers give you to improve your loyalty and reputation. 

Some dealers allow you to use the option ‘Insurance’ to retrieve any item that has not been extracted from a raid. 



Regarding the combat, it is very similar to the ones you can find in games like Arma 3 or the Arma Series. 

In combat, players have fine-grained control over the movement and the mechanics, both character and weapons. For example, to check how many bullets you have in the magazine, you need to do it manually. There is not an indicator or a screen counter provided. 

Talking about health points and damage systems, the combat in EfT differentiates the damage according to the body’s part where you take the shots, such as the head or limbs. 

Next, you have the part specific status effects:

  • Head/Thorax: If this part is destroyed, then you will die instantly. The zone of the heart is one of the most sensitive. 
  • Right Arm and Left Arm:  If these parts of your body are fractured, actions such as reloading, drawing, and aiming with weapons will take 67% more time. If they are destroyed, the damage will be distributed over the entire body. Once your limb goes black, you won’t be able to cure it. 
  • Stomach: Can´t be fractured. If this part is destroyed, you will suffer a massive increased dehydration and blood loss, and additional damage will be distributed over the entire body.
  • Legs: When the legs are fractured, your speed will be reduced by 45%. If legs are destroyed, this will produce massively increased dehydration, and additional damage will be distributed, same as above.

Keeping alive and focused on the battlefield is crucial as you carry many medical supplies and provisions, such as CMS Kit, Analgin Painkillers, Augmentin Antibiotic Pills, etc. 



In the region of Norvinsk, two private military companies are hired by both sides of the conflict. 

When you create your main character, you have to choose a faction. This is a crucial decision. 

The two factions in EfT are:

  • USEC
  • BEAR.

In general, both factions start with a submachine gun and several pistols. Neither provides a significant advantage. The essence lies in the narrative implications. 

As a member of any of these groups, you have work to do. We could assume BEAR are the good guys, the super-cops of the region. The government hired them to investigate Terra Group Corporation´s operations. 

We may say that USECs, on the other hand, are the bad guys. They are in charge of destroying all the evidence of the operations of the aforementioned corporation. 


EfT Guide Beginner Modding

Scav or a PMC, you need to know everything about modding because, with this knowledge, your character will improve the armament.

All the weapons you have in your inventory or stash in EfT have their stats. These stats are the following:

  • Accuracy - It is pretty much self-explanatory;
  • Muzzle Velocity - The higher this value, the further the bullet will travel;
  • Sighting Range - It shows you the bullet drop at a certain distance;
  • Recoil - The amount of energy transmitted back to the shooter from a firearm that has fired
  • Ergonomics - The control you have over the weapon. 

Modding modifies your weapons stats in different percentages, some a little, others quite a bit. 

There are three types of mods in EfT:

  • Vital Parts. Pistol Grips, Gas Blocks, and Receivers & Slides.
  • Gear Mods.  Magazines, Mounts, Stocks and Chassis, and Charging Handles.
  • Functional Mods. Sights and Muzzled Devices.



EfT trading bitcoin farm

To be successful in the task of Escaping from Tarkov, you need to equip yourself the best you can, bet it a sight, a mount, or whatever. 

Thanks to the equipment you can get with Dealers and Traders, you can complete the necessary quests to escape from the city. The dealers you can find at different points in Tarkov are the following.



This doctor is the head of the Trauma Care Department of Tarkov Central City Hospital. Therapists specialize in selling and exchange maps, containers, medical supplies, painkillers, and groceries. 



This dealer from the Republic of Poland, whose real name is Tadeusz Pilsudski, is located in the Terminal. The wares this man trades include ammo, magazines, grenades,  Western/NATO weapons, weapon mods, and US Dollars. 



His real name is Pavel Yegorovich Romanenko. He is a warrant officer in charge of the supply warehouses on the base of the Infernal Troops. Prapor trades different ammunition types, magazines, Post-Soviet Bloc Weapons, grenades, and stuff in that sense. 



Alexander Fyodorovich Kiselyov, better known as Skier, is from the Russian Federation and is located in the Customs Map. He is a terminal employee who trades small things, such as containers, weapons, weapon modifications, ammo, and Euros. Skier uses Roubles, Euros, and Dollars to make his transactions.  



This man operates clandestinely, working on weapon modifications, maintenance, and repair of different equipment and tech types. Sergey Arsenyevich Samoylov trades mainly Glock 17/18, mods, magazines, ammo, Western/NATO weapons, etc. 



Jaeger is located in the Woods, where he trades from the wilderness. He mainly sells and exchanges Post-Soviet Bloc Weapons, magazines, ammunition, Hideout resources, and weapon mods. Jaeger is a professional hunter and survival specialist who works in the forest hunting property of the Priozersky reserve.



Abramyan Arshavir Sarkisivich, alias Ragman, is located in the Interchange Map, and he is in charge of a big market in the suburbs of Tarkov. He is specialized in selling clothing, plate carriers, gear, rigs, backpacks, armor classes, and cloth-related stuff. The only currency with which Ragman trades is the Rouble. 


Trades and Barter items

EfT Barter items width Amazon Associates

Dealers also exchange lots of good items through Barter Trades. This way, you can access special items that you could not otherwise. Most Barter Items are just available with one dealer. 

Dealers will ask you for one, two, or three types of items, so it is very important you know the basics of exchanging arsenal and value stuff.


Escape from Tarkov Flea Market

The market in EfT works as an Auction House. That is to say, people and AI make offers that any user can get. If some player is interested, they buy without problems. This mode is perfect to balance the economy of the game. 

The menu of the Flea Market is very easy to use. This is divided into three main categories that appear in a sidebar of the window.

  • Browse - Here, you can find the specific item you are looking for;
  • W-List - If a player is looking for one particular thing, you can check it here;
  • My offers - Here, you post all the variety of items you don't need and want to sell.


Flea Market Reputation

Depending on the reputation, you can publish or access several offers of the other users. Next, you have a table of how many offers you can make:




Numbers of offers you can make









































Escape from Tarkov Beginner tips

EfT crafting guide stream

  1. One of the best mechanics to get some special unique items without using the Flea Market is crafting. You can craft via various hideout modules such as the Workbench, Booze Generator, Medstation, Nutrition Unit, Lavatory, and Water Collector.
  2. You need to know everything about one map before heading to another one. Knowing which are the best spots to fire or scavs spawns will give significant advantages over the enemies. This is our main tip.
  3. Use Insurance since the first time you play Escape from Tarkov. This mechanic allows you to retrieve the items you haven’t extracted from a raid, even after death. If you forgot gear somewhere, then Insurance is for you. 
  4. Every map has its purpose. For example, when you’re low on gear and want to grab some easy Roubles, you go to Customs or Interchange. On the other hand, if you want some adrenaline, The Labs is your go-to.
  5. Use the Offline Mode. This mode allows you to train your skills, aim, learn the map, hot spots, loot placement, and so on. Besides, nothing that happens is recorded in Offline Mode. Then you can die and use all the ammo you want to practice.


Escape from Tarkov Beginner's Guide conclusions

Escape from Tarkov by Battlestate Games is a complicated game. We all agree on that. Besides, it is still in development, so we hope this game continues to improve and grow. 

The learning curve of this beta looter shooter is so large and difficult to climb. 

To get help with other aspects of the game - skills, objects, or any situation, you can read this and other guides we have for you or check the community maps on the Internet to better locate yourself in this soviet city.

Anything you need to learn to escape successfully from Tarkov, you can do it by trying, getting into action, facing the enemy, and making mistakes. 

You can always go to Twitch and streamers and check for advice, but the best way is to try for yourself. No one ever got better just by reading. 


EfT View Network N

We hope this article has encouraged you to search and get your hands on this game and download it onto your PC and enjoy it side by side with a friend. It's paid content, though. 

Do you have any feedback, comments, or questions about specific info? Feel free to leave them in the box below or contact us via our customer service or live chat. Also, you can create an account on our platform and join the community and keep an eye on our work. You will be one of the first to find out about all the news. 

Do you need any other reason? 

Below you can access all the offers regarding Escape From Tarkov Currencies we have for you at the best prices. In fact, click on the following link to head for a huge number of Roubles to escape alive from Tarkov.  



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What should a beginner do in EfT?

If you are a beginner and don't have a great understanding of gameplay and mechanics, we recommend you to read this article. Then, it is imperative you know the extractions point of every map in the game. Of course, you must train aiming and skills. 


What is the easiest map on EfT?

Someone can say that the easiest map on EfT is the Factory Map, but the truth is that each map has its challenges, strong points, and weak points. 


Is Tarkov worth it in 2020?

In our opinion, there are a couple of reasons to play EfT. First, mechanics are great and very real, although they may be subject to change: this is a little disclaimer. Second, it is a very interesting one and provides hours and hours of fun.


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