ESO: Cloudrest Guide

ESO: Cloudrest Guide

Cloudrest is a temple and home of mythical Welkynar, gryphon riding "superheroes" of Summerset. Unfortunately, those once brave heroes have been corrupted by the powerful mind-crushing magic of the Sea Sload driving them insane. 


Table of contents

  1. The Welkynar
  2. Portals
  3. Galenwe & Falarielle
  4. Siroria and Silaeda
  5. Relequen and Belanaril
  6. Z'Maja


Cloudrest is, what players call, mini-trial, as it is significantly shorter than other trials. Designed in a similar fashion to the Asylum Sanctorium players can choose to fight each boss separately or all of them at once (or various compositions) for bigger rewards. There are three "mini-bosses" and one main boss. 

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The Welkynar

The three minibosses are a Welkynars with their gryphon steads by their side. If the elf and their ride get too close to each other they get empowered and deal more damage, you can recognize they are too close because they start glowing red. Gryphons will inflict a powerful bleed on the tank that has to be dodged or healed through. Gryphons and their masters have to die at the same time, killing one without another will spawn tentacles that will start dealing damage to the entire group. On top of that, tentacles will snare and stun players with a crowd control abilities that you cant break free of.

Each Welkynar deals different elemental damage: 

  • Shade of Galenwe – Ice Damage
  • Shade of Relequen – Shock Damage
  • Shadoe of Siroria – Fire Damage
  • Z’Maja – Magic Damage



Portal minibosses return! If you think Manticore was tough then brace yourself for this one. Before the fight, you should have two teams of three damage dealers assigned to the portal duty. During the fight portal will appear in the middle of the room and one of the teams need to go through as soon as possible, each team can go through the portal just once. Inside the "shadow realm" they will find three crystals that have to be destroyed. Each of them contains Malevolent Core orb that shoots damage at the players so the "shadow squad" should be prepared to soak or heal some damage. Once a crystal in the "upside down" is destroyed, a golden glowing shard appears in the proper reality and the players there have to send those shards back whence they came by pressing a synergy button. Once all three crystals are destroyed, players in the "shadow realm" have to pick up the orbs and run towards a golden shard (that has been sent from the primary world), one orb per shard. Once a player picks up an orb they will start receiving heavy oblivion damage so they have to be quick. 

To make matters even works, Shadow Realm will have adds walking slowly towards the portal, those monsters cannot be killed (but can be rooted!) and once they reach the portal they will go to the primary realm and will have to be killed there. More adds will spawn over time (just like Planar Inhibitor). 


Galenwe & Falarielle

The first boss on our list will be the frosty duo of Welkunar Gelnwe and her Gryphon companion Falarielle. There are two major mechanics to remember here: Hoarfrost and Ice Explosion. 

When Gryphon goes up and starts blinking white hoarfrost mechanic will spawn on a random player which will also start glowing white. Hoarfrost will slow down the target player and apply a DoT and AoE damaging the players around him, after about 6 seconds synergy will pop up allowing you to drop the hoarfrost on the ground. Now hoarfrost has to be picked up by someone else because if it will remain on the ground it starts damaging the entire group. After third drop hoarfrost disappears entirely. 


Ice explosion is pretty much a meteor targeted at three players that hits for tons of damage, so targeted players have to block the damage and avoid stacking with other players, ESPECIALLY those that also are targeted by the ice meteor, if the circles overlap even slightly you will die. 


Siroria and Silaeda

Next up is a fiery duo of Welkynar Siroria and Gryphon Silaeda. There are two mechanics to be aware of: fire meteor and fire circles. When gryphon will get up on his rear legs he will shoot a meteor up that will then target a random player. Targeted player will see a typical growing circle under his feet. Comet damage has to be shared with at least three other players so its important to keep together on this boss. Starting at 50% Welkynar will jump into the air, once he lands he will place three fire AoE circles on the ground that will move slowly around the area. It usually takes two ticks to kill a squishy DPS. 


Relequen and Belanaril

Third is our electric duo of Welkynar Relequen and Gryphon Belanaril. Just like other bosses this team has two mechanics to watch out for. When Belanaril begins to blink grey two players will be targeted with Voltaic Overload meaning your currently active weapon becomes cursed and will begin dealing lots of damage to your teammates, you have a brief window of time before debuff becomes active so you can decide which skill bar you want to use exclusively for the next 10 seconds. 

Once the debuff is done, a character previously inflicted by it will get a blue lightning above him and a very large blue AoE under his feet. When this happens immediately swap weapons and stay on the second bar for the next 10 seconds otherwise you will start shooting lightning at your team dealing tons of damage and very likely wiping your raid. 

Once boss hits 50% he will start targetting random players, this ability has to be interrupted or it will shoot a Shock Beam at the players and stun them.


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The final encounter is Z'Maja, the Sea Sload. Just like in previous fights you will have to deal with the portals but they work differently this time. Unlike other fights, there will be more than three crystals in the shadow realm and you will have to keep destroying them until you find three orbs. In addition to that, there will be a growing AoE inside the shadow realm that will one-shot everyone once it covers the entire room, to avoid death team inside has to run to one of the corners of the room and use "Wind of Welkynar" synergy. Using "Wind of Welkynar" will bump you up to a platform and after the explosion below you can jump down safely. 


After all three orbs are dealt with adds will spawn in the "primary realm". One tank should deal with the Yaghra Spider since it has large health pool and spreads nasty healing debuffs in addition to dealing considerable damage. 

Boss has few skills that you should be aware of. Nocturnal's Favor is a charged ball that is shot at whoever has the aggro and only tank can survive the blow. Shadow of Z'Maja inside the Shadow Realm will use the same skill that is why the portal squad should have a dedicated tank too. 

During the fight, purple orbs will appear and slowly move towards the group. Orbs have to be destroyed before they reach anyone otherwise they'll explode and stun players. Destroying the orb will shoot out three small shards at random players applying a nasty DoT that has to be healed through. 

Z'Maja will also shoot out two laser beams that will follow players furthermost from the group so it's possible to have dedicated players to deal with this Those have to be kited (just like in Scalecaller peak or Fungal Grotto I ). At 60% health Z'Maja will spawn a portal that will appear in both: shadow and normal realm. Portal will shoot out a cone of magic and any player in the shadow realm hit by it will be teleported back to the normal realm and vice-versa. If you are in the primary world and still have debuff preventing you from going inside the shadow realm - you will die. 


If a player dies he will be replaced by a dark-red shadow and only after killing the shadow player can be resurrected. If a shadow of a player is alive while someone tries to resurrect said player, the resurrecter will be killed as well. Body with shade active will have a black pool of energy around it. 


At around 40% tentacles will start spawning in the room. Those are the same tentacles that will appear if you don't kill mini-bosses at the same time and have to be dealt with immediately since they will keep dealing huge damage and unbreakable snares. 


After killing Z'Maja her shadowy form will appear in the middle of the room. During this phase tentacles and orbs will continue to spawn and have to be dealt with as usual.

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Norn Born • 1 April 2020 It took me ages to learn to mechanics. I mean, knowning them was easy, but timing it right and utilising the movement was hard. Boy, it took its toll on me. Reply
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Tej6002 • 9 April 2020 heroes corrupted by ancient magics and other heroes that come to slay them sounds legit Reply
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Leever • 30 April 2020 Definitely not an easy trial, the last boss' shadow ball always trolled us with and targeted a prio target instead of the tank :v Reply
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