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Elder Scrolls Online is MMORPG game developed by ZeniMax Online Studios. ESO MMO have non-linear gameplay with the mixture of events, PvP battles, and quest. Players are able to play as several different races: Nords, Redguards, Bretons, and Imperials, Dunmer (Dark Elves), Altmer (High Elves), Bosmer (Wood Elves), Khajiit and Argonians.

The most important advantages of the game is an incredibly complex world, created for years, character development based on the use of skills, the great atmosphere among players, well-written and well-sounded tasks with good endgame solutions. The main currency in the game is ESO gold. Our customers say that SellersAndFriends is the best place to buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold. We give a discount as a bonus gold to each order. You will get more quantity then you order. In the game is several different ways how you can get cheap ESO Gold. Like in all MMORPGs, you can buy items low, and sell it at a higher price, farm motifs and recipes, farm chests, Farm Dolmens, World Bosses and Public Dungeon Bosses or farm mats. So if you are thinking about buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold just do it here - choose the best customer service.


Elder Scrolls Online

As a hero of one of the three warring factions players can experience Tamriel like never before thanks to the rich lore and captivating large-scale PVP you will immerse yourself into this troubled world.

Elder Scrolls Online began as a subscription based game but recently changed into a free-to-play model with cosmetic microtransactions and “premium” subscriptions called ESO+. As in any classic MMORPG, TESO gold is the lifeblood of the game. Currency is mostly used for obtaining various set items and upgrading them. Thanks to unique gearing system in Elder Scrolls Online you can mix-and-match various sets with various effects to fully optimize your gameplay and this requires a lot of monetary resources.

Getting gold in Elder Scrolls Online is not easy and some methods are more effective than others but whichever you choose it will require a tremendous amount of time and effort. Here are some examples:

* Market Flipping - thanks to a unique system of traders in Elder Scrolls Online there is no single global auction house. It means different guild traders in different places can have very different price on the same items. This opens up the market for speculation. If you have lots of free time and enough game knowledge, you can buy cheap items in one place and sell them with a huge markup in the other.

* Margin Trading - pretty similar to market flipping but instead of looking for "golden" deals you just buy slightly cheaper en-masse and sell them with a small profit margin in one of the better trade spots (Rawl’Kha or Craglorn for example)

* Mob Grind - this one is pretty straightforward; you kill the mobs and get the gold. Unfortunately, due to the phasing/sharding system and no open world pvp, most of the good grind spots are overrun with other players so to use this method you might need to grind in odd early morning hours.

* Treasure Chest Hunt - similar to mob grinding, your job is to run around the map looking for treasure chests. The trick is to run it in areas where some of the most expensive and popular item sets drop (for example Wrothgar or Vvardenfell) if you are lucky you will find some good tradable set items you can sell for quite the profit. This method requires you to have a good knowledge of the map and game mechanics to make an educated choice on your grind location.

As you can see all of those methods require expansive knowledge of the game and lots of time, why not skip all this and get yourself some fast and safe gold from Save your time and buy your items today!

Once you make your purchase, contact your live agent to proceed with the fast delivery, we use face to face method which means that we will party up in the game and meet up in some location (usually Craglorn) once there we will perform a trade. It’s a good habit to have some junk items with you to make the deal.

We are using veteran accounts to provide maximum security for our products sold. Sellers and Friends are delivering gold on NA and EU PC servers only.

Elder Scrolls Online currency trades are similar to those of Fallout 76 (another Bethesda game), Rocket League, Final Fantasy XIV or MapleStory 2. It's is slightly different from League of legends, Star Wars, and Revelation Online but gold in ESO serves the same function that currency in Guild Wars 2. You can pay for items in ESO with credit card but we are not currently selling any ESO items. If you are looking for power leveling, or Xbox, PS4 currency you might look for help elsewhere. We value our product and we want for every player that buys from us to enjoy the experience. We hope to provide professional shopping adventure.

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We do not provide services on Playstation 4 or mobile, we accept payments in most currencies like EUR, CAD, GBP, AUD and USD. If you are having problems with our store cart or questions how all this works, contact our help center. Our agents will guide you through all the steps of the transaction process and clear any communication issues. We are not selling crafting materials and we provide our services on PC EU and PC NA.

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    Contact our agent on the Live Chat for further instructions. He’ll guide you through the process.

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    It’s in the bottom right corner of the website. If you don’t see it, turn off AdBlock in your browser or try to use other one.

  3. Do I have to be logged into the game to receive Gold?

    No, if you will leave your @tag in the order message we will deliver the ESO Gold through mail.

  4. Can I receive any bonus Gold to my order?

    Yes, you get a starter bonus of 1%. If you will become a VIP+ and you will use a referral code you can get up to 8% permanent bonus currency to every order!

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