Escape from Tarkov Woods map - the most important information

Escape from Tarkov Woods map - the most important information
Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is one of the most popular but difficult games you will find. Knowing every map will be important if you want to differentiate from the players that try to loot without success and die before achieving an good and successful escape.

Imagine you want to take a walk in the woods when suddenly some random scav starts shooting, leaving you in the middle of a fight where every inch and every second count. Of course, you don’t want to die in this place, so pay attention to this Woods map survival guide we have prepared with all the details.

Escape from Tarkov Woods map is one of the most interesting the game has. In the Priozersk natural reserve, you will find open green fields, trees, water, rocks, small hills, a mountain stash to loot and eliminate other players, and the bunkers ZB-014 and ZB-016, really important if you want to dominate the map.

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Getting started: Fighting the boss

The first thing you need to know is where to find the large and best loot without exposing yourself as the other players will try to get the same item than you and weapons to kill you and any scav on their way through the woods.

As always, in Escape From Tarkov maps the most dangerous place is the center. On that part of the map you will find the most dangerous zone in the woods of Tarkov, but if you are looking for ammo and cool stuff, you will also find keys and a lot of interesting things like loose loot, one or another jacket and grenade box, grenades, duffle bags and weapon boxes with some badass armors available. You will also find scavs, and Shturman, the boss of this map, this is particularly around the Lumber Mill, so be careful.

By the way, this guy is always surrounded by two followers and they avoid direct contact by walking in circles around the woods on the map and using camouflage, if you start to get really close they will try to flank you by using one of the followers as a distraction.

The best strategy to defeat the boss is avoiding long contact because he is armed with long range weapons, try to cut the distance between you and him, and look for a precise sniper shot. Sniping may be the key to success since he is not wearing any helmets. 

Some of the things you can get here are the Red Rebel Ice Pick, the SVDS 7.62X54 Sniper rifle, and the AK-105 5.45X39 assault rifle. These weapons will provide you a great defense and improve your gaming. Also, the followers have different grenades like the F-1, RGD-5, VOG-17, and the big VOG-25, plus interesting rifles that will help you escape from the Tarkov woods map and deal with your enemies, including any scav.

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Escape From Tarkov: What features can you find on the way?

If you have gone to the north of the map, then you have found the water, a generally a clear zone. If you surround the lake at your left you’ll find scav activity and a car crash almost at the top. If you go right instead, you’ll find The Boat pretty close to Dead Man’s Place with some scav bodies and lost loot. If you continue your way to the outskirts water you will find some decent spawn points and a ground cache.

The east side of the map is pretty interesting, you will find many items spread by the woods but the most interesting part is on the dirt. In the opposite direction of the outskirts water, if you make a good search, you will find an important spot with keys, medical bags, rifles, one or another wooden crate, and filing cabinets. Of course, this stash is attractive to other players and scav scums, so be careful.

If you continue your quest to the east side you can find the east gate, a locked door, and if you go up into the woods you will find ZB 014 and a locked area, try with the keys you got in case you decided to collect them. Continue your way up to the dirt again and you will find out that the Scav House is located here. 

Now let’s talk about the other side of the map, the right side. On this, you will find lots of useful stuff but also many kill zones and scav spawns you should consider.

If you walk in the opposite direction of the water for some minutes, you’ll get to the South v ex, then turn to the left through the border, there you will find a hidden Sniper Scav, and a little bit ahead there will be the mountain stash. If you keep your path through the woods without leaving the border you’ll be safer. Just be careful not to share the the route. if you turn a little bit to the left you’ll find a plane crash site with some things to loot. More or less at the same height but more to the left on the map you will find the ZB 016. 

If you decided to keep your track out of sight, far away from the woods, you’ll see the west border, this means you are pretty close to land, you can keep going until you find the old station and the roadblock, or you can explore the land and get a duffle bag near the rubble.

If you follow the road, you will see the Factory Gate, continue walking and you may find a scav but also a key, a weapon box and more. If you find this it means you are pretty close to the water.

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Extraction points in Escape From Tarkov Woods Map

We’ve talked about the loot, boss, scav spawns, PMC and scav areas you will find on this Escape From Tarkov woods map, but let’s get now to the extraction points.

As you know, Escape From Tarkov is a game about shooting and searching in order to get important rewards, but none of them will be useful if you don’t survive. If you want to explore this woods map with success, then knowing the location of the points where to extract will be vital.

Most of the extracts, or exit points, are on the places we’ve already talked about, like mountain stash, the Factory gate, the Roadblock, The Boat, and Dead Man’s Place. Remember the extraction points are not always open, some of them will open work with a key, like the one in ZB 014, ZB 016, others will cost you, the one at south will cost you 4000 roubles and the one in Cliff Descent will ask you to have specific items, you can loot them on the Escape from Tarkov woods map in order to escape. It is up to you to decide which decision you make about which extraction point to take. 

This is a great Escape From Tarkov map, with lots of areas to have long intense combats or short ones if you prefer them. It doesn’t matter if you are at the west border, the South v ex, the east gate, or the Scav House, it's guaranteed all the players will have a lot of action on this woods map.

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Do you want to know more?

Don’t forget to check our general tips to win and kick everybody’s ass via this Woods maps guide, it doesn’t matter if you are in the woods or a factory, in any of the locations, in RUAF Roadblock or Un Roadblock, rule every map with the info that we have for you.

Are you ready to survive? Now you have a general view of what awaits you. If you think you are capable of doing it and want a new challenge then do not miss our Escape From Tarkov Customs Map guide and enjoy the full experience of this awesome game.


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