Albion Online Destiny Board - Place where you can develop your character

Albion Online Destiny Board - Place where you can develop your character
Albion Online

Destiny Board

Destiny board is a place where you can develop your character. I will point out the main capabilities of improvements that Destiny Board provides. You can access Destiny Board by clicking B (in default). So now it’s time for the main access

Table of contents

  1. Destiny Board Usages
    • Skill tree
    • Progress pattern
    • Deciding place
  2. The arrangement of Destiny Board
  3. Progressing on Destiny Board
  4. Learning Points
  5. How to get LP
  6. FAQ

Destiny Board usages

Skill Tree

As I have said, Destiny Board will be a place where you can develop character. I called Destiny Board a "skill tree" because many of you already know what a typical skill tree is. It's not the only way to use Destiny Board, but let's say, principal. Pick skills that you are interested in and lead your character to the desired condition. This particular type of skill tree can be noticed in Path of Exile also. A solution like this gives players an infinite number of combinations and ways of improving their characters that nearly almost differ in something from the others.


Progress pattern

Have you ever tried to scroll up and see the whole Destiny Board? I agree it's enormous, imagine if only it wouldn't look like this. The way that skills are located on the title Board make it much easier to find a personal path of improvement. Always look into the future while choosing a present point,  be broad-minded all the time, don't just focus on immediate impressions. Destiny Board layout let us find our route even before we start any development so try to determine character before taking any actions that you can regret in the future.


Deciding Place

Our decisions taken at Destiny Board are going to affect also on gear that we will or won’t be able to use in the future. You can get access to stronger gear or possibility to extract better resources or produce more advanced stuff.


The arrangement of Destiny Board

To introduce you better into Destiny Board I’m going to describe the main idea behind a position of certain elements and their localization. I will keep it compact, and indicate simple but important parts of the Board that you have to understand/know.

-The left side of Destiny Board-


I mentioned that decisions made at the Board will affect whole gameplay. The left side is addressed to skills, gear, generally development of our character in fighting skills, and what it can wear or use.

-The right side of Destiny Board-


As you may already know, Albion Online has very wide developed crafting structure. The right side is mainly dedicated to crafting from various resources.


You can get additional info about different skills by clicking on them. After accessing this window you see the requirements, quests, tier, progress bar and where you are at it. Also, you can see what benefits you get after gaining certain skills.


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Progressing on Destiny Board

Everyone starts from the bottom of the Board. In place what’s called Beginner Wood Gatherer. Later you climb up higher through this bright line that divides whole Board into two parts.

After a short time and getting acquainted with the game you end up at the Novice Adventurer. It's the middle of the whole Board.

Now you pick one of five possible paths of development. After clicking each element the window appears. You can find there basic information about requirements and tasks to complete to obtain a certain skill or greater tier.

Everything is clear and easy from now, You already know where you are at Destiny Board and find important data, useful in future improvement of your character. I won’t point out every skill, check it yourself and decide if it’s for you or not so much.

Learning Points

Conquering next levels in Destiny Board times and work. Of course, it’s a pleasure, but it’s nice to find the most efficient way of progressing. Here they come, Learning Points. Keep in mind that development at Destiny Board takes a lot of time, so the effort would not pass you by, even while using Learning Points. However, the whole progression would be more pleasurable. I will call “Learning Points”- LP, it's commonly used an in-game shortcut. If you already unlocked Tier 3 in certain skill or gear it’s the time to use Learning Points, earlier it is impossible. You can unlock Tier 3, or higher ranked stuff with LP, what saves you some time. Remember that after Lancelot Midseason Patch  (April 2018) you have to obtain at least 20% of total fame needed. Only after this, you can unlock next level using LP.


How to get Learning Points

Learning Points are some kind of Premium content because it's impossible to get them while playing without Premium Status. If you already obtain Premium Status on your character, you are going to receive 20 additional Learning Points daily, "for free". It's not completely free because you have to take costs of Premium Status every month, but Learning Points arrives at your account even if you are offline, so you don't have to put any effort to get them. Here I have made a list of a few LP features.

  • *If you purchase Premium for the first time, the game rewards you with 200 additional LP.
  • *You can't exchange Learning Point between your characters, even on the same account.
  • *If you have premium status at few characters, each will get it's own 20 LP per day.
  • *You get Learning Points even on in-active character, only if it runs on premium status.


Can I reclaim my Learning Points?

No, you have to pick wisely on what to spend Leaning Points, because it is impossible to get them back. Try not to spend all of them at the begging where your knowledge about the future path of development is unclear.

Is there any other way to progress?

No, every player must accomplish the same amount of quests and tasks. It’s possible to make progress more efficient and spend less time on it by using Learning Points.

What are the best advantages of developing skills in Destiny Board?

Hmm. it depends who asks and what are your objectives. For example, if you are PvP player you should be interested in unlocking higher tiers of gear and weapons. It would benefit during a fight and give you some advantage over other players. However, progressing in crafting will lead you to better profits because of more advanced goods put on the market.

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Geepo420 • 28 April 2020 its not worth experimenting on your own better to just follow guides Reply
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Suxa • 3 May 2020 ofc. learning points are premium -,- Reply
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Granterion3 • 7 May 2020 As usual, so many skills to take and so few points to use... Reply
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Fordrit • 14 May 2020 I wonder if it's better to start with combat skills and get resources from killing mobs or to start with some economy skills to get rich as quickly as possible. Maybe a healthy balance of both? Reply
Izakami • 24 May 2020 FInd what u like doing , then expand on that
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bullettooth • 8 June 2020 That's why I could never get into albion... it's all so complicated, I just want a simple MMO where you go hunting, kill things and have fun, not a freaking rosetta stone... Reply
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