Albion Online Learning Points - Few words about it

Albion Online Learning Points - Few words about it
Albion Online

Few words about Albion Online Learning Points

The main usage of Albion Online Learning Points is to speed up the process of acquiring skills. As you may know, development at Destiny Board is time-consuming. Here Learning Points comes and make the whole improvement of your character much more pleasurable. But what are their main features and characteristics? What are requirements to obtain them? You will find answers on these questions below.


Table of contents

  1. Application of Learning Points
  2. How to acquire Learning Points
  3. Summary list of main characteristics
  4. FAQ


Application of Learning Points

As I have already said, Learning Points are used to speed up our progression at Destiny Board where we develop skills of the particular character. But we have to match some requirements to spend out Learning Points. Learning Points can only be used on a skill with Tier 3 or higher. Also, it’s impossible to make the whole progression only with the use of Learning Points. The desired skill have to completed in at least 20% to make application on LP possible.


Reach for new locations and unlock whatever you want with Albion Online Silver.


How to acquire Learning Points

Learning Points are some kind of Premium feature in Albion Online. Because of it, there are no possible ways of obtaining them besides having Premium status. There are not many requirements, you have to have previously created character and activated Premium Status on it. After paying for status, your character will be rewarded with 20 Learning Points every day. What’s important that if your Premium Status expires, you will no longer get additional 20 Learning Points per day. However, even if the character is in-active or offline it will get points as long as Premium Status last, so there is no requirement of spending time in the game to get Learning Points.

Summary list of main characteristics

  • - Can not be sent to other people
  • - Impossible to transfer between characters even on the same account
  • - Obtained by purchasing Premium Status
  • - You get 20 Learning Points per day
  • - Even offline characters are given Learning Points
  • - You stop getting Learning Points witch end of Premium Status



Can I exchange Learning Points?

No, Learning Points are not exchangeable. There is no other possible use, this feature makes them unique and harder to achieve. Be reasonable while spending LP, there is no chance to make up them quickly.


Can I send Learning Points between my other characters?

There is no such a feature. Learning points are assigned to the character on which one they were obtained.


Is there any other possible option of obtaining Learning Points?

The only way of earning Learning Points is this one that I have described above. It’s impossible to send or trade them among other players, even your characters.


Is Learning Points system “Pay to Win”?

Hmm, it’s a good question to consider. Of course, Learning Points helps a lot in the development of character and are possible to obtain only by Premium Status. It seems like an obvious P2W feature, but… Premium status can also be purchased by gold, so it’s not necessary to spend real money on it. You can always exchange your Albion Online Silver for Gold on the market. Because of that, I think that although Learning Point gives a big advantage they are not changing Albion Online into Pay 2 Win title.

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Arch Style • 29 April 2020 Points used in speeding up progress. Sounds like pay to win to me Reply
urstruly • 19 July 2020 you cant buy learning points dummy, did u read the post!
Comment You are responding to the comment posted 29 April 2020 by Arch Style.

DrewRed08 • 2 May 2020 Farming premium takes too long. Better to just buy it Reply
Comment You are responding to the comment posted 2 May 2020 by DrewRed08.

svera1 • 5 May 2020 Oh, so that's how LPs work in Albion. Thanks for the explanation :D Reply
Comment You are responding to the comment posted 5 May 2020 by svera1.

Marsharot • 9 May 2020 Kinda p2w, but not terrible. Hopefully they don't go too hard in this direction. Reply
Comment You are responding to the comment posted 9 May 2020 by Marsharot.

Tilugrok • 19 June 2020 Just buy premium early on, then use these points to become a great crafter and start making big bucks. After that, you can get premium without spending real cash - ez Reply
Comment You are responding to the comment posted 19 June 2020 by Tilugrok.


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