Albion Online Buildings - All you need to know

Albion Online Buildings - All you need to know
Albion Online

Table of Contents

  • → Buildings
  • → Island
    • ⇒ Private Island
    • ⇒ Guild Island
  • → Sizes
  • → List of Buildings
  • → Characteristics of specific buildings
  • → Process of Construction
  • → Tiers
  • → Food requirements
  • → Upgrading system
  • → FAQ


Albion Online Buildings

Buildings are a very important feature in Albion Online. These constructions allow players to:

  • → refine materials
  • → craft equipment
  • → craft items
  • → have additional capacity
  • → craft food
  • → and more


Structures such as buildings can be placed on Private Islands, Guil Islands, City plots and Territory plots by someone with specific permission.


Albion Online Islands are places individually arranged by players. Everyone who matches the requirements is allowed to obtain such island. A subject of buildings is strictly connected with the building because its main place where players place their own structures. There are two types of islands that differ in a few features but are rather similar in a matter of buildings.

Private Island

Private island, as the name says its small part of the Albion Online with privacy. It can be arranged in various ways. Farming, crafting, breeding animals etc., these are only a few paths of development which cannot be implemented without specific buildings and structures.

Guild Island

Island for a certain group of players developed in a certain path chosen by guild members. You can learn more about this in another article from this topic.


Each building has its own characteristics. Mostly they are rather universal but specific types obtain different requirements. That’s why we should keep an eye on for example size. Size of the particular building determines the place where it can be constructed, so be careful not to waste larger plots for small building because their number is limited. Every building has its own determined size. Lower you can find a full list of characteristics of specific buildings.

List of Buildings

Kennel Weaver Hunter's Lodge
Lumbermill Workbench Mage's Tower
Repair Station Alchemist's Lab Warrior's Forge
Butcher Cook Explorer's Schelter
Smelter Farm Guild Hall
Stonemason Herb Garden Saddler
Pasture Toolmaker House
Tanner Mill  

As you can see there are 23 different buildings in Albion Online. Every building gives you, the player new features and opportunities for development.


Build whatever and whenever you want with Albion Online Silver!


Characteristics of specific buildings


  • Lumbermill - Medium
  • Repair Station - Medium
  • Smelter - Small
  • Stonemason - Medium
  • Tanner - Medium
  • Toolmaker - Medium
  • Weaver - Medium



  • Explorer’s Shelter - Medium
  • Guild Hall - Large
  • House - Medium
  • Alchemist’s Lab - Medium



  • Butcher - Small
  • Cook - Medium
  • Farm - Medium
  • Herb Garden - Medium
  • Kennel - Medium
  • Mill - Medium
  • Pasture - Medium
  • Saddler - Medium



  • Hunter’s Lodge - Medium
  • Mage’s Tower - Medium
  • Warrior’s Forge - Medium
  • Workbench - Small

Process of Construction

Most players build their structures on their own, private island. This is a quick guide of placing any building there.


To construct structure as the building you have to obtain:


A plot of a certain size (plot can be bigger, but it is better not to waste additional place for large buildings)


Permission to build


Amount of silver needed to pay a cost of construction


Crafting materials


Then use building tool that is located in the top right corner of your screen. Choose a specific building and place it on the plot where graphic representation takes place.


  • Tier 1 →  Beginner
  • Tier 2 →  Novice
  • Tier 3 →  Journeyman
  • Tier 4 →  Adept
  • Tier 5 →  Expert
  • Tier 6 →  Master
  • Tier 7 →  Grandmaster
  • Tier 8 →  Elder

Food requirements

Workers in buildings need food to work properly, that's why you have to deliver it quite frequently because it runs out regularly. Be careful about this because every structure has its own time of disappearing without food.


Upgrading system

I have mentioned Tier list above. Of course, there is a possibility of upgrading your buildings and tier is the measurement tool in this case. Usually, higher is better. Every upgrade has its own requirements that are listed on the building panel.



Is it possible to replace the building with another one?

Of course, buildings can be destroyed. Then it’s possible to use certain plot again.


How to obtain private Island?

You have to get premium status for at least 30 days and purchase it from the Island Merchant. He can easily be found in bigger cities such as Caerlon. It costs 12 500 silver.


Is the number of plots limited?

Yes, it is. That's why you should not waste bigger plots for small buildings. Try to plan a certain path of development that you want to choose before placing random structures that stay unused on your Island.

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Hunpin • 30 April 2020 At the start, just focus on a single type of materials and get the necessary building and laborers. If you get a lot of it, you can sell some of your supplies and use the silver to expand into other materials. It's the best method! Reply
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