Albion Online Crafting Guide

Albion Online Crafting Guide
Albion Online

Albion Online (AO) comes from the MMORPG genre. The game was developed and published by Sandbox Interactive. Albion online was released on July 17, 2017. Longtime before official release game was also free to play title but left this model on December 30, 2015. Albion Online since then is only playable with previously bought "Starter Pack". Starter Pack gives the player access to a game and various amounts of money. The game also offers some kind of premium currency that allows purchasing premium statuses which grant additional bonuses for particular characters. If you haven't played Albion Online yet, I strongly recommend you to give it at least a try. Albion Online is very extensive and has big potential in the future.


Table of contents

  1. Crafting
  2. Crafting buildings
  3. Benefits of crafting
  4. Laborers



Albion Online is not only focused on killing monsters and entering levels. The game also gives players many opportunities for development in various areas. One of these opportunities is Crafting. If you don't play Albion Online or you are just a beginner this subject may seem complicated to you, but I will try my best to make you understand it. Crafting let you create various items like tools, accessories, weapons, armor or even mounts (more about it later). A lot of items comes from crafting,  it means that were they created by the players. It gives opens many possibilities and for sure is worth to learn.


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Crafting Buildings

Here I have prepared the list of buildings with their destination. Enjoy

The Hunter's Lodge is a military building that let players do crafting of leather armor and hunter weapons.
The Mage’s Tower gives the players an opportunity to craft Mage Weapons and Cloth armor.
Warrior's forge - here you can craft Warrior Weapons and also plate armor.
The Workbench is the primary crafting building in Albion Online and allows you to craft basic stuff like tools on the start.
A saddler is a place where you can craft Saddlers later needed in creating mounts.
The Cook is a place where you can prepare different meals from various components. They can be later used for example for feeding your laborers.
The Alchemist’s Lab let you create potions. Potions can be difficult to make because they require components that are hard to get.
Toolmaker building allows you to make more specific tools required to get various resources.

Benefits of crafting

It’s worth to do crafting because you can get various benefits because of it. The first good argument that should convince you to craft is profit. Crafted items can be put up on market and sold by a good price. Search for market gaps, if there are no many players that offer the particular product, the price goes higher as well as your profits. Another good example of the use of crafting is, of course, crafting for yourself. These items are sometimes necessary to have, and what’s best: you wouldn't be forced to buy them for a high price from the other players.



If you are interested in crafting you should get some knowledge about how laborers work and what is their destination. I suggest you read the whole article written specially to the subject of Laborers. I will just mention that they are an NPC’s that can be hired and work for you if you meet some requirements. Laborers can bring a different kind of resources and craft items when you are away from the keyboard.



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Jinbothe4th • 27 April 2020 i fell like crafting in this game is a letdown Reply
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indyris • 8 May 2020 The crafting info is pretty useful, now I just have to somehow get all the mats that I need :| Reply
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Kobe • 7 July 2020 Dude, laborers SUUUUUCK. I play MMOs to do everything myself and play with other players, not to hire an army of smooth-brained NPCs... Reply
Eridal • 2 October 2020 Bro, if you dont fill up refiner books you nerver going to make Profit for crafting
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