Albion Online Laborers Guide

Albion Online Laborers Guide
Albion Online

After this guide, you would know who are Laborers, what are the features and conditions to hire them. For sure, you would also use them to improve your crafting, gathering, etc.


Table of Content

  • Who are the laborers?
  • Benefits from hiring laborers
  • Requirements that must be met to have workers
  • How to hire laborers?
  • Types of laborers
  • Journals
  • The happiness of the laborer


Who are the laborers?albion online laborer

Laborers are a specific type of NPC’s. They can be hired and perform various tasks on your order. You have to keep an eye on their activities, level of happiness and more, but it is worth to spend some time in order to understand their mechanics completely because it will pay later in the game. For the first time all conditions, requirements, and characteristics may seem difficult to understand, but I hope that you would at least become familiar with this subject after this article.


Benefits from hiring laborers

I will describe specific benefits of having each laborer later, but now just take it more generally. Different Laborers will provide you with different materials such as:

  • Fiber
  • Silver
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Ore
  • Hides
  • Food
  • Gems
  • Metal bars
  • Leather
  • Plank
  • Cloth


Type of resource that you may get is strictly connected with the type of laborer you have hired.


Requirements that must be met to have workers


Laborers need their own space to work so you have to build the House or have a Guild Hall.


You would also need to set suitable furniture and obtain various trophies to keep their happiness at the right level.

How to hire laborers?

Laborers can be hired from the Guild Hall or the House. Click on the menu of your, for example, house and scroll down to the section of various laborers. Then you can hire one of them by clicking “hire” on the right side of the menu. Hiring a single laborer costs 1000 silver. Hired Laborer would stay in a particular space with his furniture and trophies which should keep him happy.


Tier 5 house is unique because it allows you to hire the maximum number of laborers in one place. In the T5  house, it is possible to hire 3 workers which can work at the same time. I would recommend you to start your adventure with laborers directly with this tier of the house because it let you avoid payments for low tier furniture.


To build Tier 5 house you would need:


Exper’s House


Quantity  - Tier

 Granite Blocks 


180  - Tier V

 Rough Stone


24  - Tier I

 Rough Log


240  - Tier I


Laborers are a great addition to your gameplay but have you tried buying Albion Online Silver?

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Types of laborers

Basing on different laborers activities we specify 3 main categories of laborers:


  • Gatherer
  • Mercenary
  • Crafter



Name of Laborer


Materials that they provide


Gathering wood



Catching fish



Gathering fiber



Gathering hide



Gathering stone



Gathering ore




Name of Laborer


Materials that they provide


Killing mobs




Name of Laborer


Materials that they provide


Crafting at Toolmaker



Crafting at Mage's Tower



Crafting at Warrior's Forge

Metal Bars


Crafting at Hunter's Lodge




It is good to give tasks to our employees on a regular basis. This will allow them to get promoted quickly and guarantee quicker results for us. What I mean by “result”, I mean good materials which we can later use for crafting valuable items or just sell on the market. From Tier 5+ it becomes really profitable and worth all of those time-consuming activities.


There are different types of books.

  • Normal books
  • Gathering books
  • Crafting books
  • Mercenary books
  • Trophy books
  • Trophy Generalist
  • Trophy Hide
  • Trophy Mercenary.


What’s more, each book has its own tier. Books tiers start at 2 and up at 8. Books have also different amounts of required fame to fill them and also different amounts of fame that can be got back from the jobs.


Trophies affect the level of happiness of your laborers. If you need trophies instead of materials, just put trophy journal in laborer menu as their profession. They would bring trophies back to you after completed missions.


The happiness of the laborer.


Level of laborer’s happiness is also an important figure. It affects the effectiveness of his work, so also our profits. To keep happiness at the right level you should:


-Provide at least one bed for each laborer that match tier of the house

-Place at least one table for maximum four laborers which also match tier of the house

-Use specific trophies for various professions which your laborer has.

-Remember to upgrade tier all furniture after developing house where laborers stay. Tier of furniture should not be lower than the tier of the building.


(All these possible conditions apply to both Home and Guild Hall.)

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Robins41 • 9 May 2020 Nice guide, I can see how this system can be overwhelming for new players. It's important that you don't really have to hire laborers to enjoy the game. They're necessary if you want to become one of the richest players on the server, but not everyone needs them. Reply
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