Trove Flux Farming - Get rich in no time with best money-makers!

Trove Flux Farming - Get rich in no time with best money-makers!

Flux is a widespread material in the game that is used for gear upgrades, stat changes, crafting, and more. It allows you to purchase various things, so it is essential always to have some in your pocket. In this guide, we will be taking a look at Trove Flux farming, and we will pinpoint for you some of the best methods that will allow you to make tons of this currency in no time. Hop onto the guide below and see for yourself how to get rich in Trove!


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Buying Flux

You are probably searching for the best way to make Flux since you came to this guide. In reality, it is much easier to buy it for your real-life money than to spend countless hours of farming. Don't get me wrong. It is possible to get rich within a game without real-life money input. However, it will take a significantly larger amount of time. Games were made to bring joy, and it is not worth wasting your life on incredibly boring farming and repetitive grind. Get your Flux today and become rich right-away with just a few clicks! Here on SellersAndFriends, we offer for our users cheap in-game Gold, Silver, Credits, and other forms of currency for their favorite online titles. Buy whatever you need, and enjoy the game more than ever before!



One of the most popular methods to make Flux in the Trove revolves around mining. It is a straightforward activity that requires the player as much as to press the right mouse button while holding the key that is the default for the mining action (usually "tab"). Mining can be quite a profitable activity. However, not every block will bring you a good amount of Flux.

Various ores can be found in the world of Trove. Some of them are more common, while others can be rare to find. It might seem at first glance that those unique rocks hold the most value. It is usually much more profitable to get high amounts of basic ores that can be found everywhere. After many hours of farming, we concluded that the best ores that you can get to make large amounts of Flux are the Shapestone and Primordial Flame.

The Shapestone is the most common ore that you can mine even during the tutorial. Its price is set at three Flux, so you have to mine a lot of them to get a decent value. On the other hand, Primordial Flame is much rarer as it appears only near other nodes. You can find it anywhere, but the best place to farm is located at the Dragonfire Peaks. For each of Primordial Flames, you can expect to get around 50 Flux, which makes it the most expensive ore in the game. Combined farming of extremely common Shapestone and unique Primordial Flame can result in the best mining profit that you can receive.



In every MMO game where a market exists, there are some people Flipping items. This method of money-making involves buying for less and selling for more. As simple as it sounds, it is well known that Flipping is the best way to farm Flux in the game. In Trove, there are various ways of achieving your goal you can:

  • Keep refreshing the market and trying to "snipe" underpriced rare items

To do that, you have to know the value of the item and buy it when someone posts it for a very low price. Depending on the item that you are going to buy, it might take quite a significant investment to get unique items to try to find something profitable and cancel your bid if you think that's too high.

  • Try to predict which items will increase in price after patch release

It is by far the most profitable way to make Flux; however, it also requires a keen eye for investment. You need to be up-to-date with recent patch notes and incoming game changes to find items that will quickly rise in price and to buy as much of them as you can before the new patch hits the live servers. By predicting future item values, you can become rich in a day without any effort; still, there is a risk that your investment won't pay off.

  • Buy items at high quantity and dictate the prices on them

It is an even riskier method. You can acquire large amounts of a particular item to remove it from the market. There will still be demand for it, so people will pay any price that you will set for your stored items.


Nitro farming

Nitro farming is well known as one of the best ways to make Flux in Trove. This method is constantly used by hundreds of players, and you can easily acquire up to eight million Flux from one day of farming. To do it correctly and to achieve such a high-profit margin, you will need to meet some of the requirements:

At least level 5000 in Power Rank - Needed to get access to Geode Topside World

Transportation method and bombs - Required to increase farming efficiency

Bonuses like Patreon and Gathering Day - Increases the amount of Nitro that you get from farming

Effigy of Flowing Elixirs - Allows you to get an instant refill from none to maximum on lost flask charges

If you have all of the above, you can try your strength with this farming method. You will have to move to the Geode Topsite World and search for the Hollow Dunes biome. Where you are there, search for the underground dungeons. These hold tons of Nitro that can be farmed by the players easily. Once you start, move around the cave and throw the bombs at Nitro spawn that you will be able to find. To make sure that you won't miss any nodes, start by walking close to walls, and when everything seems clear, move closer and closer to the center of the cave.

During the clear, make sure that you are using your transportation method every time you can to speed up the farming process. You can also join the Gandra Train by typing "/join Nitro" in the chat. This channel is mostly active during gathering days as at those times more people are farming Nitro. Once you are in the group, all that you have to do is to follow the party and bomb Nitro along the way. By doing this method, you will be able to boost the amount of Nitro made, and it will be easier for other players to find Nitro nodes.


Different methods can you some profit like Shadow Tower, Chaos Box, Titan Souls, Loot Collecting, Glim, Radiant Shards, Magic Find, Sky Realm, Finding Dragons with Dragon Chat, collecting Cave Kelp, or Sunlight Bulbs, and opening Shadow Caches. Keep in mind, though, that those money-making ways are providing lower income than those that were selected by us in this guide. Keep in mind that while collecting Flux is not a hard task, it is still much easier to buy it from a currency selling website than to farm it by yourself.


Sunlight Bulb Farming

One of the best ways to farm Flux as a beginner can be done by collecting Sunlight Bulbs at the Sunflower Monument, which can be found in the Peaceful Hills Biome. Those are used as a crafting material in Gardening, and they can be easily picked up for a decent profit. With good enough jumping skill that allows you to reach for every Sunlight Bulb, you can expect to get around 100 of them from every monument. With the price for each of them at around 10 Flux, you can expect to get over 700 from each monument. During the gathering, you will have to pay attention to occasionally spikes and flamethrowers as they might wound you. It is also essential to check for the bulbs at the mouth and the eyes of the statue as they might be hidden there. You could also find some underneath the dome, so make sure to check there as well.



We hope that with the methods we stated in the guide above, you will be able to make large amounts of Flux in Trove with as least effort as possible. We also believe that those ways of money-making are absolutely the best, and with them, you will easily get rich in no-time.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best way to get Flux Trove?

Market Flipping is the most lucrative business in Trove.


How can I get more Flux?

Use the methods from our guide for best Flux per hour.


What is the fastest way to get Cubits in Trove?

Cubits can be received from daily Star Bar, Mastery points, and Badges.



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