Trove Power Rank - From newbie to a professional player!

Trove Power Rank - From newbie to a professional player!

In the Trove world, the strength of your character is not measured by the levels but by the Power Rank. In this guide, we want to bring you closer to this system. We will be taking a look at how it works, what are its benefits and problems with it, and how you can reach the highest Power Rank in the quickest time possible.


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Power Ranks

Even though levels in Trove aren't crucial, there is still the possibility of improving your characters through per Power Rank. It is a score that determines the strength of your character. You can gather it by the acquisition of additional stats and, to put it simply, almost every improvement that you add to your character might increase your Power Rank. By reaching higher Power Rank, players can gain access to new lands and unlock Sigils. It is a strange system that is kind of complicated but it fits the game design well.



Sigil is the graphical representation of the player's Power and Mastery Ranks. With better Sigils, you will be able to show off to your friends and other players how strong you are, but more importantly, they will unlock new content. Reaching a higher Sigils will also unlock new graphical representations that are shown on the player's profile.


How to "level up"

You can reach higher Power Ranks by:

  • Leveling Classes - You will receive 15 PR for every level.
  • Equipping Emblem and Vial items - You will get 50 PR for each one.
  • Improving gear - You can add special pearls to set that give 22.5 PR for each one.
  • Equipping an ally - For common, you will get +5 PR, +20 PR for uncommon, and +75 PR for a rare one. It means that the maximum PR for an ally is 75, so it is not worth focusing on.
  • Mastery Rank - +2PR for each of the ranks.
  • Dragon Ascension - +30 PR for each Ancestral/Legendary Dragon. It is a decent way of increasing your PR. However, there are still other things that might increase your rating even more significantly.
  • Rings and Gems - Equipping high tier rings and gems can also drastically improve PR. While rings will give you quite bad Flux to Power Rank ratio, gems have the best Flux to Power Rank ratio in the game. Because of that looking for good gems is the major part of PR improvement.


Trove Power Rank


If you are struggling to reach higher power ranks, here are some things that you might look into:

  • Reach for higher Mastery Rank with your class
  • Do Uber Maps and Recipe Dungeons. Dungs are easy to navigate and usually not long and can yield some easy Mastery class level resulting in higher Power Rank.
  • Level the professions, even if that's expensive. They give mastery, and later on, tomes might reward items if you feed them with experience from dungeons.
  • In elemental worlds that are Uber, you will find gem boxes. Those yield great Power Ranks and can significantly increase your PR.
  • Use the marketplace to get rid of what you don't need and to look for items that might improve your PR or Stats.
  • Farm Dragons. They are all worth the time, and you can get some easy Power Ranks and Stat bonuses from them.


In general, there is one rule regarding Power Ranks: increase it as long as you can deal with monsters on maximum Uber that you can reach. If you are struggling on your current level, then try looking for better stats instead of pushing for higher PR. When your stat to PR balance is decent, you will be able to fight monsters at your best Uber easily. This allows you to farm gems more efficiently and have a greater time during your gameplay.


Early game and reaching to your first 5k PR

Trove leveling system might be confusing to new players, and quite often, they have no clue what they should do to reach harder content. Here is the list of things that beginners should focus on to improve their character:

  • Farm the max tier of Uber that you can.
  • Pick the gems that have the highest possible PR.
  • Upgrade gathered gems if you have to improve before getting to the next Uber.
  • Get better gems when you are in the next Uber.


Best items for Power Rank

While during the early game, you will be trying to get your hands on anything that can increase your Power Rank. This will allow you to close the gap between your current zone and the new unlockable lands. Later on, the most important elements will be the gems and equipment that you wear. The best gems that you can get in the game are the Stellar Gems and here are the locations of where you can find them:

  • Air Stellar Gems: Cursed Skylands (Uber 9).
  • Water Stellar Gems: Drowned Worlds (Uber 9).
  • Fire Stellar Gems: Igneous Islands (Uber 9).
  • Cosmic Stellar Gems: Geode Topside (Uber 10 - Requires 15k in Power Rank and 2125 Light).


Stellar gems are the rare drops in these locations, but if you can manage to reach the full Karma Bar, you will get guaranteed gem. Empowered Stellar Gems can only be acquired from Empowered Gem Boxes and you cannot find them anywhere else.


When the gem is good

In the late game the Class Gem is good when (in order):

  • It has good ability stats
  • Gives a lot of Power Rank
  • Adds good stat percentage
  • Has stats boosts.


The most suitable stats for the gem are Critical Hit %, Critical Damage %, and increase to the damage that you are using (Physical or Magical damage).

  • At level 1, you should be looking for Radiant gems with 1 star and Power Rank points of as low as 500 to as high as 550.
  • At level 15, this increases to about 1250.
  • For the Empowered Gems, the Power Rank should be at around 850.
  • Fully maxed out Power Gems at level 25 should give you somewhere between 1750 and 2250 Power Rank.



Trove has one of the most complicated leveling systems that you can find in the MMORPG genre. It is not easy to understand how does it work, so many players are looking for information on that matter at guides like this one. We are hoping that it was enough to bring you some insight into this topic and now you will be able to build your character easily. With our guides, you might become better in gaming faster than ever, so make sure to check out one about Shadow Towers, Crystal Gear, Magic Damage, and others besides a Shadow Tower one.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Trove Mastery Rank?

Mastery Ranks are levels gained by adding unlockable items to the collection. They give additional stats.

How do I get better at Trove?

Search for a balance between Power Rank and good stats and reach for higher Uber worlds.

How do you upgrade gear in Trove?

Find it from the drops or buy it in the marketplace.

What is the Shadow Hunter?

It is a playable Trove class.


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